Rental for John’s Hill, Waterford in 1831-40

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Small Sources No. 7:  These 17 tenants are listed in the ‘Ledger Accounts’ of the Paul Estate.   It also shows the annual rental amount.   John’s Hill is now part of Waterford city but at the time would have been outside the city.  The houses are of very variable sizes as is evident from the rental amounts which vary from £1 to £155.    The original ledger  is in the Paul Estate records in the National Library of Ireland NLI: Ms. 12,985.  The Paul Estate had holdings in several counties, principally Kerry and Carlow but also some holdings in County Waterford.  Further information on the estates of this family can be found on the Landed Estates Database.  Backgound information on landlord-tenant practices in this period can be found in our article on Rentals.

The names are listed as spelled, and with the abbreviations used, e.g. Patk. = Patrick, Edwd. = Edward etc.     Ancestor Network will offer 1 free hour of research by a professional researcher to  conduct further research on these individuals or obtain copies. Click here and quote ‘Waterford SS7’ in the subject line.

Rev W. Kennedy      – £60
R. Watson Esq         – £18.9.2
J. King Esq.              – £4.2.2
Patk Hanly                – £15
W.E. Cummins        – £26
William Walsh         – £40
William Quan          – £15.19.9
Geo. Moran              – £19.3.1
Patrick Conry          – £2.15.5
Phil Hennessy         – £3.10.0
Patk. Daly                – £4.15.0
Edwd. Leake           – £1.5.10
W.R.Fennessy        – £32
Ellen Power           – £4
Thos. Sheppard Esq.   – £155
W. Edwd. Cummins    – £14
Paul Heany                  – £33

waterford John's hill

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