Index of Wills & Marriage Licenses for Dublin Diocese up to 1800

  • ISBN13: 978-0-9539974-8-0
  • 440 pages
  • illustrated (b/w)
  • CD
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An index (on a single CD) of around 40,000 people from the records of the Diocesan court of Dublin Diocese, which served counties Dublin , Wicklow and parts of Kildare and Meath for the period up to 1800. At this period many of the legal functions which are now the duty of a civil Probate court were performed by the Church of Ireland. This included proving of wills, and regulation of marriages for all religious denominations. The index contains names of almost 40,000 people , and the year of the court judgement of each. An address is given for some 8,000 of the people listed, and trade, status or other personal information is provided for approximately 4,000.


The pages of the original publication are reproduced in PDF and it is recommended that you use ... Full Screen Mode. ...... I found it easy to move into this mode. There is no doubt that the functions work well, taking you back and forth to the main index, and helping you zoom in and out when you want to read small print. Dublin research can be challenging, so it is always good news when a helpful resource such as this one become widely available at a reasonable cost.

British Connections. June 2009