Tenants of Lord Doneraile in Cork and Waterford 1765

Small Sources 60A:  This is a list of 100 tenants of Lord Doneraile on parts of his Cork and Waterford estates in 1765.  More specifically it lists 60 tenants on his estate in the Manor of Doneraile;   and a further 40 in his Kilmeaden estate, barony of Middlethird, Co. Waterford.    These rentals are among the very extensive Doneraile Papers in the National Library of Ireland.  The title Lord Doneraile was held by the St Leger family who owned extensive estates in Munster from  about the year 1630. The title Viscount Doneraile died out in 1767,  a few years after these records were created,  when Hayes St Leger, 4th Viscount,  died with no heir. In the absence of a direct heir,  the property passed to his nephew, St Leger Aldworth.  However, in order to inherit,  he had to take the surname St Leger, and was therefore legally obliged to take the name St Leger St Leger. The vast estate was no doubt a consolation for having to bear a ridiculous name!    The new ‘St Leger’ family owned the gradually diminishing estate until  1959 when the remainder was sold to the Irish Land Commission and the estate papers were sold to the National Library.  A history of the family and estate is here.  The family residence,  Doneraile Court,  has recently been fully restored by the Office of Public Works and is open to the public as a cultural centre and art gallery.  A recent Irish Times article describes the history of the restoration.  We have previously published a blog with some Doneraile estate workers in 1830.

The rental includes all strata of society as indicated by the rents which vary from 5 shillings for a tenement held by the wonderfully-named Keefe O’Keefe to £58.2.6 for the townland of Cloher rented by Charles Butler. (Note that ‘tenement’ in that period simply meant a holding and did not have any of the negative connotations of its current usage).  However,  many of the tenants are major landholders and gentry of the area.  Note that several are listed as ‘Esq.’ meaning Esquire, which was a title of respect for men of higher social rank, e.g. landed gentry above the rank of gentleman. Some of these may well have been ‘middle-men’ who sub-let the rented  properties to smaller tenants.   This practice,  and other rental information, is in our article on rentals here.   The major gentry on the list  include the Creaghs, Gethings and Crones, all of which families are briefly described in an article here. There are also some rare names including Wortheval, Trethervey, Neady and Hornbuckle.  If you are interested in information on specific families,  our e-book title ‘Sources for Irish Family History 2021  lists 6,500  books and articles on over 2,500  Irish families.  The sources listed contain a wealth of information in the form of articles and books. The full details are described in one of a blog.

This part of County Cork was well-populated with big houses and their sporting inhabitants. The ‘Steeplechase’ as a form of horse-racing was invented in 1752 by  Cornelius O’Callaghan and Edmund Blake, in a race cross-country from  Buttevant to Doneraile.

The rental lists the townland location of some holdings.  Where these can be identified as current townlands,  the current name is indicated in brackets and italics.  The Cork properties are mainly in the Civil Parish of Doneraile, while the Waterford properties are in the Civil Parishes of Kilmeaden, Reisk and Drumcannon (all in Barony of Middlethird).

The images of the document above and below were created by Ancestor Network in the National Library of Ireland and are reproduced here through their courtesy. Ancestor Network will offer 1 free hour of research by a professional researcher to conduct further research on these individuals, or on other tenants of this estate. We can also obtain images of the original documents. Click here and quote ‘CorkSS60A’ in the subject line. We also publish ‘Finding your Cork Ancestors‘   (see cover above left) which is available in book or e-book format. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Doneraile Estate Tenants

Atkins, John
Atkins, George
Atkins, George
Atkins, Robert
Bevill, James
Bevill, James
Bevill, William
Butler, William Charles
Carroll, John & William
Clary, John
Connell, John Junr.
Creagh, Michael Esq.
Creagh, Michael Esq.
Creagh, Michael Esq.
Creagh, Michael Esq.
Creagh, Michael Esq.
Creagh, Michael Esq.
Creagh, John Esq.
Creagh, John Esq.
Creagh, John Esq.
Crofts, Christopher
Crofts, George
Crone, Daniel gentm.
Crone, John
Crotty, Edmd. & Owen Riordan
Daly, John, now Elizth. Jones
Daly, John, Junr
Ellis, Nicholas
Francis, Michael
Gething, Richard
Gething, Mrs Mary
Halloran, John
Halloran, Thomas
Johnson, John
Jones, Elizth
Langley, William
Love, John
McDaniel, Jno. now Jno. St Leger Esq.
Nagle, James
Nash, Andrew
Nowlan, Felix now Jno. St Leger Esq.
Nugent, William
O’Keeffe, Keeffe
Peele, Oliver
Phaire, John
Riordan, Owen & Edmd. Crotty
Sayers, Revd. Edward
Sayers, Revd. Edward
Seward, Matthew
Shea, John
Shea, John
Smyth, Henry
St Leger, Aldworth
St Leger, Chichester
St Leger, Jno. Esq.
St Leger, Jno. Esq.
Trethervey, John
Trethervey, John
Watkins, Westrop
Watkins, John

Kilmeaden Estate Tenants

Allen, Samuel now George Allen
Allen, George
Bacchus, Thomas
Bird, George
Bolton, Widow
Chandler, Arch Dacon
Clancy, Pierce
Crone, John
Curtice, Samuel
Dobbin, Andrew & William Merchant
Donohue, James
Dowse, John
Dowse, John
Fitzgerald, Edmond
Gamble, Richard
Hammond, William
Hornbuckle, Thomas
Ivie, Daniel Esq.
Lee, Bolton
Moore, John Esq.
Merchant, William
Neady, Thomas
Power, David and Nichs.
Power, Matthew
Power, Nicholas
Power, Robert & Mathew & James Donohue
Rogers, Benjamin
Rowe, John now Arch Dacon Chandler
Rowe , John now Mr Paul Sherlock
Sankey, Matthew & Wife now Wm. Villars
Sherlock, Paul
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, William
Usher, Beverly Esq.
Villars, William
Worthevall, Arthur Esq.
Worthevall, Arthur Esq.
Worthevall, Arthur Esq.
Worthevall, Christr. now Bolton Lee Esq.

Doneraile Estate Holdings

A tenement & some land
Part of Broogh      (probably Brough)
Part of Rossa        (probably Rossagh)
Tenement & garden
Houses, tenements & gardens
McDaniel’s fields
Cloher            (probably Clogher)
Schargannan Fields    (probably Skaghardgannon)
Carrigeen & Rossabeg
East Rossa
Brick house, garden & plot with fields
Tenement & garden & 2 fields
Part of the Glinn
Fields, house & garden (& Welshes holdings)
Rossaghroe      (Rossaghroe)
Adam Fingers
Part of Turnpike
Tenement & garden
Ballynamona etc
A tenement & Garden
Two tenements & gardens
see John Daly – Part of Turnpike
Byblox       (Byblox)
Kilmakaness      (probably Kilvickanease)
House & garden
Clenor      (Clenor)
Carkerbegg   (Carkerbeg)
House, Garden & Fields
Two fi.. fields.
Knockbrack    (Knockbrack)
Cronacree Tenemts. & Lands
A messuage or tenement
Castlepooke   (Castlepook) 
A house & garden
Ardadam House    (Ardadam)
Smiths Fields
see Jno. McDaniel – House & garden
see Felix Nowlan – tenements
Ballyshane     (Ballyshane) 
Clonbane & some tenements
Old Court       (Oldcourt) 
Ballyellis & Ballyandrew   (still same names)

Kilmeaden Estate Holdings

Reask     (Reisk) 
See Samuel Allen
Upper & Lower Tuckmills
A house in Waterford
see John Rowe – Darrigills   (Darrigal) 
Kildermott    (probably Kildermody)
Carrig Phillip    (Probably Carrickphilip)
Ballyvillon       (Ballyvellon)
part of Ballyduffe    (Ballyduff)
See Robert & Matthew Power
part of Kilmeaden & Ballyduffe  (Ballyduff)
part of Kilmeaden
Cullinagh    (Cullenagh) 
Cooleneguppogue    (probably Coolnagoppoge)
Limekiln park houses and gardens
Gurtaclade    (Gortaclade)
See Worthevall, Christr.- Great Newtown
A house in Waterford
See Andrew Dobbin – part of Ballyduffe
East Killmagemogue    (probably Kilmoyemoge)
Knockaderrymore & Knockaderrybeg
Coole Ratteen    (Coolrattin)
Carrigenure        (probably Carrickanure)
Ballygarron & Shanballymore & Rossrudry
Newcastle & Aidenlone
part of Tramore
Darrigills     (Darrigal) 
Kilmagmogue   (possibly Kilmoyemoge)
Ballyneclohy etc
See John Rowe
Bally Legatt    (Ballylegat)
Kilmeaden & Demesne
See William Sankey
Glanorourish and Mills
Colegadden      (Coolagadden) 
Great Newtown

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