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Residents of Ballyporeen, Co. Tipperary 1840

By June 6, 2017 December 28th, 2018 Genealogy Research, General Genealogy News

Small Source 22: This shows 59 residents of the village of Ballyporeen (Civil parish of Templetenny, Co. Tipperary) in 1840. They were tenants of the Kingston Estate and the original rental ledger is in the National Library of Ireland (Ms. 3276). The ledger gives no information other than stating that these were tenants in the town, and providing details of rent and arrears. It is interesting to compare this list with the residents of Ballyporeen in 1852 from Griffith’s valuation (see www.askaboutireland.ie for instance). Of the 59 residents of Ballyporeen listed in 1840 below, only 17 are on the Griffith Valuation list in 1852.   Those who are still in residence are indicated below with an asterisk.   The intervening years, of course included the devastating Great Famine. Residents with the same family names are listed but it is not possible to determine relationships.  Ballyporeen is best known as the home of Michael Regan, great-grandfather to US President Ronald Reagan. Indeed, Michael would have been resident in the village when this list was compiled.  Further information on Tipperary tenants is available in other blogs in this series including:  Woulfe-Mansfield Estate 1783;  Prittie Estate 1826Trant Estate Dovea 1837Barton Estate Fethard 1775; and Thurles tenants 1816.

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Patrick Roche
Darby Brien
John Walsh
John Russell
Wm. Walsh
John Brien *
John Londugan      (John. Lonergan listed in Griffith)
John Fox *
James Kearney
Arthur Oakley * (for Wm. Ladugan)  (Wm. Lonergan listed in Griffith)
Thomas O’Donnell Jnr *
Thomas O’Donnell Sen.
Michael Brien
Danl. Gorman
John Luddy
John Brian (Dan)
Daniel Brien
Thoms. Clancy
Ellen Lomasney
Edwd. Fitzgibbon *
Thomas O’Donnell
Thos. Fitzgerald
Wm. Ryan
John Kearney
Edward Fox *
Danl. Sherlock
Wm. Brennock
Martin Brien
James Swayne
James Fitzgibbon
Tim Fitzgerald *
Philip Russell
James Fitzgerald
Widow Fitzgerald
John Anderson
Patt O’Donnell
James Sheehy
James Fitzgibbon *
Michl. Dunlea
Wm. Ryan
Thos. Smyth yaer?
Jos Kearney
Patt Griffith *
Thos. Griffith *
Stephen Richardson
Thomas Griffith
John Russell
Michael Gallavan (for his widow) (Margaret Gallavan is listed in Griffith)
James Russell *
James O’Brien *
Michael Russell *
John Bourke
James Fitzgibbon *
John Fitzgibbon *
John Forde *
Widow Hickey
John Kearney
Michael Bourke *
Rev. Paddy Bourke

Rental of Ballyporeen town, in ... Rental of estates of Earl of Kingston in cos Limerick, Tipp and Cork, 1841-42. NLI, Ms. 3276

extract from  NLI, Ms. 3276


‘Tracing your ‘Tipperary Ancestors’   a comprehensive guide to researching families in the county.

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