Schoolchildren in Tarbert, Co. Kerry in 1809

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Small Sources 2:  This is a list of 39 schoolchildren in Tarbert, Co. Kerry in 1809.  The original is in the National Library of Ireland among the Dr. Michael Quane Papers (Ms. 17,935) which are titled  ‘Letters and papers of Commissioners of Education in Ireland relating to Erasmus Smith foundations’.   The document is a single page headed Kerry cover with border ‘A list of the Scholars educating (sic) at the English school founded at Tarbert by the Governors of Erasmus Smith’s Schools. May 1809‘ and is  signed by Aust? Martin,  who may have been the teacher.    The Commissioners of Education in Ireland were established in 1831 for the purpose of  education of the poor in Ireland. They provided  grants to existing schools for the payment of teachers and the provision of equipment and also to provide for the building of new schools, to appoint and pay inspectors and to establish a model school for the training of teachers.  Tarbert was one of the schools they supported.
An unusual name on the list is ‘Fowlone’,  a variant of Folan according to  Further Kerry  sources are available in other blogs in this series including:   Tenants of Earl of Listowel 1755;  Petitioners against eviction 1828; and   Dingle Tenants 1791.
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Mary Kelly
Sarah Fowlone (?)
James Fowlone (?)
Michael Finucane
Ann Finucan
Kerry: List of Pupils at Tarbert Charter school 1809. NLI Ms 17,935 (5).
Extract from the list of Pupils
Catherine Finucane
Elizabeth McCormick
Catherine Ware
Mary Ware
James Supple
John Eggleston
Hannah Nott
Charles Conner
Mary Conner
George Ware
William Dillane
Margaret Dillane
Michl. Dillane
John Dillane
William Murray
John Enright
Edmond Fowlone (?)
John Finucane
Michael Finucane
William Cummins
Pat Cummins
Margaret Cummins
Abigail Murray
A list of Free Boys
Francis Kelly
Thos. Kelly
Willm. King
David Ferguson
Henry McCormick
John Nott
Thos. Nott
Thos. Murray
Charles Murray
Thos. Ware
George Farrel
Signature appears to be Aust (?) Martin
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