Tenants of the Trant Estate, Dovea, Co. Tipperary: 1815-20

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Small Sources 47: This is a list of 94 tenants on the Trant estate in the area of Dovea in the Civil Parish of Loughmoe West, Co. Tipperary mainly in the period 1815-20.  Some accounts continue into the 1830s.    The rentals for these estates are included in the Trant Papers which are in the National Library of Ireland.  This list is from an index to a rental found among these papers (NLI Ms. 1756).     See our article here for a detailed account of rentals and their relevance.   The index includes the names of all tenants and  the page of the rental which contains their individual account.  Each of these accounts provides basic details on the rent due and the payments made.  It does not always specify the location of the holding.   An example is below, which shows the account of Patrick Cleary and others in ‘part of Killaghra‘.  Holdings by partnerships such as this are not uncommon.  Note the account of Mary Bryan below, which shows that she was paid in guineas (£1 and 1 shilling) Some common abbreviations are used, including  Thos. = Thomas;  Wm. = William;  Michl. = Michael; Edwd. = Edward; Patk = Patrick; Corns. = Cornelius;  and Danl. = Daniel.  The  images are by Ancestor Network and reproduced courtesy of the National Library of Ireland.

The Trant family originally held significant estates in Co. Kerry but moved to a house and extensive estate in Dovea in the Civil Parish of Inch, Co. Tipperary in the mid-18th century.  By the end of the 18th century the family holdings had expanded further and they held land in Tipperary, Kildare, Limerick, Cork and Kerry.  In 1883 the Trant estate in county Tipperary amounted to almost 3,000 acres  in the parishes of Ballycahill, Inch, Loughmoe West and Thurles, barony of Eliogarty.  Further information on the Trant family and their estates is in the Landed Estates Database.   A detailed account of the family in Dovea and Killahara,  and of their relationship with the Fogartys,  who were the Gaelic chieftains in this area is available here.  Dovea house is now owned by a company specialising in cattle breeding.  An account of the great divide in lifestyles between landlords and their tenants is in our blog entitled ‘Eye-witnesses to our ancestors‘ which summarises the accounts of travellers to Ireland in the period covered by this document.

If you are interested in information on the specific families listed,  our e-book title ‘Sources for Irish Family History 2021  lists 6,500  books and articles on over 2,500  Irish families.  These sources contain a wealth of information on the history and genealogy of the listed families. The full details of the book are described in one of our blogs.

We have previously published a list of tenants on the Trant estate in Dingle in 1791.  and also a list of Trant tenants on the same estate in Dovea in 1837 .  Ancestor Network will offer 1 free hour of research by a professional researcher to conduct further research on these individuals, or on the lists of tenants of this estate.  We can also obtain images of the original documents. Click here and quote ‘Tipp SS47’ in the subject line.    We also publish ‘A Guide to Tracing your Tipperary Ancestors‘ by local historian Noreen Higgins-McHugh .

Barry, James
Butler, Theobald
Burke, Michael
Brien, Patk.                               (Patrick) 
Brien Michl in part of Tim Ryan place
Burke, John   Dovea
Brian, Mary    Dairy maid       (appears not to be a tenant; account below only indicates wage payments) 

Account of Mary Brian showing payments due for her job as dairy-maid. On the opposite page (not shown) are the payments made to her over the years. Image created by Ancestor Network and reproduced courtesy of National Library of Ireland.


Cleary, Patk.                     (see illustration below of Cleary/Gleeson shared tenancy account)

Cleary, Corns.                   (Cornelius)
Cleary, Edmd.                  (Edmund)
Cormick, John
Cormick, Widow Thomas
Culla, Robt.
Coragan, Widow                    
Cullow, Thos.
Cary, Jim
Cormick, Michl.             (Michael)
Cormick, John
Carr, John
Culla, John
Cormick, James
Cunningham, Do…
Carty, John
Dickson, Saml.               (Samuel)
Darmody, D…
Delany, William
Doyle, John
Darmody, Philip
Eagan, Patk.                             (usually spelled Egan)
Eagan, Philip now White
Eagan, William Smith
Eagan, William in Lary Mahers place
Eagan, Michael & Michael Peters ?
Eagan, Matthias
Egan, Thomas
Fogarty, Wm.                    (See here for some further information on the Fogarties in this area)
Fogarty, Danl.
Farrell, Michl.                    (Michael)
Fogerty, John                    (note the name is spelled as Fogarty and Fogerty in the rental).
Fogerty, Martin now John
Fogerty, John Wm.
Fogerty Michl.                    (Michael)
Fogerty, Phill
Fogarty, Patrick in Lynch’s place
Fogarty, Patrick Andrew
Fogarty, Philip       Castlequarter
Fogarty, Patrick
Flinn, Thos.
Gleeson, Michl ?
Gleeson, James                    (see illustration below of the Gleeson/Cleary  shared tenancy account)

Gleeson, Widow
Gleeson, William & James.
Gleeson, Larence in Lynch Place
Going, Caleb – Representatives of Cooper Crawford &
Harrington, John
Healy, James
Hayden …. Reps.
Hynes, Lary                              (probably Larry)
Hynes, Thos.
Hannon, T.
Headon, Timothy
Hall, William Taylor
Hayes, Henry
Healy, Thos.                         (Thomas)
Kirkland, John
Lynch, Richd.
Listin, Thos.                         (Thomas)
Lowery, Patrick
Long, Widow
Lalor, William & servants
Meagher, Mary now William Carr         (‘now’ indicates that holding is now occupied by William Carr)
Moloney, John
Meagher, Edmd.
Meagher, Wm.                  (William) 
Meagher, Laurence
Meagher, James Widow
McGrath, Patrick
Maher, Patrick  Dovea
Maher, Michael   Dovea
Mara, Michl.                      (Michael)
Maher, James & William …?
Norton, Philip
Peters, James
Purcel, Edmd.                    (Edmund)
Purcel, Philip
Purcel, Lary
Ryan, Timothy (..  overwritten with)  Michael Brennin?  Part of Tim Ryan
Ryan, Wm.                        (William) 
Ryan, Phill now Thomas
Ryan, Martin
Spain, Widow ..  this to be charged to Patt McGrath
Towhy, Michl.                            (probably a variant of Tuohy) 
Trant, John Esq.

Left page of the account of Patrick Cleary and others, showing the rent payments due. This is a classical example of one of the standard formats of rental account used. Image created by Ancestor Network and reproduced courtesy of National Library of Ireland.

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Guide to Tracing Tipperary Ancestors

– by local historian Noreen Higgins McHugh.

Published in 2018 by Flyleaf Press and available here.






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