Small Sources 13: Labourers on the Vigors Estate, Burgage, Co. Carlow in 1793/4.

Below are 4 list of labourers employed on the Vigors Estate at Burgage, near Leighlin Bridge, Co. Carlow in 1793/94. The 111 names are on four separate lists all apparently written by the same farm manager or foreman (based on handwriting). The lists are in the Cliff – Vigors Estate Papers in the National Archives of Ireland (Ref NAI 1096.2.12). A description of the holdings is in

List 1 headed ‘Mowers 1793’ contains 20 names, all men; the second unheaded list has 21 names, all men except for 3 widows; List 3 is headed ‘January 1794 at Manure, Burgage’ which would appear to suggest that these workers were engaged in hauling and spreading manure. It contains 27 names of men and 3 widows. The final list, also unheaded, contains 43 names including 3 widows. Was it perhaps the custom to give work to widows? Other than names, the numbers of days worked are also listed. There are some names which recur in more than one list,e.g. John Lennon, Ned and Tom McCardell, P.Mulloy, P. Delaney and a few others.

Mowers 1793

T Doran
Js. Kelley
James Connors
Tom Dundon
Larry Ryan
Js. Wall
John Connon ?
Robt. Welsh
Michl. Byrn
Owen Mahon
A Hughes
P. Neal
Tom Keef (Reef?)
Bryan Byrn
? McCabe
Jack Poor
John Lennon

Unheaded List 1

Joseph Reddy
Little L.McCabe
P Kinsella
Wid. Mulrooney
Robt. Cody
Jn. Kearney
Wid. Hearn
Dick Wynne
Tom McCardel
Dl. Mara
Dl. McDonel
Thos. Conway
Jams. Brennon (?) Wood
Mick McCabe
John McCabe
Widw. Kelly
Billy Mara
Darby Mara
Red McCabe
James Brohan
John Lennon

Janry. 1794 at Manure, Burgage

Widow Brennan
P. Byrn
P. Mulloy
C. Byrn
Wm. Mara
Js. Brohan
Widw. Fitzgerald
L Marks
Ds. Reddy
P Murphy
Ed. Laler
Ts. Brennon
Pat Mooney
W. Lynchey
Ts. Conra
Pat Delaney
James Kelly
John Poor
Wid. Mulrooney
Wid. Kerns
Ned McCardel?
Pat Lynchey
Paddy Marks
Michl? Welsh
Tom Cavenagh
Pat Ralf
Bryan? Doran

Unheaded List 2

Mich & Steven Byrn
Widow Brennon
Paddy Marks
Mick Lynchy
Larry Marks
P. Mulloy
P. Hannaway
Darby Caulfield
Wm Mara
Js. Brohan
Sally Welsh
Judy Dun
Darby Mara
Sally Farrell
Widow McAnally
James Mooney
Dl. Mara
Darby Neal
James Trinity
Js. Cody
E. Foley
Js. McCabe
Js. Condra
Mich. Byrn Morris
Wat. Mooney
Ds. Laler
Tom McCardell
Widow Maher
John Divine
Tom Holran
Rich. Wymse
Mick Reddy
Jn. McCabe
Pat Kinsela
Ned McCardel
James Reddy
F Doran
P Delaney
G. Byron
T McCardel
Js. McDonel

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