Cited sources in WDYTYA Talk on ‘Strange and Unusual Sources for Irish Genealogy’

Below are the sources of the items cited by James Ryan of Flyleaf Press during his presentation at Who Do You Think You Are Live, Birmingham, UK on 9th April 2016. The title of the paper was ‘Strange and Unusual Sources for Irish Genealogy and it attempted to highlight the importance of smaller sources in dealing with Irish Research. The more comprehensive sources for Irish research are now mainly available on-line. These include the Catholic Church Records, Griffith Valuation etc. However, an approximate median date for the start of Catholic records is 1820. Therefore when searching for Irish ancestors in the period before this (particularly in Western and Northern counties) we are dependent on smaller sources. Many of these are created for strange purposes, and the paper highlighted the wide range of bizarre and sometimes comic purposes for which useful records were created. Flyleaf Press publish guides to sources in 14 counties, and each of these contain a chapter listing ‘Census Substitutes’ such as these. Many are not available on-line, but are in Irish or UK archives and/or in Journals or Newspapers. Newspapers may be accessed (for a fee) on and other on-line sites. Most journals and periodicals are available on JSTOR (, which is accessible in most public libraries. The illustration below shows RIC (Irish Police) involved in measuring head-size as part of the Charles Browne study listed below. The cited items were:

• Charles Browne: Ethnographical Paper on Galway/Mayo. Royal Irish Academy Proc. Vol. 3 (1893-96): pp 360-80.
• Irish Reproductive Loan Fund. UK National Archives record series (PRO) T91. Available on
• Register of Trees. 1786-1916. Mss. for several counties is in local Public Libraries
• Cork New Guide 1803. National Library of Ireland. Dix Collection
• Inquests, Co. Monaghan 1846-1855. Clogher Record 1995, pp 90–100
• Louth Corn Census. Louth Arch. Journal Vol. 11(4)
• Wicklow Corn Carriers. Irish Genealogical Sources No. 2
• City of Dublin election May 11,1831. National Library of Ireland EPH D499
• Clare 1768 Election List. National Library of Ireland Ms 45,375/1
• Select Committee on Fictitious votes: Parliamentary Papers 1837 2 (2)
• Galway Marksmen. Galway Roots Volume 4, p.23
• Creditors and Debtors of J.R. Eastwood.
• 1798 Compensation claimants. Widely available on websites
• Reward for Conviction of Clare ‘Villains’. Clare Journal. 5th May, 1803
• Ennis Residents give thanks. Clare Journal, 13th February 1797
• Publicans’ Warning. Clare Journal, 17th December 1799
• Mr Fortescue’s friends. Freeman’s Journal. 17-21 November 1767
• Missing Friends.
• Workhouse paupers. HMSO HC Paper No. 192 Vol. 52 (1) 1863. p.407-
• Tenants of Aylmer Estate, Kildare (1859-63) JCKAS VII (1912) pp 415-16
• Dog Licences. Original in National Archives of Ireland. Available on
• Bog Book, Fennagh, Co.Carlow; National Lib. of Ireland, Ms. 29,805(12)
• Youghal Fishermen.
• List of Poitín-makers 1822.
• Apothecaries list.
• Cork City Wall residents.

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