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November 12, 2020 Genealogy Books No Comments

At Ancestor Network we often come across fascinating stories through friends, contacts and our global network. A recently published book following the story of Jack Wilson ‘finding’ his uncle, battling the Pentagon and getting his uncle’s remains back to a proper burial is a surreal story. It also enabled Jack and his brother Mike and their mother to finally have closure that her brother, 66 years Missing in Action, finally coming home.

The book summary reads: The U.S. Army attacked three villages near the German-Belgium border, surprising the Germans who surrendered with little resistance. The German army regrouped and counterattacked. A brief but horrific battle ensued, and as the enemy pressed forward, the Americans retreated in haste, leaving behind their wounded and their dead. Discussion of this week-long conflict that began on All Souls Day, November 2, 1944, has been confined to officer training school, in part due to its heavy losses and ignominy.

After the war the U.S. Army returned to the battlefield to bring home its fallen. To its dismay it found that many of these men had vanished. The disappearances were puzzling and for decades the U.S. government searched unsuccessfully for clues. After poring over now-declassified battlefield reports and interviewing family members, the authors reconstruct a spellbinding story of love and sacrifice, honor and bravery, as well as a portrait of the gnawing pain of families not knowing what became of their loved ones. Ultimately this work of history and in-depth contemporary journalism proffers a glimmer of light in the ongoing search.

This books has co-writers: Joseph M. Pereira and John L. (‘Jack’) Wilson from Boston and is available on Amazon here.

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