Tenants in St. Mary’s Newtownbarry, Wexford 1824

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Small Sources 32:   Below is a list of 18 tenants of the Colclough estate in the townlands of Curraduff  (probably the townland now spelt Coorduff) and Ballycreen (also called Boolycreen or Boolygreen)   in the parish of St Mary’s Newtownbarry, Co. Wexford.      The precise location is complicated by the fact that there are two other townlands called Curraduff in surrounding Civil Parishes. However, given the mention of the townlands of Clonyburn and Ballycreen in the same document, it is probable that it is in the Civil Parish of St. Mary’s Newtownbarry, as the 2 other townlands are also in that parish.     The Colclough family residence was in Tintern in the south of the county, but they held property in many parts of Wexford. The single-page rental document is among the Colclough Papers in the National Library of Ireland, NLI Ms 29,758 (1).  See our article here for a detailed account of rentals and their relevance.   Ancestor Network will offer 1 free hour of research by a professional researcher to conduct further research on these individuals or others in these estate papers. Click here and quote ‘Wexford  SS32’ in the subject line.

Tenant name   (landholding in Acres/roods/perches)

Townland of Curraduff (Coorduff)

Michael Cowman                    (4.2.15)

Patt Flood                                (11.2.0)

Martin Nowlin                         (23.0.0)

Michael Rice                           (2.2.0)

Tho. & W. Little                       (60.0.0)

Pat Osburne                            (6.0.0)

Denis Connor                        (11.1.0)

Lau Tobin                                (1.0.0)

Mathw. Cavanaugh                 (11.0.0)

Walter Nowlan                        (11.0.0)

Tho. & M. Whelan                   (20.0.0)

Philip Tobin                             (12.0.0)

Maurice Tobin                         (37.1.0)

Townland of Ballycreen

W & J Robinson                       (19.0.0)

Owen Connors                         (3.0.0)

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