Rental of Kilconnell Barony, Galway 1840-50.

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Small Sources 49: The 150 persons named below were tenants of the Trench estate in the Civil parishes of Ballymacward, Kilconnel, Killaan and Killimordaly in the eastern part of county Galway in the period 1840-50. All were residents of one of 12 townlands: Caraholla, Caramore, Carrane, Carranebeg, Clonba, Cloonecalles, Cloonehinch, Cloonemorres, Creeva, Gortnaboha, Island Carrane, Killane, Killane (Esker), Loughnavague, Monaveen, Moyarwood, Radulane, Springfield and Tullawicky. This rental property was part of a large estate of the Woodlawn branch of the extensive Trench family, who owned land in various parts of Ireland.   A detailed account of this family is here.   The original document is a small ledger in the National Library of Ireland (NLI Ms. 2577).

The rental document contains an alphabetic index (an extract is below)  but the record on each tenant (example further below) shows only the townland and the rent payments made in the period from 1840 to 1850 (variable between tenants).  You can see an article on rentals and their value in Irish family history research here.  Also, an account of the great divide in lifestyles between landlords and their tenants is in our blog entitled ‘Eye-witnesses to our ancestors‘ which summarises the accounts of travellers to Ireland in the period covered by this document.

Note that the period of this ledger included the Great Famine of 1845-47.  The list includes some rare family names, such as Scarry, Finarty (usually spelled Finerty),  Killacky (or Killoughy) and Lancaster  which are particularly associated with the East Galway region.  The more common names associated with the general region include Higgins,  Burke, Glynn, Higgins, Raftery and Mannion.  In a very few cases only the surname is listed, and there is no townland given in others. If you are interested in information on specific families,  our e-book title ‘Sources for Irish Family History 2021  lists 6,500  books and articles on over 2,500  Irish families.  The sources listed contain a wealth of information on the history and genealogy of the listed families. The full details of the book are described in one of our blogs.

Some common abbreviations are used, including Wm. = William; Michl. = Michael; Edwd. = Edward; Margt. = Margaret; Elizth. = Elizabeth; and Robt. = Robt. The images were made by Ancestor Network and reproduced courtesy of the National Library of Ireland.    Another source of Galway records among our blogs is a rental from Kilquain Civil Parish in 1777.

Ancestor Network will offer 1 free hour of research by a professional researcher to conduct further research on these individuals, or on other tenants of the estate. We can also obtain images of the original documents. Click here and quote ‘Galway SS49’ in the subject line. We also publish ‘A Guide to Tracing your Galway Ancestors‘ by local historian Peadar O’Dowd – see cover illustration above.  It is available from here.

Tenant    –    Townland

Anderson, Lowe – Loughnavague
Booth, Thomas – Loughnavague
Bowlan, Michl. – Gortnaboha
Breedane – Caraholla
Bryan, Mary – Killane
Bryan, Thomas – Killane
Burke, Peter – Carrane
Blaney, Roger – Radulane
Cahill, Rody – Radulane
Cahill, Michael – Killane
Cahill, Thos. – Tullawicky
Cannon, Dudley – Killane
Cavanagh, Frank –                            (usually spelled Cavanagh)
Connolly, Thos. – Killane
Connolly, Wm. – Radulane
Conerny, Pat. – Caraholla
Cook’s Jas. Reps. – Caraholla
Coppinger, Walter – Tullawicky
Cormican, John – Caraholla
Cowen, Patk. – Loughnavague
Cummins, Michl. – Radulane
Davern, Michl. – Loughnavague
Dolan    –    Killane
Donohoe, Wm. – Clonba
Donohoe, John – Clonba
Duane, Wm. – Killane
Duane, Wm. – Loughnavague
Dwyer, Edwd. – Tullawicky
Dwyer, John – Killane
Dwyer, Harriet – Killane
Earls, Michl. – Creeva
Earls, (Wm.) James – Creeva
Earls, (Tom) Jas. – Creeva
Earls, Jno. – Creeva
Earls, John & Mother – Caraholla
Earls, Michl. – Loughnavague
Evans, Saml. – Caraholla
Evans, Reps.Frank – Killane
Evans, Saml. – Mt. Evans
Egan, Andrew – Killane
Egan, James – Radullane
Fahey, James – Killane
Finn, Wm. – Caraholla
Finarty, Thos. – Gortnaboha
Finarty, Thos. – Island Carrane
Finarty, Thos. & son Honor –  Island Carrane

Finarty, Thos. – Gortnaboha
Finarty, Thos. – Island Carrane
Finarty, Thos. & son Honor – Island Carrane
Foreman, R.L. (Robert Lowther) –
Glynn, Michael – Caraholla
Glynn, Patrick – Caraholla
Glynn, John – Creeva
Glynn, Mary – Tullawicky
Glynn, Margt. – Caraholla
Griffin, Michl. – Caraholla
Groden, Michl. – Killane
Gunning, James – Caraholla
Hackett, Michael – Tullawicky
Hackett, Thos. – Tullawicky

Extract from the index to the Rental.    Image created by Ancestor Network and reproduced courtesy of National Library of Ireland.

Hall, Ann – Clonba

Lists 6,500 books, journal articles and other material on 2,500 families.

Harrison, Dn.(Dr?)  – Killane
Heally, Margt. – Cloonecalles
Heally, Denis – Clonba               (usually spelled Healy)
Heally, Biddy – Caraholla
Higgins, Catherine  – Radulane
Higgins, Thos. – Killane
Higgins, Connor – Killane
Higgins, Elizth. – Killane
Higgins, Michael – Loughnavague
Hughes, Elizabeth – Loughnavague
Hutchinson, Reps Sir F. – Killane
Hardimans?? Reps – Loughnavague
Keating, Margaret – Caraholla
Keating, James – Caraholla
Kelly (Joe),  Richard – Creeva
Kelly John,  (Carpenter) – Caraholla
Kelly (Jno.) Isaac (do.) – Caraholla
Kelly John & mother – Caraholla
Kelly Honor – Caraholla
Kelly, Isaac – Caraholla
Kelly, Peter – Caramore
Kelly, Margt. – Loughnavague
Kelly, William – Tullawicky
Kenedy, Judith – Clooncalles       (usually spelled Kennedy) 
Killacky, Lawce. – Killane
Kelly, John Junr. – Clonba or Beefield
Kelly, John Joseph & William – –
Lancaster, Thos. & Wm – Gortnaboha
Lastly, John – Tullawicky
Lastly, Frank/Anne – Tullawicky
Laughnan, James – Killane
McCulla, Thos. – Killane (Esker)
McCulla, Thos. – Loughnavague
McCulla, Alexr. – Loughnavague
McCulla, Jno. – Loughnavague
McDonogh, Patk. – Killane
McDonogh, Myles Killane
McDonogh, Wm. – Tullawicky
McDonogh, John – Killane
McDonogh, Thos. – Killane
McGuinis, Chas. – Caraholla
McLoghlin, Patk. –  Caraholla
Mannion, John – Loughnavague
Mannion, Thos. – Caraholla
Martin, Wm. – Caraholla
Mitchell, Patk. – Creeva
Mullen & Partners – Cloonemorres
Murphy, Frank – Cloonecalles
Murphy, Elizth. – Cloonecalles
Mullen, Patrick – Killane
Neil, Patrick – Killane
Noon, Margt. – Loughnavague
Nortin, Michl. – Tullawicky
Nortin, Jas.. – Tullawicky
Nutley, John – Killane (Esker)
Nortin, Lack – Radulane                    (usually spelled Norton) 
Nolan’s Reps. – Radulane
Pratt, (Joseph) – Dispensary House
Pratt, (Joseph) – Springfield
Qinn, Honor – Caraholla              (usually spelled Quinn) 
Qinn, Michl. – Caraholla
Qinn, Frank – Cloonecalles
Qinn, Owen – Cloonecalles
Qinn, Ann – Cloonecalles
Qinn, Patk. – Tullawicky
Qinn, Patk. & Partners
Raftery, Edwd. – Tullawicky
Raftery, Patk. – Tullawicky
Raftery, Patk. – Loughnavague
Russell’s Reps.Robt. – Radulane
Raftery, Patk. – Carranebeg
Raftery, do. – Creeva
Raftery, do. – Tullawicky
Raftery, do. – Monaveen

Rental of the Trench estates in Co. Galway, 1840 - 1851. NLI 2577
An example of the rental details available for each tenant.   Image created by Ancestor Network and reproduced courtesy of National Library of Ireland.

Scarry, Andrew – Caraholla
Scarry, Patk/ Catherine – Caraholla
Seymour, Rev. Jos. – Carrane
Scarry, Peter – Loughnavague
Scarry, Martin/Catherine – Tullawicky
Scarry, Theady – Tullawicky
Shea, Thos./Elizth – Killane
Sullivan, Patk./Catherine – Killane
Silk, John – Loughnavague
Seymour, Doctor – Killane
Trench, Wm. – Cloonehinch
Trench, Wm. – Monaveen
Trench, Jno. – Monaveen
Trench, Jno. – Moyarwood
Wade, Henry – Cloonecalles
Waldron, James – Tullawicky
Woods, Ann – Loughnavague
Ward, Michael – Radulane




We also publish ‘A Guide to Tracing your Galway Ancestors‘ by local historian  Peadar O’Dowd

It is available from here.




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