Researching Presbyterian Ancestor in Ireland – William J. Roulston


The book will be appeal to: genealogists, family and local historians, those researching Presbyterian ancestors, people interested in Irish history, religious history, archival history, and the history of churches.



Millions of people around the world have Presbyterian ancestors from Ireland. The aim of this book is to help those with Irish Presbyterian roots find out more about their forebears. It considers the different strands of Presbyterianism in Ireland and explores the range of records generated by these religious denominations and where this material can be accessed by researchers.

Much attention is focused on the documentation created by individual congregations, though consideration is also given to the records created by the higher courts of Presbyterianism and other bodies, as well as the personal papers of Presbyterian ministers. Whether your ancestors were Covenanters, Seceders or Non-Subscribers, whether they were devout or merely nominal, whether they lived and died in Ireland or departed from these shores, this publication will assist you in understanding more about Presbyterians and Presbyterianism in Ireland.

William Roulston has been Research Director of the Ulster Historical Foundation since 2006. He has written and edited a number of publications on different aspects of Irish and in particular Ulster history. These include: Abercorn: The Hamiltons of Barons Court (2014), Foyle Valley Covenanters (2015), Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors (2nd edition, 2018), and
‘The Insolence of Dissenters’? Religious Controversy in Ballintoy in 1716 (2018).


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