Video Presentation: Introduction to Irish Genealogy


Video Presentation: Introduction to Irish Genealogy – Dr. James Ryan (55 Mins)



Video Recording: Introduction to Irish Genealogy

This talk is a general introduction to Irish records and how to access and use them. It is illustrated with examples. It includes an outline of the unique iterative divisions used for Irish record organisation. Having set the context, it then describes the content and availability of major comprehensive sources, i.e. Land Records; Censuses; Civil Birth, Marriage & Death records; and Church records, including their on-line access.

It also introduces other forms of record including: Gravestones, Commercial and social Directories, Wills, Newspapers, Deeds, Estate Papers and rentals; and published family and local histories. For each it briefly describes the information contained, its relevance for family history; and their availability. This includes both web and other sources. It also looks at problems caused by variations in family & place names, explain the basis of this variation and provide some guidance on how to overcome them as well as an on-line demonstration of the major free websites.

Dr. James Ryan


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