Tenants in All Saints & Taughboyne parishes, Donegal 1800.

Small Sources 51.  So on we go for another 50!     The list below contains 223 tenants of the Castle Forward Estate in the civil parishes of All Saints and Taughboyne, Co. Donegal around 1800. The original document is among the Wicklow Papers in the  National Library of Ireland (NLI Ms. 38,561).  It is a simple list of tenants of ‘The Honorable William Forward ‘ within 50  townlands on the estate, and the half-yearly rent paid by each (see extracts above and in Figs 1 and 2 below).  The specific purpose of the document is unclear but a full description of rental documents is in another blog on this site available here.  The modern name of each townland is given in brackets where the spelling in the list is different from the currently accepted form of the name.

The list is divided into three ‘estates’ (Burt, Dunduff and Castle Forward) but all three are generally contiguous. Their location within Donegal is between Letterkenny and Derry.   These records are among the Wicklow papers  because of the marriage of Alice Forward, co-heiress to the estate,  to Ralph Howard, 1st Viscount Wicklow in 1755.  His portrait is above.  The William Forward who owned the estate in 1800 was their son William Howard (1761-1818).  In 1780 he inherited the Forward estate from his mother and took the name William Forward from this time, presumably at the wish of his mother. It was not uncommon for heirs to change their  name to preserve a  name which would otherwise have died out.  However, he resumed the name William Howard in 1815 when he  inherited the Howard estate and became the 3rd Earl of Wicklow.  For a flavour of the great divide in lifestyles between landlords and their tenants, see our blog entitled ‘Eye-witnesses to our ancestors‘ which summarises the accounts of travellers to Ireland in the period covered by this document.

Some common abbreviations are used in the list, including Wm. and Willm. = William; Edwd. = Edward; Robt. = Robt; Alexr. = Alexander; Thos. = Thomas etc.  Note also that a few tenants are listed as ‘Esq.’ meaning Esquire, which was a title of respect for men of higher social rank, e.g. landed gentry above the rank of gentleman.

Fig. 1. A sample extract from the original rentals showing tenants in Ballyhasky and other townlands

The list contains some rare names such as Latta  (including the wonderfully named Mungo Latta);  Clingan; Guttery (a variant of Guthrie); Loghead (a variant of Lougheed); Risk; Leathim, Smiley and McCrab.   Based on the names, the tenants would appear to have been mainly ‘planter’ or so-called Scots-Irish or English families.  This contrasts with the neighbouring Hart estate, whose tenants have predominantly native Donegal names.

If you are interested in information on specific families,  our e-book title ‘Sources for Irish Family History 2021  lists 6,500  books and articles on over 2,500  Irish families.  The sources listed contain a wealth of information in the form of articles and books. The full details are described in one of our blogs.

The images were created by Ancestor Network and are reproduced courtesy of the National Library of Ireland.   Ancestor Network will offer 1 free hour of research by a professional researcher to conduct further research on these individuals, or on other tenants of the estate.

We can also obtain images of the original documents. Click here and quote ‘DonegalSS51’ in the subject line.  We also publish ‘A Guide to Tracing your Donegal Ancestors‘ by local historian Helen Meehan – see cover above.

The tenants are listed below according to the townland in which they have holdings.  Where the townland name is different to the name-form now accepted,  the currently accepted name is provided in brackets.  For example,  the currently accepted spelling for the townland herein called Bowhillon is now Bohullion. The precise location of each townland is available at  but only by using  the current name spelling.

Burt Estate

Bowhillon  (Bohullion)
Wm. Leathim Jun.
Wm. Leathim Sen.
Alexr. McConnell
Robt. McConnell
Revd. Mr. Brooke
John Mothrell
Alexr. Moor
Walter Marshall
John Mothrell
?? Davis
John Mothrel Senr.

Wm. Hamilton
Miss Barry
Thos. Cambell
Alexr. Porter
Edwd. Clingan
Jas. Hamilton

Castle Hill
Alexr. McConnell & Kerr
Chas. Gray

Currowan   (Carrowen)
Wm. Porter
Jno. Porter
David Porter

Richd. Porter
Jas. Wilson – Mill
Jno. Conningham
Richd. Conningham

Carnamady   (Carrownamaddy)
Wm. Ewing
Jas. Dysart
Widow McCorkle
? Porter
Wm. Porter
Jas. Dysart

Thos. Porter
Andrew Leslie
Stephen Porter
Jno. Porter

Andw. McNaught
Mrs. Kinkade
Widow Boner

Wm. Ewing
David Grier
Arthur Dermott
Alexr. Ewing
John Laird

Jno. Mothrell
Wm. Porter

Spinoge       (Speenoge) 
Andw. Porter
Moses Dunn
Widow Barry
Andw. Ferguson
Jno. Thompson

Tolett       (Toulett)
Adam Stuart
Alexr. Moore & Porter
Widow Gillmour
Geo. McAdoe
Josp. Holmes

Dunduff Estate

Killyvany  (possibly Killyverry) 
Moses Huston
Matthew Hamilton
Jno. Divenny ?
Jno. Machan
Hugh Lowrey
Peter Conaghan
James Rogers

Saml. McClelland
Wm Boyle
Jas. McClelland
Jno. Middleton
Jno. Coningham

Drumcarnitt (probably Drumbarnet)
Saml. Crawford
Jno. Smith
Jas. Smith
Wm. Crawford
Chas. Jeas ?
Jno. Patterson
Mr King
Anthony Dougherty
? Nealis & Coyle
Chas. James
James Alexander
Jno. Porter
Geo. Mason

Mountclink    (Monclink)
Chas. Stuart Esq.
Wm Marshall
Chas. Davis
Widow of Ralphoe?

Mundowey   (Mondooey)
James Guttery
Saml. Guttery
Wm. Cambell
Jno. Cambell
Andw. Gray

Minnymore   (Moneymore)
Bryan Duffy
Widow Marshall
Jno. Marshall
Do. for the mill
Robt. Montgomery
Robt. Ramsay
Jas. McGowan
Jas. Cowan
Jno. & Anthony McClane
Anthony Thompson
Jno. Mason
Thos. Moor
D… McGowan
Jas. Hazlett
Chas. Duffy
Wm. & Alexr. Robertson
Wm. Douglass
Mary Smith
Black Jno. Smith
Jno. Crawford

Church Lands
Jno. Gilliland
Mary McAdoe &
Alexr. Latta

Robt. Mitchel & ..
Jas. Marshal

Jas. Conway
Widow Cowan

Wm. Jamison
Abm. & Wm. Latta
Grier & Jno Latta
Abm. & Jas. Latta

Killgort    (Kilgort)
Little Wm. Mitchell
Wm. Mitchell

Jno. McKane
Alexr. & Jas. Cambell
Jas. McAdoe
Jno. McAdoe

Dernakilly  (Dernacally)
Jno. McAdoe
Mungo Latta
Jas. McAdoe Junr.
Jas. McAdoe Senr.

Tyroddy   (Tirroddy)
Wm. & Andw. Gilliland
Jas. Wark ?
Saml. Hamilton

Lustikill  (Listical)
Robt. Risk ?
Saml. Rankin
Alexr. Porter
Saml. Marshal – Mill

Tibber   (Tober?)
Jno. Marshal
Saml. Marshal

Munreagh  (Monreagh)
Wm. McClintock Esq.
Hamilton Patterson
Jas. McAdoe

St. Johnstown
Geo. Rankin
Widow Ralstone

Castleforward Estate

Robt. McCrea
Jno. Loghead
Jas. Crockit
Mrs. Dougall

Corncammon   (probably Corncamble) 
Mrs. Gallagher &
Mrs Calhoun

Jno. Wright
Wm. Mothrel
Robt Alexander

Cloone   (Cloon)
Major Law

Coney Island
Jas. Boyle

Coalmackletrain  (not found – listed as Coalmakltrean in other documents)
Jo… O’Donnell
Robt Blackburn
Jno. McConnick
Patt Duffy
Jas. ,,,on ?

Andrew Downey

Demesne & Borough
James McBride
John Hagan
James Mitchell
John W…?

William Davidson
James Mitchell
Matthew Campbell
William Crockett

David McClelland
James Walker
David Gilliland
Widow Alexander
Moses Hazlett
Moses Jamieson
John Wright
Willm. Colhoun
Joseph Walker
Arthur Connor
John Dobbins
Thos. Wright
John Glen

Alexr. Wilson
John Wilson Junr.
John Wilson & Partners

Gortrice   (probably Gortree)
James Boggs
Moses McAdoe junr.
Widow Roddy
James Cowan
William Glen
William Hamilton

James Smith
Ephraim Auld
John Ke….

Kishends   (Keshends)
Alexr. Wilson
Thos. Lockhart

William Donnaighy ?  (Usually Donaghy)
James Donnaighy
Francis Motherill
William Motherill

Munglass  (Monglass)
William Pinkerton
Alexr. Wilson
Tho. Smiley
Thos. Caldwell

John & Saml. Davidson
William Dougall

Rusky   (Roosky)
John McIlwaine
Willm. Wilson
Thos. Dougall
Widow McCrab
John McCrab Senr.
John Donnaighy?
James Wilson
Mrs. Gallagher
Mary Gallagher

David Risk
James Risk
Robt. Alexander

Tinnyhabbuck  (Tonyhabboc)
Patrick Kerr
Robt. Kerr
James Mitchell

Fig. 2. A further extract from the rental, showing some of the tenants from Bowhillion and Moness.

We also publish ‘Tracing your Donegal Ancestors’ by local historian Helen Meehan.    This book  is available here.

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