A Guide to Tracing your Tipperary Ancestors


ISBN 978-1-907990-32-8   –  For Publication in  September  2018.

This book is a brand new and comprehensive guide for research on the families of county Tipperary, Ireland.  It sets out the latest records available, where they can be accessed, and how they can be used to best effect in genealogical or family history research. The author is a family and local historian who is a native of the county and fully aware of all of the many sources available.    It is fully indexed and  richly illustrated with maps of the various administrative divisions; and with examples of the types of records available.  It also contains links to a wide range of on-line resources.




It is a quarter century since the first in this series of guide books made its debut….  … The value of this series is that it can add much greater detail to what is on offer on the more local level, county by county.  What is particularly attractive is the inclusion of numerous examples of the various types of documents that await the researcher.  …  As a reviewer I have no hesitation in suggesting to readers that they consider buying the book or books for the areas where their families originated.  The books are sensibly priced and offer many a lead. … the series opens doors for people whose ancestors emigrated from Ireland and whose paper trail is less a challenge now than it seemed a generation or two ago.

Nova Scotia Genealogist XXXII/1



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