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Ancestor Network is a collective of Ireland’s most experienced genealogical experts in tracing people of Irish Ancestry. Over the years we have provided flexible, cost effective solutions for individuals, groups and legal professionals who seek personal Irish genealogical services. Our genealogy services can be provided flexibly, to almost any scale, and with the broadest possible range of heritage skills.

    • Ancestor Network is made up of the largest team of experienced, qualified, professional and expert genealogists across the island of Ireland
    • Collectively, our genealogists have over 200 years’ research experience in Ireland and abroad
    • We have provided research and genealogy advice to Trinity College, University of Dublin, the National Library of Ireland, the National Archives of Ireland, the founding family of McGraw-Hill Companies, Dublin City Library and Archive, as well as for individuals across the world.

Contact us for a consultation about our personal, discreet approach to identifying ancestry, discovering family trees, or investigating heirs.

  • Access to Ireland’s greatest team of experienced, qualified, professional and expert genealogists both in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland
  • Quality Proven reports and family trees
  • Competitive Costs
  • Independent and professional analysis of Irish source records
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