Family names in the Glens of Antrim – Brian Turner


This publication explores the historical and social significance of the family names of a distinctive region in the north-east of Ireland – the Glens of Antrim. The area has a strong local identity as well as generally recognised links further afield, particularly with Scotland which is visible from many vantage points. The purpose of this study is to investigate the distribution of the family names of a well-defined area and to relate that to the region’s environment and history. In doing so, a deeper insight will be gained into the origins of the population groups which have formed the present community.



This investigation was particularly inspired by close observation of the surnames of north County Antrim, and the Glens in particular, where Ireland and Highland Scotland have the closest historical and geographical associations, and which today is bordered by country with strong ties to the Scottish lowlands and the influx of people and names from there. These are places where surnames have long had significant local connotations, very often only subconsciously recognised.

This handsomely produced book is lavishly illustrated with numerous surname distribution maps as well as many attractive colour photographs and cartographic material. The author is a recognised authority on the subject of family names and has been studying these in the Glens of Antrim for many years.

General and academic, surnames studies, history of the Glens of Antrim Glens, history of Ulster, history of seventeenth century Ireland, ethnographic studies east Ulster and south west Scotland, history of settlement, family and local history.

Brian Turner was born in Cork City and has lived in Counties Cork, Offaly, Donegal, Antrim and Down. He was the founding Director of Down County Museum in Downpatrick and previously Curator of Local History at the Ulster Museum in Belfast. He has originated and participated in many studies of locality since completing his doctoral thesis on aspects of County Antrim history, and has written widely on Irish local and cultural history, including an interest in relationships with other places, particularly Scotland, Norway and North America. He is currently Honorary President of the Federation for Ulster Local Studies. He lives in Saul, County Down.


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