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Information on obtaining Irish citizenship and passport


As Ireland is a member state of the European Union (“EU”), Irish passport holders are entitled to move freely and live and work in all the other member states of the EU.

You can apply for an Irish passport if you were born in Ireland or if you have at least one Irish parent or grandparent. There are two Irish Government websites with detailed information about passports and citizenship requirements. The Department of Foreign Affairs website, provides detailed information on how to apply for an Irish passport. The Department of Justice’s Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service website,  provides more information on obtaining Irish citizenship.

Assistance in Applying for an Irish Passport

Forms for citizenship by naturalisation: Click here

How to apply for naturalisation: Click here

Residency calculator: Click here

Ancestor Network is on standby to advise you on the process and to assist you in obtaining proof of your relationship to Irish parents or grandparents. To help you get started , please click on link below.

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