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Small Sources 51.  So on we go for another 50!     The list below contains 223 tenants of the Castle Forward Estate in the civil parishes of All Saints and Taughboyne, Co. Donegal around 1800. The original document is among the Wicklow Papers in the  National Library of Ireland (NLI Ms. 38,561).  It is a simple ...
By Alprazolam Online
How To Purchase Xanax Online
We have just published our 50th ‘small sources’ blog.   The original idea for these arose because  occasionally in our research projects for clients we come across lists of names that are too small for the big indexing companies to put on line.   Yet these lists could be vital to someone’s research.   So we publish them ...
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Order Xanax Online Europe
Small Sources No.50. This is a list of 173 tenants on the Earl of Leitrim’s Manorhamilton estate in the period 1829-36. The original document (NLI Ms. 16,978) is in the National Library of Ireland among the extensive Leitrim Papers, which contain the records of the Clements family (Earls of Leitrim) from 1749 to 1946. Other rentals ...
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Best Place To Buy Xanax Uk
Small Sources 49: The 150 persons named below were tenants of the Trench estate in the Civil parishes of Ballymacward, Kilconnel, Killaan and Killimordaly in the eastern part of county Galway in the period 1840-50. All were residents of one of 12 townlands: Caraholla, Caramore, Carrane, Carranebeg, Clonba, Cloonecalles, Cloonehinch, Cloonemorres, Creeva, Gortnaboha, Island Carrane, ...
Buying Xanax From Canada Online
Xanax Prescription Online
Small Sources No. 48.  This is a list of 78 labourers and tradesmen who worked on the Heywood Estate in Co. Laois (previously Queen’s County) in 1794. The estate is in the Civil Parish of Dysartgallen and Barony of Cullenagh. The document is a single large multi-column page headed ‘Abstract of accounts of labourers and Tradesmen ...
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Buying Xanax Bars Online
Small Sources 47: This is a list of 94 tenants on the Trant estate in the area of Dovea in the Civil Parish of Loughmoe West, Co. Tipperary mainly in the period 1815-20.  Some accounts continue into the 1830s.    The rentals for these estates are included in the Trant Papers which are in the National Library of ...
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Buy Real Xanax Bars Online
Small Sources 46: This rental is from the estate of the Earl of Drogheda in Monasterevin and Fonstown, Co. Kildare in 1772. The original is in the National Library of Ireland (Ms. 12,722) and the document images (created by Ancestor Network)  are reproduced through their courtesy.  Our article on rentals and their significance for family history is ...
Online Doctor Xanax Prescription
Online Doctor Prescribe Xanax
Small Sources 45.   This list of 43 tenants is from a document (NLI Ms. 2119) in the Clanricarde papers in the National Library of Ireland entitled ‘List of arrears due May 1777 with the different yearly rentals from that period to November 1780 as also a list of the arrears then due … during the ...
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Rx Xanax Online
This article deals with rentals, a term also used in North America for hire cars,  but here referring to records of rent payments by tenants on Irish estates,  particularly during the 18th and 19th centuries.  They are a potentially valuable source of family history information that is often overlooked, mainly because very few are available  on-line.
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Xanax Online Australia
Small Sources No. 44. This is a list of 69 tenants on the Cloncurry estate  in the Civil Parish of Abington (Barony of Owneybeg) directly east of the City of Limerick. The original document is a rental in the National Library of Ireland (NLI Ms. 8183).   See our article here for a detailed account of ...
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