Place-names listed in our Gorey baptism records

Celestine Murphy of Wexford Library has kindly provided an analysis of the place names listed in the Gorey baptisms in our last post.   This confirms that the records are all for the Gorey area.  the analysis below shows the place-name as it occurs in the record;  the modern spelling; and the modern parish in which it is located.  Celestine notes that these records would have been generated in the Parish of Kilanerin,  as this parish served as the centre for the registration of baptisms and marriages in Gorey at the time (1783-1790).  This was because the Ram family, local landlords,   there would not permit an RC priest or church in Gorey until about 1820.    Kilanerin parish was separated from Gorey parish  in 1845.     We are interested to hear if anyone has been able to make a connection to any of these names.

Place spelling in Ms            Modern spelling          Modern RC parish

Anagh/ Annagh/Anaah            Annagh                              Kilanerin

Aughullen                                    Aughullen                         Kilanerin

Balilusk                                        Ballylusk                            Kilanerin

Ballinglen                                     Ballinglin                            Gorey

Some townlands in Kilanerin area from
Some townlands in Kilanerin area from

Ballylaghan                                 Ballyloughan                      Gorey

Ballymacarrick                           poss. Ballinacarrig             Gorey

Ballynastraw                              Ballynestragh                     Gorey

Ballyscartin/Ballyscarten        Ballyscartin                         Gorey

Ballytegan                                  Ballytegan                            Gorey

Ballywilliam                               Ballywilliam                         Gorey

Barrachurra                              Barracurragh                      Kilanerin

Barristown                                Unidentified

Barry                                         Unidentified

Borleigh                                     Borleagh                               Kilanerin

Clonattan                                   Clonatin                               Gorey

Clonbullogh                               Unidentified

Clonran                                      poss. Clonroe                     Kilanerin

Clonrow                                     Clonroe                              Kilanerin

Coolcannon                                poss. Corcanon                 Kilanerin

Corecannon                               Corcanon                           Kilanerin

Coulategort                                Coolintaggart                    Kilanerin

Coulnaveigh                               Coolnaveagh                     Gorey

Coulteencurrow                         Courteencurragh             Gorey

Croghan/ Crohen                       Croghan                            Kilanerin

Cullenoge                                   Cullenoge                           Gorey

Custodium                                 Custodium                        Kilanerin

Farrahill                                     poss. Tarahill                    Gorey

Gorey                                         Gorey                                Gorey

Gorey bridge                             Goreybridge                    Gorey

Kildermot                                   Kildermot                         Gorey

Killenerin/ Killinerin                Killinierin                          Kilanerin

Killkavan                                    Kilcavan                             Gorey

Killmurrey/ Kilmurray           Kilmurry                            Gorey

Kinecane                                    Unidentified

Knockavota                                Knockavota                     Gorey

Lacken                                        Lackan                             Kilanerin

Laraheen                                    Laraheen                         Kilanerin

Limbrick                                     Limerick                          Kilanerin

Lingnanagh                                Linnanagh                        Kilanerin

Monalee/ Monelee                   Monalee                            Kilanerin

Monaseed                                  Monaseed                         Kilanerin

Oularth                                      Oulart (Gy Barony)        Kilanerin

Pallas                                          Pallis                                 Kilanerin

Potters Lane                              poss. in Gorey town       ?Gorey

Rathpierce                                  Rathpierce                      Kilanerin

Tinestina                                     poss. Tinnashinnagh     Gorey

Tinnashinna                               Tinnashinnagh                Gorey

Toumkile                                     poss. Tomcoyle              Kilanerin