Godfrey F. Duffy

Godfrey Duffy is the author of the original edition of 'Tracing your Donegal Ancestors' (1995). He began researching his Donegal ancestry in 1986 when his father showed him a copy of a marriage register entry, confirming that his Duffy ancestors came from Clonmany parish, Co.Donegal. In 1991 he moved from Newcastle upon Tyne and settled in Dun Laoghaire , Co. Dublin where he joined the local genealogical society and had numerous articles published in their journal. Over the years he acquired the knowledge and experience of a family tree detective and traced the ancestry of various clients. He has produced courses and workshops for the amateur genealogist and has continued to have both family and local history articles published. Godfrey returned to England in 2000 and is married with a fifteen year old son.