Family History Researcher Survey

Thanks to all of those who participated in our survey of family history practices. We had 553 responses and a lot of useful information, which we will analyse and use. As promised, we randomly drew 3 winners from the list of 428 respondents who provided their contact details. They are: Denise Gordon Martin of Tampa, Florida; Addys Reilly of Merrick, New York; and Karen Ahern from County Kerry and each will receive €50 in value of Flyleaf Press books.

One of the questions we asked was ‘What is the earliest date for which you have proven information on an Irish ancestor?‘. The results are interesting. Firstly, only 37% of respondents had proven information on an ancestor before 1800. This not unexpected as there is a general acceptance that a lot of the main Irish record sources only go back to about 1820. Only 10% had information on an ancestor before 1700. This may make some of you feel better. You are not alone in being unable to find information, but keep looking.

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