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Ancestor Network Limited is a collective of Ireland’s most experienced genealogical experts. Ancestor Network, Ireland’s leading provider of professional genealogy and probate research, was established in May 2009. Ancestor Network is made up of the largest team of professional genealogists across the island of Ireland. Collectively, our genealogists have over 200 years’ research experience in Ireland and abroad.

Ancestor Network conducts Irish probate research for global heir hunter and professional legal firms. It has provided the popular genealogy advisory service at the National Library of Ireland for the past five consecutive years. It was exclusive genealogical researcher for RTÉ’s ‘The Genealogy Roadshow’ and successfully managed projects such as the Kerry Genealogy Road Show, County Monaghan Genealogy Training, and Report on Heritage and Genealogy Initiatives in Carlow. In 2014 it acquired Flyleaf Press (www.flyleaf.ie), the specialist Irish genealogy book publisher. The Company is focused on probate and individual research, education, advisory services, consultancy and e-publishing. Our genealogy and heritage services can be provided flexibly, to almost any scale, and with the broadest possible range of advisory and research skills. Our unique panel of experts can provide an unmatched experience for the customer – whether an individual or an institution.

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Our blogs list almost 3,500 new records of individuals

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Just a reminder that we have posted over 30 blogs with original records not otherwise available on-line.  These are in our ‘Small Sources’ series which lists almost 3,400 individuals from 12 counties.  These lists are items we have found among manuscript sources during our research.  Most are too small to be included in the big data-sets being put on-line by the major companies, but must nevertheless be useful to some of you out there.  We have therefore extracted the names and made them available in our blogs.  It is interesting that the biggest reactions we have had have been to some of the smallest sources.  For instance,  No. 28 below is a list of only 14 labourers in Muff, Co. Donegal,  but we had messages from 2 different people who could make a probable connection to individuals on this list.  We would be delighted to hear of any other connections you might make with individuals listed in these sources.    The Blog title, and a link to each, is below.

1:       Wexford Estate Workers and Suppliers 1856

2:       Tarbert (Co. Kerry) schoolchildren 1809

3:       Labourers in Shanagolden area, Co. Limerick, 1808.

4:       Tenants of Quansbury Estate (Galway) 1777-78.

5:       Labourers in Kilcavan Parish, Wexford 1850.

6:       Tenants on Ram Estate, Gorey, Co. Wexford in 1826

7:       Tenants of John’s Hill, Waterford 1831-40

8:       Kerry Petitioners 1828

9:       Carlow Tenants of the Knight of Kerry 1856

10:    Wexford Poor list 1813-20

11:    Kerry Tenants of the Earl of Listowel 1755.

12:    Tenants in Kilteel, Co. Kildare 1825

13:    Labourers on Vigors Estate, Burgage, Co. Carlow 1793/4

14:    Farmers in Castletown Parish, Co Limerick 1848/49.

16:    Flax Growers in Shanagolden, Limerick. 1808

17:    Tenants of Prittie Estate, Tipperary & Offaly 1826.

18:    Tipperary & Waterford tenants of Woulfe Mansfield Estate

19:    Tenants of Trant Estate, Dovea, Co. Tipperary 1837

20:    New Wexford Baptism records 1783-1790 (Kilanerin / Gorey)

20a: Tenants in Pudding Lane, Thurles, Co. Tipperary 1816/17

21.    Labourers and Tradesmen at Kilronan, Roscommon in 1846

22:    Residents of Ballyporeen Co. Tipperary 1840

23:    Waterford Tradesman in 1820s

24:    Labourers in Lismore, Waterford in 1850.

25:    Residents of Tourin townland, Waterford in 1841.

26:    Kilkenny Women Flax-spinners in 1827

27:    Tenants of Trant Estate, Dingle 1791

28:    Labourers in Muff, Co. Donegal in 1758 & 1759.

29:    Labourers in Doneraile, Cork in 1839

30:    Birr Catholic men 1834

31:     Marriages in Killanerin and Gorey, Wexford 1800-1807

32.    Tenants in NewtownBarry, Wexford in 1824

Tenants of Prittie Estate, Tipperary & Offaly 1826

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Small Sources 17:   This document lists 71 tenants on 57 holdings on the estates of Hon. Francis Prittie (Lord Dunalley)  during March and May 1826. Note that some are in joint tenancies. It indicates the townland, rent and arrears for each  (only the rent amount is shown here). The list is in the ”Dunalley Papers, of the Prittie family Lords Dunalley, 1665-1937” in the National Library of Ireland; NLI Ms 29,808 (2).   Read More

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