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We have updated our website to make it easier to find useful sources.    Our ‘Blogs’  link now has a map of Ireland which allows you to search for blogs relating to each county.  Above  is an example of the search result for Galway.  If you are not familiar with the locations of counties, simply ‘hover’ over the map and the county names will appear.     We now have 68 free blogs with information on thousands of persons not available anywhere else.  We are constantly updating the list and you can enroll to get updates on new sources.
In addition to information from counties,  we also have more general blogs on:
  • Rentals  –  an account of how landlords managed their estates;  the records that were created and where they can be found
  • Grand Jury Presentments – an unusual but potentially valuable source
  • Missing Friends – an account of an interesting source for Irish immigrants to the USA
  • Census returns in Gaelic –   Are the census returns you are seeking written in Gaelic rather than English ?
  • Middle Names  –  the practice of using (or not using) middle names by Irish families
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