Labourers in Shanagolden, Co. Limerick 1808.

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Small Sources 3:  This is a source we found in the course of our family history research. It is a list of 86 labourers working on the Spring-Rice Estate, Mount Trenchard, Limerick (Shanagolden area) on 5 dates from April to July 1808.  The Spring-Rice family held the title Lord Monteagle,  and their Limerick estate was in the barony of Shanid where they held land in the parishes of Kilmoylan, Robertstown and Shanagolden and also in the parishes of Clonagh, Connelloe Lower and Caherconlish and Carrigparson, barony of Clanwilliam.   With such a large estate,  they would have employed many staff, some permanently and others on a seasonal basis.  The list is reported here in the form of lists of workers employed on different dates.  The only specific tasks mentioned are at the end of the list and concern cutting and ‘drawing’  (i.e. hauling) turf,  which was the main household fuel used at the time.     Labourers are among the most difficult people to trace as they will typically not be listed as landholders.   The original account book is in the National Library of Ireland,  Ms. 605.    The image of the record above  was created by Ancestor Network and is reproduced courtesy of the National Library of Ireland.

The names are abbreviated: Jno = John; Michl. = Michael; Wm = William, Mau = Maurice etc. No first name is listed for a few, and some are only indicated as ‘Son’ or ‘daughter’.  Some names are also repeated on the different days. The payment to each person is also included in the original. Further Limerick sources are available in other blogs in this series including:  Flax Growers in Shanagolden 1808;  and Farmers in Castletown 1848/49.  Ancestor Network will offer 1 free hour of research by a professional researcher to  conduct further research on these individuals or obtain copies. Click here and quote ‘Limerick SS3′  in the subject line.  Note also that Flyleaf Press,  the publishing arm of Ancestor Network,  has published a guide to “Tracing Limerick Ancestors” by local historian Margaret Franklin.

April 25th 1808.
Richd. Shaughnessy
Richd. Flanigan
Mau. McMahon  

April 28th 1808
Jno. Shaughnessy
Michl. Trehy
Thos. Lacy
Connor Kinnerk (?)
Patk. Kennelly
Catherine Canty
Garrett Joyce
Madigan & Browne
Timothy Shea
Willm. Dooly
R. McMahon
Michl. Shaughnessy
Thos La??
James Clancy
Catherine Canty
Carthy’s daughter
Murphy’s daughter
Biddy Purtell
Nancy Connor
May 8th
James Clancy
Peggy Lacy
Jno. McMahon Collier?
Jno Sullivan
Michael Dooly
Rogr. Neale
Nancy Flanly
Mary Flanagan
Willm. Gregg
Jno. McMahon, Tion?
Jno. Browne, Loughill (the latter is a townland in the area)
Pat. Greg
May 20th
John McEnnerny

A bibliography of around 6,500 books and articles on approximately 2,500 Irish families.

Mark Gieran
James Si…. ?
Jno. Bradish
Jno. Barrett
James Gregg.
Rchd. Shaughnessy
James Purtell
Peggy Browne
Michael Flanagan’s son
Mary Flanagan
Biddy Barrett
James Clancy
Jno. O’Brien
Jno. Welsh
Jno. Joyce
Jno. Sheehy
Michl. Trehy
James Ward
?? Barrett’s son
Jno. Scanlan
Richd. Flanagan
Patk. Enright

Tracing Your Limerick Ancestors
Tracing Your Limerick Ancestors

Jno. Flanagan
Jno. Sullivan
Thos. Ward and Pat Fl..ney
Michael Moloney
Jno. Joyce
Old (?) Bradish
Simon O’Brien
Michl. Scanlan
Catherine Nolan
Richd. Shaughnessy
Jno. Gregg
Connor Shaughnessy son
Daniel Moor
Biddy Barrett
Welsh & ?? levelling ditches
Timothy Carthy
Michl. Shaughnessy
Jno. McMahon Roger ?
Wm. Tr….? Cutting and Drawing turf
Widow Madigan’s son
Griffin for Striping ground
Jno. Barrett for watching turf
Darby Dooly

July 4th.
Michl. Clancy
Patk. Connor

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