Small Sources No.50. This is a list of 173 tenants on the Earl of Leitrim’s Manorhamilton estate in the period 1829-36. The original document (NLI Ms. 16,978) is in the National Library of Ireland among the extensive Leitrim Papers, which contain the records of the Clements family (Earls of Leitrim) from 1749 to 1946. Other rentals we have published from this estate include an 1800 rental of Mohill, and also an 1829 rental from Bohey in neighbouring Carrigallen parish. Further information on the estate is in both of these blogs. Also, see our article here for a detailed account of rentals and their relevance.

A map of this Manorhamilton estate is in the National Library and contains the above drawing of the town and castle.  A contemporary account states that “the town consists of one long street of 233 houses, mostly thatched“.  An account of the great divide in lifestyles between landlords and their tenants is in our blog entitled ‘Eye-witnesses to our ancestors‘ which summarises the accounts of travellers to Ireland in the period covered by this document. The rental lists the ‘denomination ’, i.e. the property name first (by townland) and then the tenant(s). The properties are mainly in the Civil Parishes of Cloonclare and Killasnet.   ‘Do.’ (an abbreviation of ditto) means ‘the same’ indicating that the tenant or property is the same as that above. The more commonly used versions of the townland names are indicated in brackets where the stated name is not the standard spelling. Note also that ‘tenement‘ in this context simply means a holding and does not have its modern connotation. The properties noted as tenements are probably within the town of Manorhamilton. An extract from Slater’s 1846 Commercial Directory above shows several of the tenants as proprietors of businesses in the town.  Whereas the above-mentioned Bohey estate rental is mainly ‘planter’ families ( i.e. those who came to Leitrim as settlers from England or Scotland) this rental contains more Gaelic/Norman tenants such as Maley, Carroll, Feely, Cullen, Gaffney and Meehan etc., all of which are relatively common in this region. Information on the occurrence of names can be found in John Grenham’s wonderful website. There are also some interesting rare names including Corscadden, Algeo and Porteus  all of which are only found in Donegal and/or Leitrim;  and Runnian and Isdal which are extremely rare in Ireland.  Among the rare Gaelic/Norman names there is Gallanagh which is mainly found in Donegal.

Ancestor Network will offer 1 free hour of research by a professional genealogist to conduct further research on these individuals or others in these estate papers. Click here and quote ‘Leitrim SS50’ in the subject line.   We also publish ‘A Guide to Tracing your Leitrim Ancestors‘ by Tom Couglan – see above – available here.

Aughamore   (Aghamore)  (CP Killasnet)
Edward Carroll

Farrell Baker’s Reps

Rev. Richard Wynn

Brackrybeg  (Brackary Beg)
Mary Mitchell & Co.
John Mitchell
John Feely
Francis Feely
Cath McGuire & Co.
Michael Cullen
Patrick Cullen
James Myhan            (a variant of Meehan)
Patrick Myhan
John Fox
Patrick Gaffeney
Matthew McGeoy?

Carrick Leitrim  (Carrickleitrim)
Richard Porteus
William Whittaker
Frans. McAuly & Co.

Cornastalk (Cornastauk)
John Rutherford

Clooneen    (CP Killasnet)
Richard Porteus
Isabella Porteus & Co.
Thomas Corscadden     (Scottish – variant of Garscadden)
Robert James
Pat McGinney
Robert Anderson
James Taylor
George Ennis
John Byers Reps.
Roger Connolly
Owen McSharry’s Reps.

Carthrontample (Cartronatemple) (Killasnet CP)
James Abercromby ?
Mr? PP? Gaffney
James Runnian       (French – variant of Runyan)
Daniel Runnian
Owen Runnian

J I Cullen & Co.

L Armstrong & Co. ?
Cormick Ferguson
James Taylor
Patrick Ferguson
Christopher Wilson
Thomas Corscaddon
Thos. Rutherford Reps.
Alexr. Johnston
Christr. Armstrong
Rutledge Wilson
Francis Cunningham

Diffreen   (CP Killasnet)
Robert Cunningham & Co.
Michael Harkin
Patrick Runnian
G & W Spence
J.& O.? Keaveny
Mark Feeley
Charles Park
James Johnston

Patrick Cullen
Jas. & Mary Cullen
Andrew Cullen
Charles Cullen
B. & L. Cullen

Rathmooney (Ramooney) (CP Cloonclare)
John Williamson
Simon Armstrong      (see Directory listing above)

William Whittaker
Mrs. Armstrong (Maurice?)

Simon Armstrong
Wm. Campbell & Co.
Fras. Whittaker & Co.

Willm. Hamilton
Thos. Armstrong’s Reps.
Francis Eardly         (this is a synonym of Early)
Phelim McMerry?
William Trimble

Tullyskirney (Tullysheherny)
Charles Algeo
James Dixon (Nixon?)
John Clark
William Wallace
Charles Irwin
Francis Britton
William Britton
Robt. Armstrong
Thomas Maley
Francis Maley
Thomas Stinson
John Trotter
Jas. & K. Williamson
Jas. Corscaddon & Co.
F. & B. McGeo??
Thos. Corscaddon
W. French’s Reps.
W. Whittaker’s Reps.

Black Rock
James Rutherford

Sentry Rock
Willm. Keany’s Reps.
William Campbell’s Reps
Andrew Graham
James Monson & Co.
George Wilson’s Reps.
Wm. Whittaker’s Reps.
Edward Keaney
Thomas Algeo

James McNulty & Co.
Micham? Buchannon

Black Park
James Peacock’s Reps.

Fir Tree Park
Edward Keaney

Castle Tenement
W. Conyngham
Robert Anderson
James Flynn
Andrew Glass’s Reps.
Pat Lunny’s Reps
Pat McGinney
Charles Mc?inning
John Feeley
Thomas Mitchell
George Ennis
Robert James

O.Donnells tenement
W. Campbell’s Reps

Mss. 16,978 Rentals of Clements estates (Earl of Leitrim) in Mohill and Manorhamilton Co. Leitrim, 1829-36.

Extract from Ms. 16,978 courtesy of National Library of Ireland.

Rea’s tenement
Wm. Keaneys Reps.
John Gallanagh
Thos. Corscadddon     (see Directory listing above)

Algeo’s tenement
John Algeo’s Reps.

Wallace’s Tenements
L. Davies Reps.

Young White’s Tenement
William Gregg
James Taylor
John Whittaker

Old Inn Tenement
Simon Clark

Great Inn Tenement
Thos. Armstrong Reps

Connolly’s Tenement
James Williamson
John Reilly

Eames Tenement
Benj. Eagar

McMasters do. & Park
John Moore

Irwin’s Tenement
Thomas Mealy

A Rutherfords do.     (i.e. Rutherford’s tenement) 
Benj. Eagar
John Irwin
John Algeo & JW?

Hamilton’s tenement
James Johnston

Fawes Tenement
John Ferguson

Griffin do.
Charles Humphrey

Cunninghams do.
James Cunningham

Waste Plot
Oliver Isdal

Boyd’s tenement
James Elliot

Corscaddon’s Tenement
Allen Armstrongs Reps.

McMasters do.
Pat McMaster

Thos. Algeo do.
William Lougheeds Reps

Wallace’s do
William Wallace’s Reps
Robert James

McKeon’s do.
George Wilson
D. & Benj. Egan

Croghin Hill
W. Whittakers Reps.

Monsons tenement
James Trimble
George Monson
Andw. Williamson

Courthouse tenement
Treasurer Co. Leitrim

Tuckmill Holding
John Reilly Junr.
Thos. Corscaddon
James Smith
John Ferguson
Chrisr. Ferguson
Chrisr. Armstrong   (see Directory listing above)
Jas. & Robt. Tate
Thos. Corscaddon
Terence McGrath
Richard Tate
Robt. Hamilton

White’s Park
William Gregg
James Taylor
John Irwin

John McMasters Park
James Williamson

Corscaddon’s Park
John Reilly
John Ferguson

Back Meadow
Johnston Wallace
Chrisr. Armstrong

Mill & Tenements
Simon Armstrong       (see Directory listing above)

Griffin’s Park
Thos. Armstrong Reps.
John Reilly
Thomas Maley


A Guide to Tracing your Leitrim Ancestors, by local genealogist Tom Coughlan is available here.

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