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Ancestor Network Limited is a collective of Ireland’s most experienced genealogical experts. Ancestor Network, Ireland’s leading provider of professional genealogy and probate research, was established in May 2009. Ancestor Network is made up of the largest team of professional genealogists across the island of Ireland. Collectively, our genealogists have over 200 years’ research experience in Ireland and abroad.

Ancestor Network conducts Irish probate research for global heir hunter and professional legal firms. It has provided the popular genealogy advisory service at the National Library of Ireland for the past five consecutive years. It was exclusive genealogical researcher for RTÉ’s ‘The Genealogy Roadshow’ and successfully managed projects such as the Kerry Genealogy Road Show, County Monaghan Genealogy Training, and Report on Heritage and Genealogy Initiatives in Carlow. In 2014 it acquired Flyleaf Press (www.flyleaf.ie), the specialist Irish genealogy book publisher. The Company is focused on probate and individual research, education, advisory services, consultancy and e-publishing. Our genealogy and heritage services can be provided flexibly, to almost any scale, and with the broadest possible range of advisory and research skills. Our unique panel of experts can provide an unmatched experience for the customer – whether an individual or an institution.

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Kerry:  List of Pupils at Tarbert Charter school NLI  Ms 17,935 (5).

Small Sources 2: Tarbert (Co. Kerry) schoolchildren in 1809

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This list Kerry:  List of Pupils at Tarbert Charter school 1809.  NLI  Ms 17,935 (5).of 39 schoolchildren in Tarbert, Co. Kerry in 1809 was originally posted on the Flyleaf Press blog in Aug 2013.  The original is in the National Library  among the Dr. Michael Quane Papers (Ms. 17,935) which are titled  ‘Letters and papers of Commissioners of Education in Ireland relating to Erasmus Smith foundations’.   The document is a single page headed  ‘A list of the Scholars educating (sic) at the English school founded at Tarbert by the Governors of Erasmus Smith’s Schools. May 1809‘ and is  signed by Aust? Martin,  who may have been the teacher.  An unusual name on the list appears to be ‘Fowlone’ which is reportedly a variant of Folan (see www.johngrenham.com).
If you make a connection, we would love to hear about it.  Note also that Ancestor Network researchers can conduct further research on these families if required.

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Wex Labourer payments Symes Estate,  Wingfield 1857-9

Small Sources 1: Wexford Estate Workers and Suppliers 1856

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This was our very first ‘Small Sources’, originally posted on our Flyleaf Press web-page in 2013,  but now being repeated on  this page.   This list is of those mentioned in the farm accounts of the Wingfield Estate in the Wex Labourer payments Symes Estate,  Wingfield 1857-9Civil Parish of Kilpipe, near Gorey Co. Wexford in 1856-57. They include day-labourers, suppliers and a few customers for farm produce. The original manuscript is in the National Library of Ireland Ms 19,004.  The item supplied or purchased is also noted as this may be useful.  For instance,  Robert Leggett supplied the farm with ‘ointment to cure a cow’, salt and oatmeal which suggests he was a local retailer.  Labourers and small tradesmen are particularly difficult individuals to find in the records so hopefully this list may be useful to someone. If you can make a connection, please let us know.    Ancestor Network researchers can obtain copies of the original record,   and also conduct further research on these individuals if required.

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Thurles Tipperary tenants

Small Sources 20: Tenants in Pudding Lane, Thurles, Co. Tipperary 1816/17

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These 33 people were tenants of Thomas Lenegan in Pudding Lane, Thurles, Co. Tipperary  in 1816/17.  This is one of the main streets in the town but has since been renamed ‘O’Donovan Rossa Street’.  It is unclear if the premises were residences or businesses.   The list is among the Lenegan Estate papers in the National Library of Ireland (NLI Ms. 497).  Lenegan had estates in Thurles, Co. Tipperary; Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny;  and elsewhere.
The list below shows the tenant’s names and the yearly rent.  The full list also shows the arrears due in November 1816.  The names are listed as spelled, and with the abbreviations used, e.g. Jas. = James, Danl. = Daniel etc.  One of the unusual names listed is Lanty Ryan.  However,  a Lant Ryan is listed as a householder in Thurles in the Griffith Valuation (~1848),  although on a different street. The illustrations show a section of the original rental (above) and the Rental title (at end).
Ancestor Network researchers can obtain copies of the original record and also conduct further research on these individuals if required.

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Tipp NLI Ms 1757 (10)

Small Sources 19: Tenants of Trant Estate, Dovea, Co. Tipperary 1837

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This list of 91 tenants is from the index to a Trant estate rental in Dovea, Co. Tipperary (Civil Parish of Inch)  in 1837.  The original is in National Library of Ireland Ms. 1757.  Information on the Trant family and their estates  is in the Landed Estates Database  http://landedestates.nuigalway.ie.    The rental contains details of rents charged, payments made and (usually) the location of the holding.  Read More


Small Sources 18: Tipperary & Waterford tenants of the Woulfe Mansfield Estate

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TippOur publishing arm, Flyleaf Press, has been publishing a series of ‘Small Sources’ on its blog page for several years. These are lists of names which are too small to attract the attention of most of the guides. Nevertheless, these names can be gold-dust to someone out there. We are going to continue this list on the Ancestor Network site from now on, and we will also be moving the earlier blogs from the Flyleaf site to here, so keep an eye out for some quirky lists, and for some names of interest to you. Read More

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