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NGS Quarterly review of ‘Finding your Ancestors in Kerry’

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The National Genealogical Society Quarterly recently published a review of our title ‘Finding your Ancestors in Kerry‘  by Kay Caball.  The review,  by Fiona Fitzsimons of Eneclann,  kindly declares the book to be  “..essential reading for any genealogist or family historian whose research focuses on (Kerry)…” and also goes on to say that  ” This book, friendly and easy to read, would appeal to any beginner.  Finding your Ancestors in Kerry also also covers enough ground to reveal documents of interest even to experienced genealogists“.     It is available here.   The book is a comprehensive guide to tracing ancestors in County Kerry.  It describes all the various sources of family history  information,  where  each of these can be accessed and how to best use them in your research.   The people of Kerry have a rich history.  Although very predominantly Gaelic,  their origins  include  Normans, English, Danish Vikings, French Huguenots and German Palatines.  All of these have contributed to the character of twentieth century Kerry.


Baptisms in Franciscan Friary Wexford.   1780..  Francisc Library Ms C104

New Wexford Baptism records 1783-1790

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Small Sources 20:   These 126 baptisms took place in Wexford (probably in the Gorey area) between 1783 and 1790.   The originals are in the Franciscan Library, Killiney, Co. Dublin (Ms. C 104 – Baptisms). See www.franciscans.ie/friaries/killiney for more information on this archive.  We thank the Franciscan order for access to their records and for permission to publish.   Note that marriages from this parish are available in a separate blog (see here) which also gives further details on the background to these records. Read More


Who Do You Think You Are

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Who Do You Think You Are

Under the umbrella of WDYTYA, this year’s show was held for the third time at the NEC, Birmingham. It was a very busy show with visitors from all over the United Kingdom as well as some from Ireland. And because many people now living in the UK have Irish heritage, there was great interest in Irish genealogists who came to the show.
In addition to the big four genealogy companies, Family Search, My Heritage, Ancestry and Find My Past, there were many smaller specialist and niche area stands from with many parts of England and Wales.
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Labourers in Co. Carlow in 1793/4

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Small Sources 13:   These are 111 labourers employed on the Vigors Estate at Burgage, near Leighlin Bridge, Co. Carlow in 1793/94. The names are on four separate lists all apparently written by the same farm manager or foreman (based on the handwriting)  and included  in the Cliff – Vigors Estate Papers in the National Archives of Ireland (Ref NAI 1096.2.12). See here for a description of the holdings.    List 1 headed ‘Mowers 1793’ contains 20 names, all men; the second unheaded list has 21 names, all men except for 3 widows; List 3 is headed ‘January 1794 at Manure, Burgage’ which suggests that these workers were engaged in hauling and spreading manure. It contains 27 names of men and 3 widows. The final list, also unheaded, contains 43 names including 3 widows. Was it perhaps the custom to give work to widows?  Other than names, the numbers of days worked are also listed. There are some names which recur in more than one list,e.g. John Lennon, Ned and Tom McCardell, P.Mulloy, P. Delaney and a few others.
Ancestor Network will offer 1 free hour of research by a professional researcher to  conduct further research on these individuals or others in these estate papers and/or to obtain copies 0f the original. Click here and quote ‘Carlow  SS13’ in the subject line.

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Tenants in Kilteel, Co. Kildare 1825: Small Sources 12

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KD: Tenants on Tighe Estate in Kilteel 1825

Tenants on Tighe Estate, Kilteel 1825


This rent roll lists 25 tenants on the estate of William Tighe in 1825-26. The estate is in the parish of Kilteel, Co. Kildare but no further information is provided as to which townlands they occupied. William Tighe lived in Woodstock, Co. Wicklow and had estates in several counties.  This was one of his smaller land-holdings.

The original rental is in the National Library of Ireland Ms. 872.  Flyleaf Press publish ‘A Guide to Tracing your Kildare Ancestors’ which provides full information on ancestor-tracing in this county.   Click here for further information.

Ancestor Network will offer 1 free hour of research by a professional researcher to  conduct further research on these individuals in these estate papers and elsewhere, and/or to obtain copies 0f the original. Click here and quote ‘Kildare  SS12’ in the subject line.

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Terence Byrne

Carlow Tenants 1856: Small Sources 9

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The list carlow-tenantsbelow is of the County Carlow tenants of the LaTouche estate in Carlow,  and unusually we have found photographs of several of them. The tenants are signatories to a letter of Sept 1856, sent to the Knight of Kerry, Peter Fitzgerald, requesting that he not sell the properties on which they were tenants. Peter Fitzgerald had apparently recently inherited the estate from Lt. Col. LaTouche, who was his uncle.  The tenants, fearful of the possibility of a rapacious landlord, asked him not to do so in view of the relationship they had developed with his uncle, and the improvements they had made to their properties at his behest.    The letter, and a favourable reply, are in the National Library of Ireland (Ms. 5948).  The same file also includes a scrap-book with photographs of six of these tenants (indicated below as P).  These photographs are not directly associated with the letter, and would appear to be the work of Peter Fitzgerald,  who was interested in photography.   It is noteworthy that the signatories are not all big farmers.  Analysis of Griffith Valuation shows that their holdings vary from 18 to 225 acres and they are located mainly in the Civil Parish of Dunleckney, Co. Carlow.  The photo at left shows (left to right) tenants Patrick Kearney,  Robert Kehoe, John Tenant and Terrence Byrne.  The latter,  for instance,  held 76 acres in the townland of Ballywilliamroe.    If you can make a connection with anyone on this list, we would be interested to hear, and we can also share the other photos.   In addition, Ancestor Network will offer 1 free hour of research by a professional researcher to  conduct further research on these individuals or to obtain copies. Click here and quote ‘Carlow SS9’ in the subject line. Read More

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