New Wexford Baptism records 1783-1790

Small Sources 20: This is a list of 126 Catholic baptisms that took place in Wexford (probably in the Gorey area) between 1783 and 1790.    The originals are in a priest’s notebook fond in the Franciscan Library, Killiney, Co. Dublin (Ms. C 104 – Baptisms) during research by Ancestor Network.    We thank the Franciscan order for access to their records and for permission to publish.   

The probable reason for the records being in this archive is that,  although the Franciscans are a monastic order, they provided the parish clergy in Wexford county (and therefore maintained the Birth and Marriage records) until the 1840s.  The baptisms are recorded in a soft-cover notebook and in some associated loose pages. Some of the pages are very badly damaged. Examples are shown below and in Figs 1 and 2.  They were transcribed by James G. Ryan of Ancestor Network.    Most of the records from County Wexford parishes are already on-line on the National Library of Ireland website.  The records listed here are additional to these.  Based on the locations cited,  the baptisms below would appear to be mainly from  the Gorey area.  They are almost certainly from the parish of Kilanerin which is beside Gorey.  It  served as the Catholic parish for the town because the Ram family, local landlords, would not permit a Catholic priest or church in Gorey town until the 1840s.  The parish registers of Gorey (from 1845) and Killanerin (from 1852) are on-line on the National Library of Ireland website. However, the baptisms presented below are additional to these records.

From the hand-writing, it is apparent that several different priests compiled these entries. At this period,  marriages and baptisms were usually conducted in the family home.  It was not until 1850 that baptism in the parish church was made compulsory.   The priests would have traveled the parish performing services and making notes of each.  On returning to the church,  these records would be transcribed into the main register.

The format of records  is somewhat unusual  for registers of the time because (a)  the mother’s maiden name is mainly not recorded, whereas it is usual in Catholic registers to state the maiden name of the mother, and (b) the location of the baptism (and logically the home of the child) is provided in almost every record, which is not usually the case.  The format for the records is:

  • Date.  Baptised at (Townland name)  (Child’s name) for (Parents)  Spns. (i.e. Sponsors or Godparent’s names)   For example: 
  • 12 Baptised at Lingnanagh John, for Nicholas and Margret Scallion  Spns. Darby Dunne & Anstas Keegan.  The child’s name is John Scallion. 


The name spellings are as shown (i.e. Margret for Margaret, Cathrine for Catherine, Jone for Joan, Petter for Peter, Arter for Arthur etc).  This poor spelling is also a feature of other records found in this archive.    Marriages from this parish are available in a separate blog (see here) which also gives further details on the background to these records;  and baptism and marriage records from Rathangan parish (in the far south of Wexford) are in a further blog available here.

The images of the document above and below were created by Ancestor Network in the Franciscan Library and are reproduced here through their courtesy. If you need help in following up on anything related to this source, or any other Irish research, you can outline your requirements here and we will let you know what we might be able to do for you. Ancestor Network will also offer 1 free hour of research by a professional researcher to conduct further research on these individuals. We can also obtain images of the original documents. Click here and quote ‘Wexford SS12’ in the subject line.

Note also that Flyleaf Press (Ancestor Network’s publishing arm) publish ‘Irish Church Records‘,  which is a classical source for information on Roman Catholic church practices.  It is available here and the cover is shown on the left.

Jn May 1783

2 Baptised at Aughullen Patrick, for Michael & Anne Fannen,
Spns. Jon. Allen and Jone Murphy

5 Baptised at Monalee Mary, for Petter and Marjory Doyle
Spns. (blank)

6 Baptised at Gorey Allice, for Roger and Margret Mooney
Spns. Dennis Casey and Allice Kinck…logh

7 Baptised at Ballyscartin Hugh for Arter and Margret Byrne
Spns. Fri… Kavanagh & Bridget Brien

12 Baptised at Barrachurra George, for Michael and Cathrine Neil
Spns. Jon. Byrne and Mary Whelan

12 Baptised at Lingnanagh John, for Nicholas and Margret Scallion
Spns. Darby Dunne & Anstas Keegan

16 Baptised at Limbrick John (illegitimate), for Michael Tobin and Jone Doyle
Spns. Michael Synnott and Ester Carrel

Fig 2. Sample extract from the notebook, showing some of the more legible entries

Jn June 1783

14 Baptised at Ballyscarten Edmond, for James & Jone Kavanagh
Spns. Francis Kavanagh, proxy for Patrick Doran, and Mary Kavanagh stood proxy for Mary Leasey

22 Baptised at Potters Lane James, for Edmond and Jone Carnavan
Spns. Patrick Keravan and Bridget Niel

22 Baptised at Gorey Sarah, for John and Margret Keravan
Spns. Thomas Bass & Mary Carnavan

29 Baptised at Clonattan John, for William & Mary Dun
Spns. Thomas Nolan and Deborah Leasey

29 Baptised at Cullenoge John, for Michael and Sarah Cullen
Spns. Matthew Conron and Margret Conners

30 Baptised at Kildermot Joseph, for William and Margret Redmond.
Spns. Dinnis Lawlor and Bridget Redmond

Jn July 1783

1 Baptised at Pallas John, for Garret and Bridget Byrne
Spns. Jno. Bolan and Margret Daulton

3 Baptised at Anagh John, for Dinnis and Margret Doyle
Spns. Rev. John Synnott and Mary Keghoe

11 Baptised at Pallas Anne, for Miles & Dorothy Jones
Spns. Hugh Duffy and Dorothy Farrel

11 Baptised at Pallas James, for Laurence and Elisabeth Jones
Spns. Hugh Duffey and Margret Jones

13 Baptised at Gorey Anne, for John and Anne Flusk ?
Spns. John Kavey? & Mary Mooney

13 Baptised at Killmurrey? Dorothy, for Maurice and Margret Dillon
Spns. John Breen & Elisabeth Smith

21 Baptised at Annagh Mary, for Thomas & Mary Murphy
Spns. Patt Kavorin?? & Judy Carle Patt Stafford

23 Baptised at Rathpierce James, for Harry? and Pol Buck
Spns. John Cavenagh and Pol Cavenagh

23 Baptised at Monaseed Elen?, for Patt and Margret Sheehan
Spns. F…? Breen & Elinor Murphy Patt Stafford

Fig 2. Extract from the notebook showing entry from a different priest (based on the handwriting)

Jn July 1783

25 Baptised at Ballynastraw James, for William & Bridget Bolan
Spns. Brian Kavanagh and Roze Dermot

27 Baptised at Coolcannon James for Garret and Nancy Ford
Spns. Thomas Mullano? And Elisabeth Conners – – – Patt Stafford

Jn August 1783

7 Baptised at Pallas Brien, for Peter Bridget Kavanagh
Spns. Miles Jones and Mary Jones

9 Baptised at Limbrick Sarah Illegitimate for James Soulivan Susana Bright
Spns. Rev. Patrick Stafford and Cathrine Carrell

17 Baptised at Lingnanagh Margret, for William & Elisabeth Hughes
Spns. Laurence Masterson, Margret Scallion & Ar… Cook

Jn September 1783

14 Baptised at Limbrick Jane (Jone?), illegitimate, for John Graham, Anstas Wefer
Spns. Michael Bourk and Cathrine Bolger

Jn September 1783

14 Baptised at Lingnanagh Christopher (illeg.) for Michael Fitzsimons & Mary Kenney
Spns. Thos. Ashpold & Mary Ashpold

14 Baptised at Limbrick Mary for Phelim and Dorothy Toole
Spns. Patrick Kenney & Mary Kenehtogh??

Jn October 1783

6 Baptised at Croghan Anne, for Andrew and Mary Renalds
Spns. Darby Bolan & Cathrine Rogan

12 Baptised at Gorey James, for Dinnis & Elisabeth Casey
Spns. James Kenney & Elisabeth Pierce….?

Jn November 1783

29 Baptised at Limbrick Grace (illegitimate) for Wm Labourtouche? & Mary Byrne
Spns. Petter Waddick and Margret Byrne

Jn December 1783

16 Baptised at Custodium Thomas, for Andrew and Elisabeth Synnott
Spns. John Kinsley and Mary Synnott

24 Baptised at Limbrick Elinor, for William and Barbara Bowlan
Spns. Jno Byrne & (blank)

Jn January 1784

5 Baptised at Pallas Cathrine, Martin and Onnor Bolan;
Spns. Martin Whelan and Anstas Byrne

11 Baptised at Ballytegan Jane, for Jas. and Cathrine Patrick
Spns. Jno Synnott & Bridget Kilty

11 Baptised at Coulnaveigh Dinnis, for William and Mary Doran
Spns. Patrick and Mary Patrick

16 Baptised at Gorey Stephen, for Jno. & Margret Redmond.
Spns. Nicholas Redmond and Mary Kavanagh

19 Baptised at Limbrick Margret (illegitimate) for Miles Brien and Jone Murphy
Spns. Petter Waddick and Margret Doran

20 Baptised at Coulategort Bridget, for Michael and Bridget Mooney
Spns. Thos. Carrel and Sisly? Sherlock

20 Baptised at Lacken Cathrine, for Dinnis and Mary Ryan
Spns. Michael Keaten & Elisabeth Gaven

Jn February 1784

– Baptised at Corecannon? Thos. For Patrick & Mary Jordon
Spns. Jas. Kelley & Margret Loghlin

Jn March 1784

17 Baptised at Gorey Mathias, for Matt and Margret McSweeney
Spns. Roger Meagher & Mary Redmond

27 Baptised at Potters Lane Anne, for Brien & Margret Devlin
Spns. Patrick Darsey and Mary Naughter

Jn May 1784

2 Baptised at Barristown George, for Jas. & Elisabeth Kavanagh
Spns. Jno. Doran & Cathrine Doran

4 Baptised at Rathpierce Petter, for Andrew & Anne Myler
Spns. Jno. Keron and Onner Neary

29 Baptised at Gorey John, for Laurence and Marjory Redmond
Spns. Patrick Brennan & Mary Brennan

Jn June 1784

– Baptised at Anagh Mary, for Miles and Jane Reily
Spns. …. & Mary Neil

– Baptised at Killenerin John, for Partrick and Mary Nowlan
Spns. Rev. Jno Synnott and Elinor Doude

Jn July 1784

4 Baptised at Killkavan Mary for John and Mary Redmond.
Spns. Morgan Darsey and Cathrine Mooney & Elisabeth Smith

9 Baptised at Killenerin Martin for Edmond and Jone? McDermot?
Spns Darby Loghlin & Elinor Do… (Doude?)

Jn August 1784

11 Baptised at Rathpierce Michael for Darby and Mary Kavanagh;
Spns. Nicholas Bolan and Mary Doyle

23 Baptised at Pallas Mary for Gerrard and Allice Byrne
Spns. Patrick Kelley & Mary Kinsela

29 Baptised at Gorey Michael, for Edward and Mary Ka..?
Spns. Jno Savage & Cathrine Kinsela

Jn September 1784

2 Baptised at Gorey Michael for Roger and Anne Meagher.
Spns. Rev Jno. Synnott & Anstas Beaghan

2 Baptised at Gorey John, for Patrick & Bridget McCafrey;
Spns. Jno Ware and Dorothy Ware

Jn October 1784

24 Baptised at Ballinglen Mary for Thimothy and Jone Breen;
Spns Jno Breen and Anna Darsey

25 Baptised Jone Illegitimate for William McDonnel and Anstas Byrne. Spns. Jas. Doyle and Onnor Nolan??

Jn November 1784

1 at Killinerin Hugh, Illegitimate, for James Keravan and Mary Bork;
Spns. Dennis Hannan and Cathrine Murphy.

Baptised at Ballynastraw Mary Anne for William & Bridget Bolan;
Spns. Thos. Malone & Allice Savage

7 Baptised at Gorey Elisabeth, for Stephen & Anne Murphy:
Spns. Matthew Kirivan & Elisabeth Doyle

9 Baptised at Gorey Mary, for Philip and Jane Cullen;
Spns. Michael Murphy and Mary Cullen

10 Baptised at Croghan Onnor, for Andrew and Roze Toole;
Spns. Robert Graham and Jone Rogan

Jn December 1784

22 Baptised at Gorey Elisabeth, for Petter and Cathrine Darsey.
Spns. James Woodrif and Mary Murray (1.8 ½)

23 Baptised at Gorey Bridge John, for Edward and Lucy McParlon;
Spns. Jno. Nowlan and Mary Cullen.

Jn January 1785

14 Baptised at Aughullen James, for William and Mary Byrne
Spns. Andreas Kinsela and Mary Fannen

15 Baptised at Anagh Elisabeth for Loghlin and Mary Pierce;
Spns. Randle Keghoe and Onnor Bush (2:0 ½)

19 Baptised at Killinerin William, for Edward and Mary Loghlin.
Spns. Richard Byrne and Fances? Byrne

23 Baptised at Ballymacarrick Patrick for Patrick and Hanna Crannel
Spns. Edward Crannel and Anne Wadick

28 Baptised at Rathpierce Mary, for Johm and Cathrine Hollond;
Spns Thomas Lenaghan & Anne Leasey ?

Jn February 1785

14 Baptised at Anaah Thos and Martin, twins, for Jno and Bridget Mullagon;
Spns for Thos. Thos Neil and Sarah Hickey; Spns for Martin Jno Hickey and Mary Neil.

24 Baptised at Clonrow Phelix for Martin and Grace Byrne.
Spns Andrew Forde, Patrick Neil and Bridget Loghlin.

Jn March 1785

3 Baptised at Farrahill Sarah, for Patrick and Mary Bolger.
Spns Petter Bolger and Margret Bolger

3 Baptised at Killkavan Elinor, for Petter and Elinor Bolger
Spns. Morgan Cullen and Mary Watters

7 Baptised at Pallas Patrick for Andrew and Mary Kinsela.
Spns. Michael Bearney and Elinor Bolan.

13 Baptised at Rathpierce Anne for William and Anstas Keron.
Spns. Jno. Keron and Mary Doyle

Jn April 1785

3 Baptised at Ballywilliam John for Jno. & Onnor Meagher.
Spns. Rev Patrick Stafford & Grace Byrne

8 Baptised at Gorey Edward, for Edward and Margret Doyle.
Spns. Barnaby Murray and Margret Murray.

Jn August 1785

26 Baptised at Anagh Luke for Jno and Cathrine Keghoe
Spns. Jno. Keghoe and Bridget Keghoe

Jn September 1785

9 Bat at Killinerin Maurice (illegitimate) for Loghlin and Anne Redmond.
Spns WilliamSynnott & Salley? Doyle

18 Baptised at Rathpierce Jone for Jno and Anne Byrne;
Spns Petter Hollond and Cathrine Hollond

19 Baptised at Killinerin Elisabeth Ilegitimate for Morgan Moran, Cathrine Linnen.
Spns. William Synnott & Cathrine Loghlin.

20th baptised at Ballylaghan Cathrine for Gerrard and Mary Byrne;
Spns. Jno Davis and Mary Davis.

Jn October 1785

14 Baptised at Limbrick Martha, for Patrick and Bridget Linnen;
Spns. James Kenney and Margret Keghoe

16 Baptised at Coulteencurrow Cathrine for Jno and Mary Keravan;
Spns. Edward Newingham & Anne Seghan??

16 Baptised at Gorey Dennis, for Patrick and Margret Hobs?
Spns. Jno. Dunn and Susanna Hill and Margret Seghan ?

19 Baptised at Gorey Elisabeth for Edward and Roze Hughes.
Spns. Thos. McParlon and Elinor Sommerton.

25 Baptised at Clonbullogh Andrew; for Jno and Jone Savage;
Spns. Thos. Bourk & Elinor Lennon and Sarah Ferns?

29 Baptised at Knockavota Mary and Dorothy, twins, for Michael and Mary Kinsela.
Spns for both James Bolger and Anne Connors.

Jn November 1785

1st Baptised at Oularth Thomas for Michael and Cathrine Costolors??;
Spns James Primroze and Mary Primroze.

8 Baptised at Gorey James, for Stephen and Dorothy Rock.
Spns. Patrick Redmond and Cathrine Darcey

8 Baptised at Limbrick Michael, for Jno. & Anne Connel;
Spns. Martin Mernagh and Cathrine Connel.

26 Baptised at Kilmurray Timothy and Elisabeth twins, for Maurice and Cathrine Dillon; spns. For Timothy Michael Neary and Sarah Wood(s?); Spns for Elisabeth Laurence? Neary and Mary Wood(s?).

Jn December 1785

6 Baptised at Laraheen James, for Darby and Hanna Kavanagh;
Spns Patrick Nowlan and Bridget Byrne

12 Baptised at Kilmurray Margret for Michael and Roze Doyle;
Spns Owen Smith and Elisabeth Jordon

12 Baptised at Ballinglen Thomas, for Patrick and Jone F…m;
Spns. Richard Frith and Mary Kavanagh

Jn January 1786

1 Baptised at Ballynastraw Margret (illegitimate) for Patrick Linnen and Bridget Keys
Spns. Michael Leary & Bridget Redmond.

19 Baptised at Gorey Mary for Michael and Bridget Brien;
Spns. Jno. Long and Mary Long

Jn June 1786

The 4 baptised at Gorey Barnaby for Laurence and Margret Murray; Spns. David Murray and Mrs? OHay

Baptised at Barry (blank) for William & (blank) Kenney ?

Jn July 1786

11 Baptised at Gorey Bridge (blank) for Patrick & Sarah Byrne

Baptised at Toumkile (blank) for Jno & Anne Kenney

Jn August 1786

4 Baptised at Croghan (blank) for William and (blank) Graham

28 Baptised at Tinnashinna (blank) for James & Mary Murphy

Jn September 1786

18 Baptised at Cullenoge (blank) for Dennis and Marjory? Brien
Spns. Laurence Redmond and Susannah Crean

22 Baptised at Anagh (blank) for Miles and Allice Mullagon.
Spns. Thos Neil and Mary Keghoe

22 Baptised at Anagh (blank) for Patrick and Anne Keghoe. Spns. (blank)

Jn October 1786

7 Baptised at Kildermot Michael for Edward and Cathrine Doorneen,
Spns. Petter Bolger and Anastatia Kain

8 Baptised at Ballyseartin? Patrick for Thimothy and Jone Breen.
Spns. Jno. Naughter and Cathrine Darsey and Jane Spinser

? Baptised at Clonran? Elisabeth for Martin and Grace Byrne.
Spns. Garret Graham & Margret Graham
– Baptised at Anagh for John Synnott

Jn October 1786

13 Baptised at Ballynastraw John for Andrew and Cathrine Byrne,
Spns. John Martin & Elinor Doyle.

26 Baptised at Cullenoge, Ann, Daughter of George Watters and Mary Soulivan,
Sps. Rev Jno Synnott & Sarah Watters

29 Baptised at Corecannon? Patrick, son of James Bone & Alice Doyle,
Sps. David Doyle & Elinor Redmond

30 Baptised at Killinerine Richard illegitimate son James Patrick and Bridget Kinsela.
Sps Jno Newport & Mary Doran

31 Baptised at Tinestina? Michael for Thomas & Jen..? Philips.
Spors. Matthew Kelly & Mary Ford?

Fig 3. An example of a damaged page from the notebook – all of top right of this page is missing so only the first half of top 3 entries is legible.

??? 1790

7 Baptised at Monelee Patt for Michael & Mary Byrne?
Spors. Hue? Lacy and Mary Tutty?

9 Baptised at Kinacane?? William for Martin and Mary Sullivan.
Spors Patt? Kavanagh and Elinor McDaniel?

10 Baptised at Borleigh, Mary for Mogue and Eliza.? Lynch?
Spors. Daniel ..eravy? & Mary ..?

15 Baptised at ..?tran Margret for ..? and Mary Rogan.
Spors. Patt? Kavanagh and Elenor Doyle?

Torn loose page – verso of above- all of top Left of page is missing

11 Baptised at Potters Lane, Martha, daughter of Daniel Neil and (blank)
Spn. Gregory Redmond & Elinor Earl?

11 Baptised at Balilusk Richard for and Briget Ben?
Spons. Edward Kean & Elizabeth Tranery ?

15 Baptised at Anagh Owen? for Peter and Ann Kyriven
Spons. Thomas Neal and Margret Synnott

16 Baptised at Crohen James for Laurence and Mary Dorsy?
Spons. Robert Grimes and ?nny ..?

18 Baptised at Gorey Bridge, Margret Daughter of Walter Furlong & Ann Kavanagh.
Spns. Jno Keys & Jone Brien

18 Baptised at the Ba…. Christopher for Brian and Mary Cor…
Spons Daniel Kinsala and Fanny? Cra..

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