Victims and Criminals in Ireland: 1821-1860: a resource for Irish family and local history


ISBN: 978-1-907990-40-3

This e-book lists around 3,000 people (mainly crime victims, but also some criminals) and provides addresses, and some occupations and relationships. It is based on public notices on criminal activity in Ireland in the period 1821-1860. Sources for Irish family research in this period are in short supply. Although the source is unusual, the information provided is a valuable contribution to the archive of Irish genealogy information and may provide a link to records such as newspaper reports, or Prison records which can further broaden the family story. It contains a detailed introduction explaining the background and context of the data provided.




Our new e-Book  contains information on 3,000 persons named in ‘Wanted’ posters or ‘Proclamations’ seeking information on the perpetrators of serious crimes in the period 1821 to 1860 and offering rewards for their capture. An example is a “Proclamation for apprehending the men who violently assaulted Martin Lawless, herdsman to Thomas Tully of Refane,  parish of Kilmean,  barony of Leitrim, Co. Galway, while looking after his master’s sheep”.   They name victims and usually their residences or locations,  and often their occupation or relationships.  A minority name specific criminals.  The ebook is  a rich source of information in a period in which other sources are difficult to find, particularly in Western counties.  A small proportion are Chief Herald notices related to changes of name, or coats of arms. In a review of another title the Irish Genealogical  Society International  said  “When researching, we appropriately concentrate on primary sources such as civil and church records. We are often left hungry for details about individuals and their personal lives — rarely-found nuggets which add colour and dimension to family history”.  This title certainly ticks this box.


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