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Waterford  Tradesmen in the 1820s

Small Sources 23:  Here is a potentially useful list, but also a challenge for our readers.   This list of 79 tradesmen was compiled for some purpose related to an election in Waterford sometime between 1826 and 1847. It is in a file of documents in the National Library of Ireland (Ms. 15,028 (9))  entitled “Several hundred documents – petitions, resolutions, bills, lists of voters, etc., – in the Waterford election of .. 1826, the Tipperary election.., 1830, and..Waterford, 1847”.  It lists 40 Cordwainers (shoemakers); 17 tailors, 15 carpenters and 7 chandlers.   Research on those listed strongly points to it being from Waterford, and also that it was compiled in the late 1820s.  Pigott’s Directory of 1824 lists some of the listed tradesmen in Waterford,  while  none are listed in other towns in the region.   None of the names appear in Shearman’s Directory (1839) or Slater’s (1846).  The list also has a column headed ‘son of’ with a few entries; and all are prefixed by a year and month.  The years listed range from 1785 to 1824 but the vast majority are between 1801 and 1806.  The year and month seem to have some relevance to the purpose of the list.  It is possible that they may have had votes as guild members and that the dates are related to this.  We would welcome any observations on possible purposes for this list.  Also,  can anyone make a connection to any of the persons  listed?

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Name                                         Son of ..

Saml. ? Butts ?
Budd, Tobias        (1)
Bayley, George
Clarke, William                        Godfrey C.
Chambers, Benj.
Dart, John
Dart, John                                c/o William D?
Denny, Abraham          (2)
Darcy, Patrick
Dart, George
Elinor, John                             John Esq.
Foy, Richard
Foster, Henry
Fowley, Thomas
Grierson ? John
Hearne, Maurice

Docs re Waterford election of Villiers Stuart, 1826, Wyse Tipp elections of 1826 and 1847. NLI ms 15,028 (9)

NLI ms 15,028 (9)

Hearne, Peter
Hea??, Joseph
Henderson, Tom
Hogan, Mat
Hogan, Thomas
Jones, Richard
Jenkins, John
Matthews, ?
Moran, Tom
Morayarty, Ml.                        Son of John
Morgan, John
Maddens, Tom
McCarthy, Danl.
Martin, George
Maguire, James
O’Brien, Redmond
Pittman, John
Ryan, Tom
Read, Tom               (3)
Streep, John             (4)
Tighe ?
Wright, James
Wood, John
Walsh, Henry

Chambers, Tom
Cachin, Michael
Fitzpatrick, James
Harrison, John
Lawless, John
McConnell, Gavin
McCarthy, Felix
McConnell, Joseph
McConnell, Wm.
McConnell, Thomas
McCarthy, Timothy
Parker, John
Quinn, Laurence
Rodney, Thomas         (5)
Rothe, Cornelius
Wade, John
??…, John

Bryan, John
Bryan, James
Coghlan, James
Egan, James
Flinn, Edward
Glanville, David        (6)
Hogan, Danl
Moore, John (Turner)
Myler, Tom
Purcel, John
Purcel, James
??… Edward
Whyte, John
Curtis, James
Roberts, B…

Bradley, James
Flynn, Edmond
Poole, John
Ryan, Pat
Rogers, John
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, George



  1. Listed as Shoemaker in ‘The Mall’ Waterford in Pigott’s Directory of 1824
  2. Listed as Shoemaker in ‘The Quay’ Waterford in Pigott’s Directory of 1824
  3. Thomas Read is listed as Collar and Harness maker in Shearman’s Directory, Waterford 1839
  4. Marriage to Elizabeth Hyde in 1789 recorded in Kill St. Nicholas, Waterford
  5. A child was born to a Thomas Rodney in 1802 in Waterford
  6. Death of David Glanville, carpenter, of Peter St., Waterford is listed in Connaught Journal 21.8.1823


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Dr Jim Ryan is a writer and publisher on Irish genealogy. His book ‘Irish Records’ (Ancestry Inc., now Turner Publishing) is a standard guide. His other books include: Tracing your Dublin Ancestors (Flyleaf Press 2009); Irish Church Records (Flyleaf 2001); Sources for Irish Family History (Flyleaf 2001), and Tracing Sligo Ancestors (Flyleaf 2012). He has lectured extensively at genealogy meetings and his research interests include church records and Rentals. He writes blogs and articles for In-Depth Genealogist (http://theindepthgenealogist.com), and also a blog for www.flyleafpress.ie.

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  • Jim Ryan says:

    Joanne Rothwell, County Archivist in Waterford wrote to us as follows:

    We checked some of the names on the list against the Freedom Roll in the City and they are showing up there so this is why they are entitled to vote and also why the list had the name of their trade and the different dates would be admission into the Freedom of the City. Freedom of the City was open either by right of an apprentice to a tradesman who held the freedom, by application as a tradesman (to be voted in by the Corporation members) or by hereditary right as the son or son-in-law of a freeman.



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