Catholic Records of Rathangan, Wexford 1807-1811.

Small Sources No. 59A.     This is a significant blog as it sets out the Catholic Church records of Rathangan, Co. Wexford for the period from December 1807 to September 1811.  The records for this parish which are already known to exist start in 1803,  but there are none between June 1806 and 1813.  These existing records are available on-line from the National Library of Ireland.   The new 1807-1811 records reported below were found by James Ryan of Ancestor Network during research in the Franciscan Library in Killiney, Co. Dublin.  The library holds extensive records of the various Irish Franciscan communities,  all of which are well indexed and maintained.  We thank the Franciscan order for access to their records and for permission to publish.  These records  are in a simple uncovered priest’s notebook (Reference Ms. C 104 in the library).  It contains notes on the income to the church (both dues and fees),  and details of the various services performed by the priest as he travelled around his extensive parish. In addition to 230 baptisms and 46 marriages, the book records 59 anointings.

An obvious question is whether these are the complete parish records for these years,  or only a subset.  To assess this, the average number of services per year in the ‘new’ records was compared with those in the existing set of records. The records for 1806 and 1807 are incomplete and not useful for this purpose.  The existing records for 1805  show 34 baptisms and 15 marriages,  while the 1808 records reported here show 50 baptisms and 11 marriages,  which is generally comparable.  The extent of baptisms would definitely suggest that this is a full record for the year. It should be noted that both baptisms and marriages were usually conducted in the home at this time. The Catholic church did not require attendance at the church for these services until several decades later. Although the number of marriages is lower than might be expected,  it may be that the notebook does not record those marriages that were conducted in the parish church in Duncormick.  These could logically have been recorded directly into a register (although no such register exists).  This may explain the somewhat smaller number of marriages.

The names of those married or baptised would normally have been transcribed from this notebook into the main register, but for some reason this was not done.  These record-keeping practices are detailed in ‘Irish Church Records‘ (see above).  The records of anointings are sometimes heartlessly vague, e.g.  ‘a little boy in Gurtins‘ or ‘Jno. Lamport’s Mother-in-law‘,  but as anointing is usually an indication of impending death, the records may be of some genealogical relevance. The probable reason for the notebook being in the Franciscan library is that, although a monastic order, the Franciscans provided the parish clergy for much of county Wexford until the 1840s. They therefore maintained the church records,  and this notebook was a remnant from this period.  We have previously reported other records found in this library from the Wexford parish of Killanerin and Gorey.  These are available in our blogs: Baptisms from 1783-1790 and Marriages from 1800-07.   The Catholic records of county Wexford in the early 1800s are particularly poor, mainly due to the destruction of Catholic churches by militia that followed the Rebellion of 1798, so these are useful resources.

Some further points on the notebook:

Author: entries were made by different priests at various times, but predominantly by one person (based on the handwriting). This may have been Rev. James Dake who was the curate in the parish until 1830. His name appears regularly as a witness on these records, suggesting that he ‘doubled’ as a witness when required. It was not the Parish Priest, who at this time was Patrick Codd. This is because (a) settlement of the accounts with the parish priest is referenced at regular intervals; and (b) the death of Patrick Codd is recorded in the notebook in 1810.

Accounts & Receipts: Although fees received are recorded throughout the notebook,  they are not transcribed below (with minor exceptions).  Each service (apart from most anointings) attracted a fee.  Receipts from ‘Offerings’ (by which is meant the ‘plate’ at mass etc.) and dues (i.e. regular payments from parishioners for upkeep of the church) are recorded.  At regular intervals the income is calculated and a note is made that the accounts have been ‘settled’ with the parish priest.

Abbreviations: As is usual in private notebooks, abbreviations are widely used but most are understandable (Bapd. = baptised;  Antd. or Anted. = anointed;  Do. = ‘the same’ (as above or as foregoing); Ss. = Sponsors; tesrs = testators; Recd. = received).  Fairly obvious abbreviations are also used for names:  Jams. =James;  Jno = John;  Ths. = Thomas; Wm = William;  Elenr. = Eleanor).  Anty is a short name commonly used for Anastatia.

Name forms: The author is not a champion speller, and uses Dewes for dues in some places.  His spellings of first names are also unusual  e.g. Jone for Joan, Keate or Cate for Kate. He almost never uses double letters in names,  thus we get Bidy, Saly, Pegy, Kity, Pady, Maty etc.  However, he does write ‘Patt’ whereas this name would now be written as ‘Pat’.   Other names are also spelled in unusual ways, e.g. first name Chatrina, which is presumably a form of Caitriona or Catherine.   Among family names we find  Donaly for Donnelly; O Nale (probably) for O’Neill; Dayly for Daly; Jurden for (probably) Jordan; and Lamport for Jordan.  Rossiter is also spelled in several different ways:  Rosster, Rositer and Roseter. Note also two unusual first names: Mogue and Mon. Mogue is found quite commonly in the Southeast. The most commonly occurring family names are: Furlong (55 occurrences),  Welsh or Walsh (33);  Codd (26); Sinnot or Synnot (25); Whitty (24),  Stafford (16) ; Hays (14); and Cogley or Cogly (11).  Further information on some of the families listed may be included in our publication ‘Sources for Irish Family History 2021‘ which lists books and articles on over 2,500 Irish families.

Document quality.  The record is illegible in parts (see Figs 1 and 2) and these are indicated as ‘illegible’  or  ‘…..’  where they occur.  A small proportion (see figure 3) is relatively easily read.  Conservation of the document would probably reveal some further names and provide clarification of others.

Placenames:   Some records include townlands of residence, also abbreviated. Where these could be identified the current forms of these names are provided below.  The parish covered all or part of the Civil Parishes of Duncormick, Kilmannan,  Duncormick, Killag and Ambrosetown.

Ancestor Network will offer 1 free hour of research by a professional researcher to conduct further research on these individuals, and/or to obtain copies of the original. Click here and quote ‘Wexford SS59A’ in the subject line. Note also that Flyleaf Press (Ancestor Network’s publishing arm) publish ‘Irish Church Records’  which is a classical source for information on Roman Catholic church practices. It is available here and the cover is shown above left.

Figure 1. An example of variations in legibility in the document. In this case the difference is in the ink, but elsewhere the outer edges of pages are mottled and some pages blackened.
Figure 2: A section of undecipherable text on the outer edge of the notebook.

The transcription below is provided on a ‘best effort’ basis as the quality of the original is poor. Uncertain words are followed with question marks and illegible sections are indicated as ‘…..’.

Entry in Notebook                                        (notes by blog author)

December 1807
December 1st ….. Andrew Hays Graschaur Dues          (Probably townland of Grascur in CP of Kilmannan)
6th Bapd. Jams. of Jno. & Judy Breen
Ss. Tom Parle and Catherine Murphy
Do. Bapd. Jno. of Thos. & Elenr. Devereux
Ss. Wm? Furlong & Eliza Do.
11 Bapd. Cate of Ths. & Ann Larkin
Ss. Nick Chaill? and Judy Larkin
Bapd. Jno. of Bryan Crane & Poll?  Sinnott
Ss. Jno. Dake? and Peg Sinnott
..Recd. by me in the year 1807       (dues received are given for each of these but not reported here)
..Michl. Pender Milla..
The widow Rositer  Heavens…        (probably townland of Heavenstown in CP of Kilmannan)
Jas. Dunfee
Jno. Furlong Cooleycall                    (townland of Coolycall in Kilcowan CP)
Lary Jurden Brownstown                (townland of Brownstown in Kilcowan CP;  the name is probably Jordan)
Charley Devereux Wadentown      (probably townland of Waddingstown in CP of Ballyconnick)
Peter ….
Jno. ..?.. Nichory                                (Townland of Nicharee in CP of Duncormick)
Jno. Molloy Cleriestown                  (townland of Cleristown  in CP of Kilmannan)
Jno.White Horsilone                         (probably townland of Horesland in CP of Duncormick)
Mrs Clooney Wadentown                (probably townland of Waddingstown in CP of Ballyconnick)
Nichs. Flood Skiter?                          (probably townland of Skeaterpark  in CP of Kilmannan)
Patt Lynch Do.                                            ( do. )
Mark Moachly? Slidaugh              (probably Sleedagh in CP of Kilmannan;  the name is possibly Mokely)
Ths. Cleary    Salt? Bridge
Thos Brown Graschour                    (Probably townland of Grascur in CP of Kilmannan)
Peter Coughlin Scrose                     (Probably townland of Croase in CP of Ballyconnick)
Jno. Coughlin   Do.
Richd. Hore    Mountain                       (Townland of Mountain gate in CP of Kilmannan)
Silvester Furlong   Baldenstown
Jno. Kehoe   Duncormick                      (Townland of Duncormick in CP of Duncormick)
In all to 16th April 1817 £5.2.9 (1817 – ’07?)
19 Apl. from Jno. Killon? Scharty?
..A certificate to Patt Cogly
..Mary Martin

January 1808
Bapd. Patt of Mogue & Joney Crane
Sps.  Jno. Codd and Peg? Do.
Bapd. Mary of Jno. and Mary Costigan
George Nowlan & Mary Do.
Certificate to Mick Batterton
Married Jno. Joyce and Mary Stafford
Tesrs. Wm. Stafford & Patt Joyce

Feb 1808
…. ?
Bapd Nicholas of Murphy and Peg. Do.
Ss. Martin Murphy & Marian Clancy
Feb 7th. Married Thos. Grady , ?/ Hare/Hore
Tesrs. Dick Hore & Laurence Gready
Bapd. Patt of Thom. & Peg Bulger
Ss. Jno. Edmonds and Peg Molloy.
Do. Antd. … Peggy Barry & mass
Married. Jno? Doyle & Mary Sheridan
Tesrs. Patt Murphy & Martin Sheridan
10 Feb 1808. Dues from Stephen Barry?
Bapd. Thoms. of Michl. Murphy & Elizabeth do. Hanns?
Ss. Ned Molloy and Caty Redmond
15. Married Jams. Lamport & Mary Doyle
Tesrs. Denis Doyle & James Clooney
Do. Dues from Jno. Hurly .. weaver?
19. Bapd. Jno. of Mogue and Ann Furlong
Ss. Jno. Murphy and Caty Barry Rath                  (Possibly townland of Rath in CP of Duncormick)
20 Anted.? Easther Barry schaor ?
21 Bapd. Mary of Thos. & Mary Codd
Ss. Philip Daly and Mary Codd
Do. Antd. Barry Hook Mountain ??                   (Mountain gate in CP of Kilmannan)
19. Do. Married Mon White ? & Mary Higgins
Tesrs. Nugent and Morgan ?
26. Offerings…
Brought ?? …David Coughlin
….. Nichs. Hays?
…. Illegible lines….
Bap …Jno.? of Jno. and Ally Synnott
Ss. Mick Harper & Ann Ronan (Bo??an )
27 Married Jams. Hanlon? & Johana Money (Nanny?)
Tesrs. Jon. & Patt Dake
27 Do. Married Barry Ho..? and Ann ??son
Tesrs. Dick Hore and Patt Dake
29 Married Wm. Radford and Anastatia …??
Tesrs. Peter Cogley & Bob Roster?

Mar. 1 1808.
Married Wm. Kehoe and Mary Meyler
Tesrs. James Meyler & ….?
3rd. Bapd. Margaret of Peter and Mary Cogley
Ss. Jno. Molloy & Mary Do.
In all …3 March 1808 £14.3.11
Anted. Pady Dunn Gurtins?                        (probably townland of Gortins in CP of Kilmannan)
Anted. Sinnott’s wife Wetmeadows              (townland of Wetmeadows  in CP of Kilmannan)
Anted. Kely Lampert? Gurtin                      (probably townland of Gortins in CP of Kilmannan)
Anted. Jno. Lamport’s Mother-in-law
Offerings on ye Altar
March 27 offerings
31 Bapd. Jno. of Mick and Mary Hays
Patt Crane and Elenor Rosster wa…
Confessions at Nick Flod’s?? S…iter              (possibly Skeaterpark in CP of Kilmannan)
Jno. Co… next day

April 1808
Bapd. Jno. of Jno. & Mary Clooney
Ss. Jas. Coughlin & Mary French?
2 Bapd. Joseph of Jno. & Mary Donahoe
Ss. Peter Rivil? and Peg Harper
3rd Bapd. Catherine of Jno. & Margaret Hogan Nwcastle  (Newcastle in CP of Kilmannan))
Ss. Frank Cloony and Caty ….?
Stephen Barry offerings
26 offer… at Martin Colitins?
….. 2 illegible lines….
….. Stafford and Mary …..
Bapd. Greg of Nick & Mary White ..ty
Ss. Patt Dake & Judith Whitty
24 Bapd. Wm. of (blank) at Hooles
Ss. Billy (blank) and Ally Ennis
27 Bapd. Maty of Stephen Roche & Ann Do. Coolycale          (probably townland of Coolycall in Kilcowan CP)
Ss. A. Rogers and Caty Furlong
… Bapd. Natt of Benn and Mary Radford Gurtin                 (Townland of Gortins in CP of Duncormick)
Ss. Patt Murphy and Elenor Radford
Do. Patt of Pady and Ann Cogly Killmanon                  (Townland of Kilmannan in CP of Kilmannan)
Ss. Jas. Lynch and Ann Do.
29. Bapd. Tom of Jno. and Biddy Donoly
Ss. Jams. Bryan and Keaty Grant

May 1808

1st Bapd. Patt of Jno. and Mary Joyce
Ss. … Stafford and Bidy Joyce
Longridge   Dues ? from Cousins
Do from Tom Brown
Do. from Jno. Furlong
Do. from Wm. Carroll

May 6th Bapd. Robert of Patt. & Saly Lambert
Ss. James Cullin and Joney Murphy
Dues from Ned Fortune from Charles Devereux Waddn?               (probably townland of Waddingstown in CP of Ballyconnick)
Do.  from Mogue Kelly Philipinstown                       (townland of Philippintown in CP of Ballyconnick)
9. do and Certificate to James Coughlin
15  Bapd. Catherine of Nick and Mary Hay Whidaugh?
Ss. George Hay and Marian Doyle
16 Dewes from Phillip Brown Graschor                (Probably townland of Grascur in CP of Kilmannan)
18. Dews from Matt Keary Rath                          (townland of Rath in CP of Duncormick)
Do. from Jno. Kehoe Duncormuck                         (Townland of Duncormick in CP of Duncormick)
Do. Bapd. ?? Molloy of Nick & Anty Do.
Ss. Mogue Ennis and Caty Molloy
20 Dewes from Jno. Owens Balliconnick?          (probably townland of Ballyconnick in CP of Ballyconnick)
Do from Richd. Purcell   Ambrose                 (probably townland of Ambrosetown in CP of Ambrosetown)
Do. from Watt Parle H An…
Do from Jno. Codd, Rags
26 offerings on ye Altar …..
In all on ye 30 May 1808 £2.13.6

June 1808.
5. Antd. Joseph Roche
7th do Bapd. Ann of George and Mary Jeffers ….? (..eaven..t)    (probably  Heavenstown in CP of Kilmannan)
Ss. Mon Clooney & Ally Rosster
13 Bapd. Bridget of Jno. & An. Kelly Gainst…             (probably townland of Gaynestown in CP of Kilmannan)
Ss. Jno.Fortune and Mary Fortune
16 Dews from Martin Lamport Gurtin              (Townland of Gurlins in CP of Duncormick)
Antd. Jno. Cain Hosks ?
20 Dewes from Watt Welsh Crose           (Probably townland of Croase in CP of Ballyconnick)
22. Bapd. Jno. of Laurence and Margt. Harpur Kill
Ss. Joe Radford and Mary Redmond.
24. Bapd. Jno. of Bob & Judy Rositer Paul..?
Ss. Tom Harper & Pigy Bogan
Do. Bapd. Johana of Wm. and Peg Welsh Crose  (Probably townland of Croase in CP of Ballyconnick)
Ss. Jams. Roche & Ann Hays & Mass
27 Bapd. Peg of Martin and Caty Lamport
Ss. Jno. Dun & Peg. Do.
29. Anted. Mick Roche Cooley Cale                      (probably townland of Coolycall in Kilcowan CP)

Figure 3:  A sample of some of the clearer text in the document – from June 1808 above.

July 1808
2 Bapd. Peg of Ths. and Caty Donoly (Cull superscript)
Pady Colfer & Mrs Neill
4 Bapd. Jams. of Patt Nowlan & Judy Do.
Ss. Wm. Hawkins and Caty Whitty
7 Bapd. Mary of Mick & Peg Kehoe
Ss. ?? Cullin & Peg Kehoe
12 Bapd. Mary of Ths. and Honora? Welsh Norris/Harris?
Ss. Nick Ennis & Joney (Toney?) Radford
13 Bapd. Wm. of Peter and Mary Roche Coolicale                (probably townland of Coolycall in Kilcowan CP)
Ss. Watty? Furlong & Mary French (Trench?)
17 Bapd. Jams. of Michael & Ann Welsh Noc..?           (possibly Townland of Knocktown in CP of Duncormick)
Ss. Jams. Furlong & Elenor Synnott
23 Married Patt Sinnott & Mary Edwards
Testatrs. Jno. Edwards & Jno. Synnott
26. Antd. Edwards: Daughter Mountain               (probably townland of Mountain gate in CP of Kilmannan)

August 1808
3rd. Bapd. Mary of Jas. & Joney Bryan
Ss. James Stafford and Mary Whitty
7 Antid. Mary Welsh Crose & 2 Masses           (Probably townland of Croase in CP of Ballyconnick)
in all to yr. 7 Aug. 1808 £2.0.1
11 Bapd. Ben of Jno. and Mary Derry
Ss. Jno. Rashford and Franny Derry
17 Bapd. Wm. of Pady & Francy? Byrne
Ss. Jno. Codd & Mary Whitney
18..? Bapd. Stephen of Thos. & Elenor Cody
Ss. Revd. Jas? Dake and Cath?? French
28 Bapd. Jams. of Michael & Mary Murphy
Ss. Jams ..? and Ann Nowlan Dunc..?                (Townland of Duncormick in CP of Duncormick)

September 1808
…? Bapd. Wm. of Jno. and Mary Murphy Gibr..      (possibly Gibberwell  or Gibberpatrick in CP of Duncormick)
Ss. Nicholas Welsh & Eliza Do.
7 Married. Garret Furlong & Mary Johnson
Testrs. Denis Kavanah & Walter Breen
18 Bapd. Wm. of Peter Fitzgerald & Judy Coughlan
Ss. Nicholas Welsh & M ??
21 Bapd. Peter of Nichs? & Mary Breen
Ss. Jams Kelly & Mary Donoly
25. Bapd. Jno. of Patt & Eliza Clooney
Ss. Jno. Furlong & Pegy Meyler

October 1808
6. Bapd. Margaret of Rich. & Pegy Furlong Crose             (Probably townland of Croase in CP of Ballyconnick)
Ss. Jno.Welsh & Judy Bayne (Boyne?)
12 A certificate to Jams. Cleary Gib?      (possibly townlands of Gibberwell  or Gibberpatrick in CP of Duncormick)
Antd. ..? Rositer Wadd.?                                      (probably townland of Waddingstown in CP of Ballyconnick)
Widow Molloy Christn.
Do. Eliz Furlong Ambrosetown ?                       (townland of Ambrosetown in CP of Ambrosetown)
Settled Octobr. 22nd 1808 £4.5.10
26 Bapd. Bridget of Joe and Keaty Purcell
Ss. Wm. Furlong & Marian Purcell
30. Bapd. Jno. of Philip and Joney Brown
Ss. Peter Rositer & Keaty Sleater

November 1808
Offerings on ye Altar Nov. 1 & 2nd 0.11
Anted. Jams Megray? Scarr                        (probably townland  of Scar in CP of Duncormick)
Anted. The woman on ye mountain
Novem.? 11. Bapd. Jno. of Jas. & Bidy Fergus?
Ss. Revd. Jas. Dake & Pegy Welsh
20 Bapd. Mary of Mick & Mary Batterton
Ss. Jams. Rositer & Mary White
Nov 20th. Married Patt Fortune & Margaret Radford
Testrs. Ned Fortune & Jno. Sparrow

December 1808
offerings at Cleriestown                   (townland of Cleristown in CP of Kilmannan)
Anted. Ye widow Money ?
Dec. 11 Bapd. Mary of Jams. & Caty Cody
Ss. Rvd. Jas. Dake & Pegy Barry
Do. 12 Bapd. Ann of Walter and Ann Warren
Ss. Wm. Hawkins & Ann Barriton?
22. Bapd. Mary of Jas. & Bridget Stafford
Ss. Jas. French?? & Judy Coughlin

January 1809
1st Anted. Judy Quin?
2 do. Bapd. Ann of Jno. & Ginny? Murphy Bridewell?     (probably townland of Brideswell in CP of Mulrankin)
Ss. Jno. Cousins & Mary Harper
In all to ye 5th January 1809 £2.8.6?
14 Bapd. Anastatia of Patt & Ann Leary
S. Patt Furlong & Mary Stafford
Anted. Martin White’s daughter
do…… Ths? Cooper’s Daughter

20 Bapd. Anstase? of Jas & Mary Doyle
Ss. Bob Sheridan and Elinor Cousins
22 Antd. Martin Conock’s ?? wife Gurtins          (probably townland of Gortins in CP of Kilmannan)
26 Antd. Thos. Whitty’s son Mountain???            (probably townland of Mountain gate in CP of Kilmannan)
29 Married Jno. Sinnott & Mary Ennis
Sponsrs. Jno.Molloy & Jno. Ennis
Do. Bapd. Jno. of Jams. Pig (Peg?) Lamport
Ss. Wm. Lamport & Elinor Cousins
Do. Certificate to Walter Whitty
30 offerings on ye altar Rogs??

February 1809
3rd. Bapd. Stephen of Mick and Mary Ronan?
Ss. Jno. Rashford & Anty Redmond?
5 Bapd. Jno. of Jams. & Ann Brown
Ss. Jno. Jurden & Judy Rositer
5. Bapd. Mary of Jno. & Betty Harper
Ss. Jno. Furlong & Peg Colfer
12 Married James Power & Kity Fortune
Tesrs. James Fortune & Walter Furlong
13 Married Ned Molloy & Anty Redmond
Testrs. Jno. Redmond & Wm. Radford
Fees got from Ned Molloy …. Jams Welsh
14 Married Jno. Murphy and Chathrina Whitty
Tesrs. Jno. Dake & James Whitty.
19 Bapd. Margaret of Jams. & Ann Coughlin
Ss. Jams Coughlin & Elin Corish
20 Bapd. Judith of Frank & Mary Furlong
Ss. Jams Furlong & Betty Rogers
A certificate to Jams. Lynch
In all to ye. 22 Feb. £10.7.11
offerings on ye altar 5.11
Paid by Jams Lynch for ye certificate

March 1809
Bapd. Jams ?? of Rick?Nick…. & Ann Whitty ….
Ss. Jno. Rashford …Molloy.
…Bapd. Peter of Thos. & Bidy Gough
Ss. Patt Furlong & Ann Do.
4 Inst. Bapd. Eliza of Jno. & Mary Cox
Ss. Thos Murphy & Ally Do.
In all ye 4th March 1809 £11.1.3
Dewes from Michl. Whitty Nashri??          (probably townland of Nicharee in CP of Duncormick)
few lines re payments /accounts

March 9th 1809 Bapd. W…..and Mary Lamport
Ss. Nichs? Harper?? & Pegy Magray Sean?
7 do. Anted. Thos Rositer’s Mother?
14? Bapd. Wm. of Patt & Peg Kelly Moun…    (probably townland of Mountain gate in CP of Kilmannan)
Ss. Jno. Edmonds? & Mary Kenidy
18 Bapd. Mary of Edwd. & Elinor Ruffe?
Ss. Walter Cullin & Elinor Revill?
20 Bapd. Jno. of Thos. & Maryan Rositer
Ss. Mark Barry & Mary Rositer Phillip..?      (probably townland of Philippintown in CP of Ballyconnick)
25 & 27 by offerings on ye altar 5.3
28. Anted. Peg Roche Mount!!                 (probably townland of Mountain gate in CP of Kilmannan)
31 Anted. Phill Barnaval
Do. Bapd. Jams of Mogue (spelled Mouge) & Ann Molloy
Ss. Thos. Barry & Ann Basher?

April 1809
Apr. 1st Bapd. Patt of Bryan & Mary Crain Gib..W..     (possibly Gibberwell  in CP of Duncormick)
Ss. Neil and Elizath. Welsh
Do. 2 Bapd. Michl. of Jno. & Ann Murphy
Ss. ..Dake & Mary Corish
offerings at Stephen Barries
7. Bapd. Nell of Pady & Ann Stafford
Ss. Andy? Dunn & Elinor Redmond
9. Bapd. Judith of Paul and Eliza Furlong
Ss. Jams. C…eighti… & Mary Codd?
10 Bapd. Elinn of Jno. & Mary Welsh
Ss. …… & Mary Furlong ??
11. Bapd. Eliza of Stephen and Ann Sinnott
Ss. Jno. Sinnott & Peg Do.
13. Bapd. Michl. of Pat & Cate ?…ey
Ss. Walter Murphy & Mary Furlong
14 Bapd. Ann ….
Offerings on ye altar etc
17 Bapd. Jams. of Patrick & Eliza Larkin
Ss. Jams. Furlong & Pegy Roche
…Pady Doyle & Wife….
………….several lines illegible
…Wm. of Pady & Mary White
Ss. Andy Rositer…..


… lines illegible
17 Bapd. Michl. of Barnet?? and Mary Miler Scar?        (Townland of Scar in CP of Duncormick)
Ss. Richd. Roche & Peg. Parle
21. Bapd. Peter of Patt & Kitty Hays Graschr.?            (Probably townland of Grascur in CP of Kilmannan)
Ss. Peter Rositer & Eliza Hays
22. Bapd. Judith of Jno. and Chatrina Breen Duncor…  (Townland of Duncormick in CP of Duncormick)
Ss. Walter & Peg Cullin
Do. Married Patt Kehoe & Mary Molloy Noristn.           (Townland of Norristown in CP of Kilmannan)
Ss. Patt Doyle & Jno. Radford
24 Do. Antd Mrs? Clooney …town
In all to ye 25 May 1809 £6.2.11
More from Nick Molloy marriage fees
29 Bapd. Joseph of Nichls. & Anastatia Roche
Ss. Jams. Roche & Bidy Furlong

June 1809
7 Bapd. Martin of Jno.and Ann Parle
Ss. Mark Dake & Mrs Mistala?
9 Bapd. Catherine of Luke & Ann Doyle
Ss. Nichls. Whitty & Peg (Pig) Mochaly ?               (this is possibly Mokely, which is found in Wexford)
Jno. Parle answ….
Three weddings…
Settled June 10 1809….
June 13 Bapd. Margarett of Jams. & Mary Molloy
Ss. Patt Wilson & Judy Whitty
Do. 16 Bapd. Margaret of Jno. and Bidy (B..? oy) Ryan
Ss. Jno. Naylor? and Mary Molloy
17. Bapd. Robert of Richd. & Judy Cleary Li…
Ss. Jams. Harper & Elinor Murphy Lar…
21 Bapd. Jno. of Garrett and Mary Furlong Caty..?
Ss. Mouge Martin & (blank)
22 Bapd. Mary of Michael & Mary Keefe
Ss. Peter Mahoney and Keate Keefe
22 Bapd. Mary of Jams & Anstatia Larkin
Ss. Mark Gorman? & Bidy Busher?
25 Bapd. Ann of Jams. & Eliza Hays   Phillip     (probably townland of Philippintown in CP of Ballyconnick)
Ss. Mark Barry & Elinor Rositer Li…
26th Bapd. Matthew of Bill Carroll & wife Li…
Ss. Matt Furlong & Mary Codd
Do. Married Thoms. Culliton & Mary Dayly
Testrs. Jno. Furlong & Martin Culliton
Do. Bapd. Walter of Richd and Peg Bardon
Ss. Jams Harper & Mary Roche
29. Bapd. Thoms. of Ned & Ann English
Ss. Jno. Crane & Ann Furlong …?
Offerings on ye altar etc

July 1809
July 16Th? Bapd. Thoms. of Jno. & Judy White?
Ss. Jams. Harper & Mrs Devereux
17 Bapd. Bidy of Mick and Ann Breen
Ss. Nick Chaile & Peg Siggins
18 For Jams. Synnott Rathangan 2 dead ..
Do Married Jams. Furlong & Catherine Molloy
Tesrs. Jams. O’Neill & Jno. Kavanagh
Do. …….for Derry???
23rd Mary of the Sinnots, Killmanan
Ss. Nick Welsh? & Keaty Murphy
Do. Bap. Caty of Peter and Mary Barnavall
Ss. Jams. Meyler? and Mary O’Conor
27 Married Jno. Naylor & Frances Derry
Tesrs. Jno. Derry & Mother
Brought…makes in all 31 July £7.1.7
30 Bapd. Jno. of Martin & Mary Furlong?
Ss. Mark Barry & Mary Wilson

August 1809
14. Married Bornett (Barnett) Doran & Mary Hinton
Ss. Jams. Fortune & Miley Doran
Do. Bap. Nichs. of Larry? Pender & Judith Do.
Ss. Jno. Hays & Frances Barry
17 Married Mogue Moran & Mary Fitzharris?
Tesrs. Jams Fortune & Wm. Sinnott
Offerings on ye altar etc
In all to 20th August 1809 £10.2.0
27 Bapd. Catherine of Jas. & Mary Fortune
Ss. Wm. Fortune & Peg Do.
27 Bapd. Nichls. of John Butler? & Peg Do.
Ss. James Furlong & Anne Do.
..Bapd. Pegy of Joe and Anty Quin
Ss. Jno. Connor & Elinor Dake

September 1809
1st. Bapd. Cathrine of Watt & Mary Parle
Ss. Revd. Js. Dake & Mary Doyle
Do. Bapd. Jno. of Jas. & Mary Cleary
Ss. Jno. Walsh & Mary White
Brought forward etc…
3rd. Married Jno. Hawkins & Anty Whitty.
Tesrs. Jams. Fortune & Ths. Whitty
In all to ye 4th Sept 1809 £12.8.2
Settled Sept 9th 1809 with Mr Codd
10 Bap. Jno. of Thoms & Hanah Welsh Narriston?      (Townland of Norristown in CP of Kilmannan)
Ss. Mogue Ennis? & Frany? Molloy
Do. Bapd.   Jno. of J. Kid?? & Mary Do.
Ss. Mark Dake & Maryan Donoly
11 Antd. Mary? of the Wetmeadows                      (Wetmeadows in CP of Kilmannan)
12. Bap. Jno. of Jams & Mary Brian     rags?
Ss. Mary Welsh & Jno. Parle
13. Antd. Pegy Fortune & Churchd.? do. mass
22. Bapd. Andw. of Dick Ennis and Elenr. Do.
Ss. Walter Murphy & Ann Nowlan Duncormik                   (Townland of Duncormick in CP of Duncormick)
25 Bapd. Peg of Thos and Cate Murphy Rochesn.            (Townland of Rochestown in CP of Duncormick)
Ss. Dick White & Mary Clooney
Do. Antd. Moll Howlin at Jams Clooney door ?
26. Bapd. William of Ned & Keate Freeman    Mountn.    (townland of Mountain gate in CP of Kilmannan)
Ss. Jno. Edwards & Elinor Redmond

October 1809
October 1st. Bapd. Elinor of Peter & Mary Money
Ss. (blank) & Mary Money
Do. A certificate to Jams Coughlan
4 Bapd. Frances of Jno. Jurden & widow Kavanagh Marry? begotten
Ss. Patt Cullin & Jone Dayley
11. Bapd. Wm. of Robert & Margaret Clooney
Ss. Rev James Dake & Ally Clooney
15 Married Maurice Dolaney and Chatrina Devereux     Wadden..?    (Waddingstown in CP of Ballyconnick)
Tesrs. Nick & Phil Dealy?
16 Bapd. Jams. of Jno. & Margaret Welsh. Cros..         (Probably townland of Croase in CP of Ballyconnick)
Ss. Nick Ennis & Bridget Cogly
19. Do. Married Jasyeh? Kenidy & Anne Ronan
Tesrs. Thos. Clooney & Jno. Ronan
21 A Certificate to Jams? Megray
23rd. Bapd. Jno. of Jno. Cahill & Bidy Beare Dun..?  (possibly townland of Duncormick in CP of Duncormick)
Ss. Martin Sigings and Ally Murphy

November 1809
Nov. 3rd. Bapd. Jno. of Wm. & Mary Roche
Ss. Stephen Kavanaugh & Pegy Barry
Bap. Walter of Jams. & Margaret Whitty
Ss. Patt White & Mary Murphy
9. Antd. Wm Synnott’s wife Heavenst?    (probably townland of Heavenstown in CP of Kilmannan)
12 Married Nichs. Neale & Mary White
Tesrs. Addam Neale & Jams. White
13 Bapd. Margaret of Ths. & Anty Pender Slidg…    (Probably townland of Sleedagh  in CP of Kilmannan)
Ss. Jno.Fortune & Kate Synnott
14 Bapd. Edwd. of Nichs. & Mary Redmond Gibr.   (?  Gibberwell  or Gibberpatrick in CP of Duncormick)
Ss. Richs & Bess Welsh Gibr.                                   (?Gibberwell  or Gibberpatrick in CP of Duncormick)
15 Bapd. Mary of Jno. Martin & Kate Lamport Gurtins        (townland of Gortins in CP of Kilmannan)
Ss. John Lamport & Pegg Murphy
17 Bapd. Pegg of Andy & Mary French
Ss. Jno. Meylor and Mary Gorman
Brought forward Rogs?
Antd. Mon Furlong’s little boy Killagg
Do. Bapd. Jno. of Ths. & Judith Parle    Rogs?
Ss. Jno. Sinnott & Mary Murphy
19. Bapd. Peter & Joney of Jams & Ann Furlong
Ss. James Furlong & Ann Pender
21. Bapd. Matt of Jams & Mary White Russel?
Ss. Jno. Fur? & Pegy Newport or Anne Molloy
Do. Bapd. Wm. & Peg of Wm. & Judy Newport
Ss. Nichs. Newport & Peg Do.
23. Married Patt Hays & Mary Harper
Tesrs. Jno. & Nick Harper
Offerings on ye altar etc
28 Bapd. Mary of Jno. and Mary Sinnott
Ss. Mogue?? Ennis & Peg Molloy
Do Married Patt Kelly & Mary Boyle?
Tesrs. Jno. Kelly & Jams.  Coughlan
30. Bapd. Philip of Jno. & Frances Meyler
Ss. Margaret ???
Accounts …

December 1809
3rd. Antd. Tom Parles Girl
Do. Antd. Ths. Busher? Wife   Ni…chny
6th offerings..
Illegible lines
Bapd. Jno. of Mr & M…. ?allon B.Stone
10. Bapd. Eliza of Ths. & Mary Codd Teela..
Ss. Ned Codd & Ann do.
Lines illegible
29 Antd. Anastatia Whitty
Bapd. Jams. Jurden …William
Ss. Thos. … … Doyle?
30. Antd. Nick wife

January 1810
1st. Bapd. William of Jno. & Mary Joyce …
Ss. Nichs? Joyce & Margaret Murphy
2nd. Bapd. Catherine of Mon & Mary White
Ss. Revd, James Dake & Mary Wilson
Ant. Martin Furlong Begrow
Do. Antd. Mrs? Ned Keefe
7 Bapd. Francis of Jams. & Mary Doyle
Ss. J. Furlong & Mary Clooney
9 Bapd. Richd. of Mick & Mary Pender
Ss. Patt Pender & Peggy Barry
12 Bapd. John of Joe? & Elinor Butler
Ss. Patt Rositer & Mary Codd
Do. Antd. Paddy Furlong’s son Blackst…  (probably townland of Blackstone in CP of Killag)
19 Bapd. Jno. of Nick & Elen.. Newport
Ss. Jno.Welsh & Norry E..mon?
20. A certificate to Mark Roche
29. Bapd. Patt of Jams & Mary Linch
Ss. Thomas Flood? And Nano?….
30. Bapd. Johana of Patt & Mary Furlong
Ss. Nichs & Eliza Furlong

February 1810
3. Bap. Bridget of Michael & Eliza Murphy
Ss. Mark Barry?? & ..?
9. Bapd. John of Dick and Peg? ??
Ss. Jno. Furlong & Bidy Joyce
11 Bapd. P..? of Jno. & …Codd   Mags?
Ss. Patt Doyle & Margaret Byrne
? Married Mogue Da?? & ¿?Cogly
Tesrs. Nichs. Coglan? & ?? Da…?
18. Bapd. Stephen of Pady and Bidy Cogan?
Ss. Jams. Stafford & Judy Brown
21. Bapd. Jams of Ned & Judy Codd
Ss. Tom Busher & Mary Crain
23 Bapd. Thos. of Stephen & Mary Roseta? Maccaly?
Ss. Mick Walsh & Mary Cleary/Cloony?
… line illegible
25. Married Michael Dempsey & Mary Rositer ..intown  (? townland of Robinstown  in CP of Duncormick)
Tesrs. Patt Rositer & Thos. Do.
26. Married Laurence French and Eliza Dake
Tesrs. Thoms. Rourke & Jno. Dake
29 Married Jno. Hays and Keaty O Connor
Tsrs. Nick Dealy & Michl. Devereux
Recd. Roys 20 Febry. 1810 £13.7.0
Offerings on ye altar etc

March 1810
4 March Bapd. Wm. of Jno. and Mary Dunn ..gate
Ss. Mick Fortune & Mary Stafford
8 Bapd. Patt of Jno. & Mary Costigan
Ss. Anthony Walsh & Keate Kavanaugh
offerings….etc 2 lines
10. Bapd. Jno. of Patrick and Anne White Sch…
Ss. Nick & Mary Roche Livetstown ?  (Townland of Levitstown in CP of Duncormick)
In all to 5th March £14.16.0
13. Bapd. Patt of Richd. & Judy Synnott
Ss. Rev. Jams Dake & Mary Furlong
14 Bapd. Peg of Mouge & Peg Furlong
Ss. John Warren & Ally Hood
Antd. Thoms. Cody Redmoor        (Townland of Redmoor  in CP of Killag)
18 Antd. Mrs. Dan Morrisy? Killman.
20 Bapd. Patt of Patrick & Catharina ??
Ss. Nichs. Pender & Elinor Codd
22. Bapd. Judith if Jams. & Maryan Rositer ?
Ss. Patt ..? & …Rositer Phillipitown                 (townland of Philippintown in CP of Ballyconnick)
…. 2 lines illegible…

April 1810
April 1st. Antd. Jno. Lamport
2 Bapd. Patt of Jno. & Mary Coughlan
Ss. Tommy? Walsh & Norry Cahill
9. Bapd. Anne of Jno. & Allie Jurden
Ss. Peter Sinnott & Anne Rositor
Offerings on ye altar etc
1..? Bapd. Jno. of Walter & Peg Cullin
Ss. Rev. James Dake & Ann Dake?
Bapd. Michl. of Nick & Margaret Harper
B..Stone Ss. Mick(Nick?) Furlong & Mrs Harper
16 Jno.Molloy’s offerings on ye altar
20 Bapd. Thoms. of Jno.& Mary Synnott
Ss. Nick White & Catherine do.
From Revd. Jno. C..ain for Patt Furlong
24 Antd. Elenr. ..?
28. Bapd. Mary of Hugh McBride & Mary ..
Ss. ….?…. & Chatrina Harper
2? Bapd. Nicholas of Thoms. & Kate Devereux ?
Ss. Elinor & Jams. Coughlan …gue
29. Bapd. Martin of Matt & Jude Carew?? Rath?        (townland of Rath in CP of Duncormick)
ss. Nichs. Barry & Johanna Stafford
in all…..
April Settled….

May 1810
May 2. Bapd. Mary of Thoms. & Margaret Stafford
Ss. Wm. Coughlan & Chatrina Wilson
4 Bapd. Anne of Nichs. & Eliza Roche mount…    (probably townland of Mountain gate in CP of Kilmannan)
Ss. Jno.Fortune & ..nay Roche
6 Bapd. Anne of Thoms. & Elinor Cullin Rath      (townland of Rath in CP of Duncormick)
Ss. Thoms. Cullin & Judy Sinnott
Offerings on ye altar etc
9. Bapd. Anne of Thoms. & Mary Culleton Wadn.    (? townland of Waddingstown in CP of Ballyconnick)
Ss. Charles Culleton & Ann Hays
13. Bapd. Margaret of Ben & Eliza Radford? Gurtins?        (townland of Gortins in CP of Kilmannan)
Ss. Jno. Dunn & Judith Cullin
Do. Married Wm. Codd & Anne Charty B..llin?
Testr. Peter Barnivall & Jas. Neill
10. Bapd. Elinor of Jams. & Ann Leigh Mount…  (probably townland of Mountain gate in CP of Kilmannan)
Ss. Jno. Mack? & Mary Stafford
20 Married Peter Whitty & Margaret Furlong
Tesrs. Stephen Whitty Jno.Furlong
23 Bapd. Nick of Nick & Judy Hays Waddn.     (probably townland of Waddingstown in CP of Ballyconnick)
Ss. Philip Dayly & Mary Crain ?
24. Bapd. Jams. of Jno. and Mary Boil? Crose       (Probably townland of Croase in CP of Ballyconnick)
Ss. Jams Welsh & Ann Joyce
28. Antd. Bill Magray’s wife Gurtins                        (townland of Gortins in CP of Kilmannan)
offering on ye altar pr? Thos. Parle

June 1810
June 1st. Bapd. Peter of Jno. & Eliza Breen
Ss. Jno. Murphy & Eliza do. Dun…                      (possibly townland of Duncormick in CP of Duncormick)
Do. Bapd. Jno. of Jams. & Chatrina ..allo..? (Schalton?)
Ss. Patt Hures? & Mary Murphy
3rd.. Antd. Jno. Murphy’s wife Kill.. & mass
.. Bapd. Thos. of Patt & Francy? Byrne …
Ss. Nick Harper? & Judy Codd
…Bapd. Bridget of Jams & Mary .?? (Hays…?)
Ss. Nichs. Whitty & Chatrina Barry
21 Bapd. Mary of Jno. & Peg Coughlan  Jonsto..?
Ss. Walter Murphy and Eliza Parle
28? Bapd. Jno. of George & Mary Jeffars
Ss. Mark Rositer & Mary Clooney
Offerings on ye altar etc

July 1810
In all to this 5th of July 1810 £3.19.3
July 5th Antd. Pady? Byrne’s girl
…Bapd. Patt of N..? & Judy ….?
Ss. Mrs Nich..lon & Patt H…
13. Bapd. Catherine of Jams. & Elin Colfer??
Ss. Moge Dayly & Bidy Cogly
15 Bapd. Catherine of Wm. Hutchison and Mary Fortune
Ss. Laurence Fortune & Peg Molloy
22. Antd. .. Stephen Barry
27 Bapd. Michl. of Jno.? & Margaret Hogan
Ss. Jno. Radford & Eliza Molloy
30. Antd. a little boy in Gurtins              (townland of Gortins in CP of Kilmannan)

August 1810
August 9th Married Jno. Maxwell & Mary Pender Bradwater
Tesrs. Walter Pender & Tom Roseter
11 Bapd. Wm. of Jams. O Brien & Johney Do.
Ss. Jams. Kavanaugh & Margaret Sinnot
.. Bapd. Jams. of Tom & Bidy Dunn Gurtins?          (townland of Gortins in CP of Kilmannan)
Ss. Mark Radford & Eliza Welsh
Rev …Codd died Augt. 13 1810
Settled for Rev Patrick Codd £2.4.2..
Bapd. Catherine? of Luke & Mary Furlong Redm…  (Townland of Redmoor in CP of Killag)
Ss. Nichs. Joyce & Mary Corish
19. Married Clem Murphy & Margaret Roche
Tesrs. Peter Roche & Jams. Do.
27. Bapd. Bridget of Mogue and Mary Moran
Ss. Jno. Fortune & Mary Stafford
.. Bapd. …….Stephen Synnott Gra….
31. Bapd. Margarett of …. Furlong …?

September 1810
…Sept 11 1810. Married (Jams?) …Cleary & Mary Do.
Tesrs. Peg Magray ….

…Bapd. Keate of Jno. & Mary Donahoe
Ss. Martin Redmond & Judy Sinnott
14. Bapd. Eliza of James & Mary Cleary
Ss. Jas. ? Cleary & Bidy do.
21 Certificate to Jno. ..let?

…Bapd. Bidy of ? and Judy ?
Ss. Jams. Warren & Bidy Brown

October 1810
4th Bapd. Eliza of Patt? & Mary Meyler   S..dough (? townland of Sleedagh in CP of Kilmannan)
Ss. Jno. Meyler & Bidy Harper
Antd. Patt Cogly
9. do. Married Jams. Furlong & Mary White Inst.
Tesrs. Thoms. & Nichs. White
11 Bap. Peter ? of Peter and Judith Horan ?Moran Killag
Ss. …Moran & Mary …
18. Married ….and Anne Molloy …res
Tesrs Jno.Molloy & Peter Barnwall
..Bapd. J… of Peter and Mary Whitty
Ss. Charston?? Browers & Johana Furlong
28? Chatrina of Jno. & Anty Lamport?
Ss. … & Anty Dunn
… Married Jno. Edwards & Anastatia Don…
Tesrs Daniel Donahue & Patt Brien?
Settled for with Mr Barry £6.9.4 ..

November 1810
..9th 1810 Married Jno. Welsh and Mary …
Tesrs Ned English and Watt Dempsey
12 Antd. Watt Furlong    Nichory? & mass              (Townland of Nicharee in CP of Duncormick)
17 Bapd. Margret of Jams. & Mary Lamport
Ss. Mark Dake & Anty Brown
18. Anted the widow Lamport Gurtins & mass       (probably townland of Gortins in CP of Kilmannan)
24 A certificate to Richd. Doyle
25 Bapd. Patt of peter & Mary Cogly
Ss. …Mary Murphy & (blank)
Do. Married Jno. Kelly & Margaret Larkin
Tesrs. Jams. Kelly & Patt Dake

December 1810
In all to ye 13th Dec 1810 £9.2.7
..December 21 1810
Several illegible lines
Ss. Patt Barry & Peg Codd
..Bapd. …. & Eliza Kehoe …
Michl. Coughlin and Eliza White
..illegible lines
Bapd. Patt of Patt & …Kelly
Ss. James Kelly &….
…John White….

January 1811
..Purcell …Roche??
Antd. Joe … wife
Bapd. Margaret of Jno. & Eliza Donaly
Ss. Mrs War…. (boy & girl???)
Bapd. Laurence of Andw. & Mary French
Ss. Jno.Molloy & Bridget Murphy
Bapd. Margaret of Jno. & Mary Walsh
Ss. Nichs. Sinnott & Mary Dake
24. Bapd. Eliza of Michl. & Mary Redmond
Ss. Nichs. Welsh & Ellen White
Do. Bapd. Margaret of Jno.( ) Mary Harper
Ss. Jno. Harper & Judy Do.
25 Antd. Pady Slater? Norriestown                   (Townland of Norristown in CP of Kilmannan)
…?.. Kelly ….                                       (townland of Philippintown in CP of Ballyconnick)
offerings at Jams. Cleary Edwdstown                 (townland of Edwardstown in CP of Ballyconnick)
offerings Saturday…
..list Pr. Js. Radford
Do…widow Rositer

February 1811
Feb 5th Bapd. Jno. of Nick (&) Mary White Bellroe        ( possibly townland of Bellary in CP of Duncormick)
Ss. Nichs. Handlin ?/ Howlin? and …Kinsala
Apr. 11th Bapd. Edmond of Ned & Catherine Keefe   Rath          (townland of Rath in CP of Duncormick)
Ss. Jams Keefe & Mary Warn
Antd. Peg Bail Little Intn?
19. Bapd. Patt Whitty of Richd. & Anne Do.
Ss. Simon Rashford and Bety Hanton
Do. Bapd. Parr of Jno. Parle & Anne Do.
Ss. Patt Hur.. & Eliza Welsh Commons        (probably townland of Commons in CP of Ambrosetown)
offerings on altar by Meyley Doran
offerings at Jno. Codds’ & Chappel ..
Do. at at Mass days at Mrs Radfords
Do. Bapd. A little girl for Tom Gough ..
Offerings on ye altar in Coughlans
Offerings at Bill Megray?

May 1811
Settled May 4 …
Offerings on ye altar etc
Do. Anted Ann Furlong Mountain..            (probably townland of Mountain gate in CP of Kilmannan)
Offerings on ye altar etc
Bapd. Margaret of Jams. & Ann Lough,,?
Ss. Jno.Stafford & …
Illegible lines
Offerings on ye altar etc
29 Bapd. Catherine of Peter & Mary Ba…
Ss. Nick Ennis and Cathrine Harper
31st Bapd. Jno. of Jams. Bidy Lynch H..ts
Ss. Piry? Cogly & Margaret Flood

June 1811
1811 June 1st . Bapd. Mary of Jack & Keate Codd
Ss. Rd. James Dake & Judith Parle Rogs
Marriage fees from Jno. Molloy Christn.
6 Bapd. Catherine of Jno. Breen? (smudged) and Catherine do.
Ss. Miles Murphy & Mary Breen
10 Bapd. Mary of Jno. & Mary L..ey Wine..                 (possibly  Weneytown in CP of Duncormick)
Ss. Jno. Stafford & Cate Nowlan
17 Bapd. Mary of Wm & Ann Codd   (no Sponsors.)
18 Bapd. Jams. of Jams & Eliza Hays Wadden…     (? townland of Waddingstown in CP of Ballyconnick)
Ss. Rd. J. Dake & Mary Roche
27 Married Jams. Cogly & Keate Doyle
Tesrs. Peter Rositer & Ths. Murphy
Do. Nichs. Barry & Keate Sinnot
Tesrs. Peter Rositer & C. Kelly
Bapd. Philip of Jams. Lamport & wife Mountain     (?  townland of Mountain gate in CP of Kilmannan)
… his wife is Protestant

July 1811.
Bapd. Mary of Patt & Keate ??
Ss. Jno. Codd & Keate Doyle
Bapd. Catherine of Patt & Francy Leary
Ss. Jno. Codd & Mary Leary
The whole…
One barle oats due by Fr. Codd to Widow Welsh £1.15.0
3 pe…Barley by Ths Welsh Nocktown ..                            (probably Knocktown in CP of Duncormick)
Antd. Margaret Nowland Bellory                                        (townland of Bellary in CP of Duncormick)
Bapd. Chatrine of Richd. And Mary Furlong Crose       (Probably townland of Croase in CP of Ballyconnick)
Ss. Jno. Furlong & Mary Boyle?

Aug 1811.

Antd. ….
Illegible lines….
offerings at …
Illegible lines…
29 Bapd. Michl. of Phelim & Catherine O Nale ?   (Possibly O’Neill)
Nick Barry & Jane Do.
30. Bapd. Walter or Jams & Mary Whitty
Ss. Jno. Cleary & Mary Hawkins
Antd. in Little Gurtins an old woman….. Jurden      (townland of Little Gortins in CP of Kilmannan)

September 1811
Sepr. 1st Bapd. Judith of Dick & Marg Doyle
Ss. Arth & Mary Whitty
Bapd. Eliza of Jno. & Mary Fortune Bn..
Ss. Patt Crane & .. Busher …aglagh?
In all to this 11th Sept 1811. £13.5…
Settled and due to M Barry
Sept 29 1811 Married Patrick Sane? & Ann Wilson
Tesrs. Jno. & Laurence Byrne

22. Bapd. Catherine of James Susey Whitty
Ss. Jno. Furlong & Easther Cain
27 Bapd. Norry of Ned & Margaret English
Ss. Pat Megray & Clare Doyle

Oct. 1811
Oct. 1st 1811 Bapd. Mary of Thoms. & Nell Devereux
Ss. Patt & Keate Barry
Oct 5th 1811 Bapd. Patt of Mogue and Keate Walsh
Ss. Jno. Moor and Chatrina Welsh
10. Antd. Chatrina Barry
29. Bapd. Mary of Thoms & Mary Culleton Wadden…   (? townland of Waddingstown in CP of Ballyconnick)
Ss. Jams. Barry & (Margt crossed out)
Offerings on ye altar etc
Antd. Old Barnwell   Blackhill

Nov. 1811
Nov 18th Married Michl. Furlong ( & Elinor Doyle (Chri..stn.)
Tesrs. Nick Whitty Ann Dake
19 Bapd. Thoms. of Wm & Bidy Pedigree Duned…
Ss. Patt Howland & Elinor Harper
Do. Bapd. Jno. of Jno. & Mary Keatain Balr..

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