Marriages in Killanerin and Gorey, Wexford 1800-1807

Small Sources No. 31:   This is a list of  144 Catholic marriages from 1800-1807 in the Parish of Kilanerin, Co. Wexford  that have survived in a priest’s notebook found in the Franciscan Library, Killiney, Co.Dublin (Reference Ms.C104 – Marriages).    The Catholic records of Wexford in the early 1800s are particularly poor, mainly due to the destruction of Catholic churches by militia that followed the rebellion of 1798.  This is therefore a useful, though small,  resource.   The probable reason for their being in this library is that,  although a monastic order, the Franciscans were the parish clergy in Wexford until the 1840s.  They therefore maintained the Birth and Marriage records.  For more information on this archive see Kilanerin or Kilinierin is a Catholic parish beside Gorey town in Wexford.  However, it served as the Catholic parish for the town until about 1820.  This was because the Ram family, local landlords, would not permit a Catholic  church in the town itself until the 1840s.  Parish registers for the church in  Gorey (from 1845) and Killanerin (from 1852) are on-line on the National Library of Ireland website.  These much earlier records were accessed and transcribed by James G. Ryan of Ancestor Network during research in the Franciscan Library. They are in a soft-cover notebook kept by several different priests over the period 1800 to 1807.  It should be noted that both baptisms and marriages were usually conducted in the home at this time. The Catholic church did not require attendance at the church for these services until several decades later. The priests would travel around their parish performing various rites and services, and keeping notes on each.  When they returned to the church,  these records were transcribed into the main register.   The names of the priests conducting each marriage is noted in the original records but are not listed for each record here. The priests listed are John Kavanagh, Patrick Stafford, John Synnott, and Nicholas Cooney (the latter in only a very few cases). After July 1801 all but one marriage were conducted by John Synnott.

The spellings of names are unusual and it would appear that some priests were writing each word phonetically (e.g. Jone for Joan; Margret for Margaret; Cathrine for Catherin; Onnor for Honor etc).  Even some common Irish surnames are spelled in an unusual way, e.g. Soulivan and Bork for Sullivan and Burke. It is interesting that unusual spelling is also the case in some records of Rathangan Church in South Wexford also found in the Franciscan Library and reported in a separate blog.    Almost all names are in Latin as are all of the notes and headings in the register  (Mense = month; Testes = witnesses; vidua = widow etc). Some footnotes are included at the end of this blog.  The format of the records below is that the first line is the bride and groom, and the second indicates the sponsors or witnesses (a very small number have no witnesses listed).  For information, we previously published a list of Kilanerin baptisms (1783-1790) from the same archive – see here.  We thank the Franciscan order for access to their records and for permission to publish.

Ancestor Network will offer 1 free hour of research by a professional researcher to conduct further research on these individuals, and/or to obtain copies of the original. Click here and quote ‘Wexford SS31’ in the subject line.  Note also that Flyleaf Press (Ancestor Network’s publishing arm) publish ‘Irish Church Records’,  which is a classical source for information on Roman Catholic church practices.  It is available here and the cover is shown above left.

Fig 1. An extract from the register showing the first two entries below.


7          Dionysius Doyle & Honora Kenny
Terentius & Anastasia Danoly?
8          Michael Kavenagh & Brigida Ouloughan
Michael Kennedy Tadeus Ouloughan
18        Mauritius Molloy & Maria Kelly.  Ex paroc Revd. D Kavenagh   (Footnote 1)
Mattheus & Eleonora Kelly
20        Carolius Leesey & Elizabetha Kinsela
Robertius Grimes & Richardia Byrne
20        Josephus Byrne de Clanmore & Maria Darcy
Andreus Byrne & Thomas Dolan
21        Jacobus Neal & Maria Mernagh
Edwardus Murphy & Thomas Keoghoe
23        Jacobus Rogan & Elizaba. Esmond
Edwardius Rogan & Joannes Moran
23        Mattheus Byrne & Jana Brien cum. Dispensatione in 3o & 3o consanguinitatis  (2)
Jacobus Brien & Patritius Darcy
23        Edwardus Murphy & Maria Laybyrne Dispensatione in 3o & 3o consanguinitatis      (2)
Joannes Smyth & Miletius Kinsela
24        Petrus Keran & Eleonora Allen
Gerardus Darcy & Margarita Carroll
24        Petrus Fitzgerald & Anna Redmond
Miletius Jones & Maria Redmond
24        Michael Mernagh Elizaba. Stafford
Jacobus Mernagh & Sara Stafford
25        Jacobus Murphy ex P. Rev. D Kavenagh &  Catha. Byrne ex eadem
             Anthonius Byrne & Margarita Murphy
Mense Martii
19        Michael Doyle ex P. R. Di. Kavenagh  & Maria Sheehan cum licentia Banniorum & temporis feriati (3)
Edvardus Doyle & Anthonius Sheehan
Mense Aprilis
26        Michael Stokes & Honora Clare  Vidua
Miletius Bushe & Brigida Bourke (Rourke?)
Mense Maii
11        Morganus McLoughlin & Elizaba. Stafford
Joannes Stafford & Tadeus McLoughlin
13        Petrus Kavenagh & Maria Redmond
Miletius & Catharina Penrose
18        Jacobus Dalton & Maria Kenny
Thomas Kinsela & Maria Fannen
23        Michael Hughes & Rosa(?) Archbold
Michl. Hughes & Anna Connell
30        Jacobus Dempsey & Margarita Murphy. Ambo Ex p. Rev di Domi Kavenagh
Robertus & Anna Synnott
Mense Junii
26        Patritius Darcy & Maria Byrne – Vidua Thoma O’Neal (4)
Timotheus Darcy & Brigida Byrne
Mense Julii
26        Bryannus O’Reily & Maria Keoghoe Vidua Thoma O’Neal (4)
Jacobus Clare & Margarita O’Reily
29        Patritius Hall & Honora Hall
Daniel Breen & Eleonora Byrne
Mense Augustii
24        Michael Hall & Maria Hall vidua
Joannes & Brigida Hall
Mense Sepbris
11        Laurentius Lelis & Joanna Quinn
Jacobus Quinn  & Cath. Brien
18        Thos. Kinsela & Eliza. Cartan
Thomas & Maria Sommers
Mense Octobris
4          Jacobus McGrath & Eleonora Byrne
Miletius Jones & Gulielmus Tyndall
9          Jacobus Bourke p. de Rodeross & Catha Toole
Richardus Goodman & Joannes Roache
20        Dionysius Doyle & Sara Kavenagh
Michael & Maria Kavenagh
Mense Novembris
2          Miletius Kelly & Maria Rogan
Bartholomeus Murphy & Gulielmus Murphy
5          Josephus Fibsby & Anna (Hanna?) Magher
Joannes Kavenagh &  Michael Loughlin
25        Richardus Hobbs & Hanna Byrne
Joannes Kavenagh & Michael Fannan
Mense Decembris
26        Patritius Doyle & Brigida Bol…
Jacobus Bolin Anna BolinMense Januarii
12        Thomas Byrne & Anna Murphy
Timotheus Murphy, Andreas Byrne & Catharina Byrne
24        Joannes Carton & Maria Framing??
Joannis Forming?? , Gulielmus Forming & Catharina Byrne
25        Michael Nowlan & Elizabeth Crean
Michael Crean, Gulielmus Esmonde &  Maria Goodwin    (5)
27        Petrus Danlon & Maria Mulconey?
Anna Kinsela & Thomas Dermot?
27        Joannes Kavanagh & Brigida Kavanagh
Margarita & Maria Moore
27        Patritius Doyle & Elizabetha Byrne
Robertus Fanning? And Maria Byrne
28        Joanneus Corby? (Carty?) & Margarita Kavanagh
Andreas Kavanagh & Jacobus Quinn
Mense Februarii 1801
7          Thomas Brien & Maria H….
Adam Jones, Ricardus Mulhall & ..anius Kavanagh
8          Edvardus Doyle & Sisilia Watters
Gulielmus Mullagon, Gulielmus Esmonde & Rosa Redmond
14        Patritius Kavanagh & Brig..  Neil
Jacobus Kavanagh, Patritius Neil & Cathrina Neil
15        Patritius Doyle & Eleonora Bolger
Dionisius Doyle, Andrea Byrne & Maria Goodwin
15        Jacobus Bolan & Maria Synnott
Andrea Synnott, Michael Kelly? & Cathrina Byrne
15        Daniel Kavanagh & Maria Noghter (n?)
Andrea Byrne, Guliemus Redmond & Anna Venery?
17        Michael.(. blot…)  & Elisabeth Mulla…
Andrea Byrne, ..mas Doyle & …Byrne
15        Jacobus Loclin & Maria Kinsala
Jacobus Marks, Ricardus Mulhall  & Anna Stokes?
16        Joannes Mcananim? & Brigida Canavin
Thomas Canavin & Robertus Graham
16        Jocobus Kehoe & Elizabetha Byrne
Petrus Byrne & Ann Kehoe
Extract from Wexford Marriages book 1801. Franciscan Library.
Mense Aprilis 1801
6          Joannus Cannavan & Elionora Mills
Joannes Ca….  Joannes Durm? & Maria Goodwin
6          Joannes Money & Honora Noctor
Allesia ? et Margarita Stafford
Mense Julii
4          Joannes Kennedy & Anna Hobs??
Andrea Byrne, Thoma Doyle & Cathrina Byrne
28        Thomas Prockter & Maria Penston
Josephus Byrne, Patritius Darcy & Elionora Darcy
Mense Augustii
2          Matheus Murphy & F…. Toole
Andrea Byrne, Catharina Byrne & Maria Goodwin
3          Jacobus Bolger & Anna Bolger
Jana Cullen & Maria Cullen
23        Thomas Bolger & Catharina Hobs?
Joannes O’Brien, Cathrina Byrne & Elisabetha Garvey
Mense Octobris
1          Ricardus Byrne & Anna
Joannes Dunn, Michael Brien  & Cathrine Byrne
16        Jacobus McGuire  & Maria?  Reily
Bernardus McGuire, Alicia Conners & Maria Goodwin
19        Laurentius Redmond & Deborah Grifith
Maria Redmond, Maria Noghter
Mense Decembris
16        Patritius Hogan (Hegan?) & Maria Cunniam
Patritius Mernagh & Maria Dempsey
31        Thomas Bee…han? & Anna Breen
William Esmonde & Mary KinselaMense Januarii
8          Petrus Watters & Anna Soulivan
Miles Mullagon & Cathrine Byrne
17        Ricardus McDonnell & Elionora Kelley
Dennis Kinavan & Ann Connel
18        Michael Noulan & Margarita Smith
Pat D’arcy and Elinor D’arcy
24        Luca Ford & Maria Ryan
Mense Februarii 1802
7          Thomas McDonnell & Margarita Harvey?
Mortagh Darcy & Elisabeth Darcy
14        Thoma Treanor & Maria Byrne
Miles Reilly & Anstas Doyle
18        Carolus Kavanagh & Cathrina Kavanagh
Edward Kavanagh, Miles Walsh & Bridget Meaghar
23        Joannes Murphy & Maria Doyle
Joannes  McCall ? Andrea Byrne & Elizabetha Garvey
Mense April 1802
28        Francisius McDonnell & Maria Keegan
Gulielmus Sheehan, Gulielmus Esmonde  & Cathrina Byrne
Mense Maii 1802
31        David Roney & Francisca McDonnell
Mense Junii 1802
7          Laurentius Carol & Maria Kelley
26        Jacobus O’Neil & Jana Bourk
7          Bernardus OReily & Brigida …… alias Ford
Mense Novembris
16        Ludovicius Lannen & Cathrina Ryan
Martinus Lannen Joannes Dempsey, Anna McGee??
21        Joannes Murphy & Dorothea Doyle
Christophorus Redmond, Thomas Kavanagh & Anna McGee
Fig. 2. Extract from the register for 1804 showing all columns. Conjugati = those Married; Testes = Witnesses; Sacerdos = priest.
1804   Dismensis & Armes?…………………………………………………….
April 13    Miletius Byrne & Maria Redmond; per reverendum Nicholaum Coony
Eleonora Forde & Annam McGee
16 April    Patritius Byrne & Annam Leary
Elonora Forde
24 Maii     Jacobus Stafford & Maria Doyle
Patritius Byrne & Patritius F….
15 Junii     Charolus O’Brien & Maria Hickey
Matthius O’Brien & Sara O’Brien
18 Junii     Laurentius Hogan & Maria Carrol
14 Junii     Milesius F….  & Rosa Byrne cum dispensatione
Gulielmus Graham & Edvardius Cavenna
28 Junii     Petrus Bolger & Catherina Crane
Joannes Bolger & Jacobus Bolan
30 Julii      Gerardus Kinsella (?) & Anna Bolan
Patritius McDonnell & ….
12 Aug     Petrus Redmond & Sara Woodbyrn
Gulielmus Woodbyrn & Michael Redmond
12 Aug     Petrus Carr & Brigida Dillon
??? Carrol & Elionora Ford
2 Sept       Jacobus Ennis & Maria Doran
David Moran & Patritius Doyle
2 Sept       Michael Ward & Catharina Doran
Gulielmus Whelan & Joannes Doran
10 Sept     Dionitius Kerivan & Brigida Kinsila
Ricardus Doyle & Elionora Ford
30 Sept     Jacobus Bolan & Anna Killbride
Patritius Killbride & Georgius Graham
9 Oct        Phelim Byrne & Elisabeth Stokes
Michael Stokes, Michael Panroze & Elionora  …?
22 Oct      Gulielmus O’Reily & Elisabetha Hoare
Hugo O’Reily, Antonius Bolger & Elionora Bolger
22 Oct      Daniel Lee & Elisabetha Keoghoe
Rogerius Keoghoe, Patritius Keoghoe & Joanna Synnott
4 Nov       Thoma Wadick & Margarita Lenahen
Thadeus Lenahen & Jacobus Wadick
25 Nov     Joannes Kavanagh & Maria Loghlin
Edvardius McCormick, Edvardius Caulfield & Anna Kain
1 Dec.      Joannes Kavanagh & Cathina O’Neil
Patritius Finn, Jacobus Harper & Cathrina Wadden
8 Jan         Michael Dempsey & Brigida O’Brien
Henricus McParlon & Joanna O’Brien
9 Jan         Ricardus O’Brien Dorothea Carnavan
Josephus Cannavan & Jacobus Giles
Mense Januarii 1805
22             Patritius Synnott & Maria Jones
Andrea McAnally Maria Conners & Cathrina Keary
26             Miletius Esmonde & Sisilia  McDermut
Bernard McDermot, Patritius Esmonde & Maria Esmonde
Mense Februarii 1805
3               Joannes O’Brien & Cathrina Murphy
Joannes Walsh, Patritius Byrne & Anna Esmonde
5               Jacobus Woodbyrne & Rosa Keoghan
Silvester Keoghan, Georgius Woodbyrne & Allisa Mullagon
6               Petrus Byrne & Maria H?igarty
Jacobus Byrne, Bernardus Kavanagh & Cathrina Carey
14             Patritius Ryan & Margarita Golan
Jacobus Wadock, Morganius Cullen & Maria Murray
15             Henricus McParlon & Elisabetha Kavanagh
Michael Kavanagh & Joannes  Mullet?
19             Thomas Kiravan? & Elisabetha Murray
Daniel Kinsela,, Martinus Kinsela & Maria Murray
23             Joannes Sheehan & Cathrina Connelly
Georgius Synnott, Cornelius Connely & Cathrina Carey
25             Jacobus Murphy & Elionora Hughes
Henricus Kirivan & Alicia Jones
25             Patritius Kearon? & Cathrina O’Neil
Martinus Doyle, Darbius O’Neil & Maria Dempsey
25             Edvardus Con..on & Sara McDonnelMense
15 *          Peter Fowler & B… Doyle
Michael Sheehan & Elisabeth Kennedy

Fig 3. Further extract from 1805 register (see 14 February above).
Mense Aprilis
21             Thomas Rossiter & Margaret Horragon
Jacobus Harper & Cathrina Keary
Mense Maii
3               Andrea O’Neil & Maria Woodbyrne
Jacobus Woodbyrne
4               Thomas Forde & Alicia Thumpkin
Joannes Smith & Maria Smith
7               Patritius Farnon & Cathrina Leonard
Hugh Murphy & Cathrina Keary
Mense Junii
3               Patritius Murphy & Maria Doran
Christopherus Young & Maria Fallon
Mense Julii
9               Edwardus Redmond & Maria t..?
Gulielmus Brien??….. Redmond (tatton??)

Mense August 1805
18             Milesius Murphy & Roza Murphy
Thomas Noghter, Elionora Lipsit &  Maria Doyle
26             Henricus Woodbyrne Joanna Farming
Joannes Farming, Georgius Woodbyrne & Cathrina Byrne
Mense Septembris
17             Laurentius Cullen & Maria Loghlen
Michael Farming & Anna Farming
27             Phelix Lucy? & Maria Murphy
Hugo O’Reily, Rogerius Mahon & Elizabeth Reily
Mense Octobris
14             Laurentius Murphy & Cathrina Ryan
Petrus Murphy, Jacobus Whelan & Susanna Synnott
14             Thadeus Loghlen & Emilia Manifold
Jacobus Loghlen, Thomas Loghlen & Susanna Synnott
27             Eugenius Carty, Johanna McNally ?
Jacobus Doyle, Elisabetha Doyle & Elionora D…. ?

Mense Octobris 1805
27             Patritius Kelley & Joanna Doyle
David Moran & Dionysius Finn
28             Richardus Mulhall & Maria Anna Bourk
Thomas Mulhall, Susanna Synnott, & Elisabetha Bolger
1806 …………………………………………………………..
Mense Januarii
7               Jacobus Doyle & Maria McManus
Jacobus McManus & Maria McManus
9               Thadeus Kavanagh & Sarah Meagher
Thoma Kinsila,  Michael Meagher & Maria Kinsela
10             Thomas Byrne & Jana Totty?
Joannes Moran & Martinus Kinsala
14             Jacobus Brien & Hanna Brien
Jacobus Cogly,  Joannus Murray & Susanna Synnott
20             Jacobus Bolan & Elionora Kavanagh
Jacobus Bolan, Jacobus Byrne & Brigida Bolon
20             Edvardus Kearan & Sara Carrol
Marjora Loghlen, Anna Darcy & Joanna Darcy
23             Philipus Meagher & Joanna Bush
Jacobus Bush & Elionora Doyle
26             Gulielmus Delaney & Elisabetha Rossiter
Petrus Caulfield,  Patritius  Toole & Anna Toole
Mense Februarii 1806
6?             Francisius Waydic? & Roza Loghlen
Gerrardus Kinsela,  Jacobus Mernagh &   Anna Kain
12             Michael Keegan & Joanna Synnott
Edvardus Synnott, Jacobus Keegan & Elisabetha Synnott
15             Jacobus Bush & Brigida D’Arcy
Edvardus Graham & Milesius Geegan?
1807 ……………………………………………………..
Mense Februarii
10             Johannes Jones & Maria Cullen
Wm. Golden, Milis Jones, Peter Kavanagh
(1)   Ex paroc Revd. D Kavenagh or ‘from the parish of Reverend D. Kavenagh
(2)  This indicates that the bride and groom were second cousins and had to get dispensation from the priest to marry
(3)   cum licentia Banniorum & temporis feriati    translates as   ‘Licence of banns and seasonal holidays’
(4)  Two different brides are listed as being ‘Vidua’ or widow of Thomo  (Thomas) O’Neal, which is either an extraordinary coincidence of names or a mistake. My guess is the latter
(5)   There is an unusual practice of 3 sponsors or witnesses in these records. Also notable is that certain women are noted multiple times as the third sponsor. One woman appears 7 times.

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