Irish Heritage Tree

An Enduring Dedication

The Irish Heritage Tree program promises to commemorate the spirit of your loved one, blessed occasion, family name or proud organization. Envision your tree as part of the pastures and woods of the breathtaking landscape of Ireland, surrounded by wildflowers, by pathways and rivers, near the sanctuaries of foxes, birds, and fish.

Leave a legacy

The Irish Diaspora has spread Irish ethnicity, culture, and customs far and wide. We rejoice in that bond we have with our Irish friends. The Irish Heritage Tree program was our effort to give them an opportunity to plant a native tree, their tree, and share this extraordinary gift with family and friends, be it in memory or in celebration.

To the whole world Ireland is the Emerald Isle, beautiful and green with natural beauty, but in truth, Ireland’s forests were decimated by human activity.

Forest cover was reduced from 80 percent to less than 1 percent – making Ireland the only country in Europe to experience such a dramatic decline.
In terms of tree coverage, among European nations Ireland is in last place.

11 percent compared to a European average of more than 30 percent, Who Knew?

Carbon dioxide levels in Ireland are at a record high.

Measurements from Mace Head in Galway showed that carbon dioxide levels are 50% higher than in the pre-industrial era. Ireland has become “warmer and wetter” due to global climate change.

Around the world climate extremes cause flooding, raging fires, droughts, hurricanes and massive property destruction and death.

The Irish Government is committing to net-zero emissions by 2050 to turn this around, but that’s not enough and not soon enough.

This is a daunting problem affecting everyone. But what can we all do to help?

The Irish Tree Council & the Irish Heritage Tree Program are working together to restore native woodlands with the aim of rewilding and returning the landscape to nature. And you can help.

You can dedicate a tree in a new forest of trees, or 10 trees, or 100 trees.

We planted 2,500 trees in Tipperary and are planning to prepare the ground for another 2,500 in Cork this fall.

Irish Central’s Irish Heritage Tree Program is planting a thousand trees per acre, rebuilding forests in Tipperary and Cork

Each acre of mature trees can capture 2.6 tons of CO2 per year.

Planting these trees is a statement of belonging to that soil and to the ancestors who tilled it.

The Irish Heritage Tree Program is determined to bring these forests back to life for the future generations of Ireland.

If you would like to plant a heritage tree, click here.