Tenants of the Trant Estate in Dingle, Co. Kerry in 1791

Small Sources 27.   This rental of 63 tenants in the Dingle area of County Kerry is extracted from the Trant Papers in the National Library of Ireland collection.   The Trant family were originally from this area of Co. Kerry but moved in the early 1800s to an estate in Dovea, Co. Tipperary (see below). They continued to own land in Kerry until the 1820s. Although rentals might appear to be purely business records,  many contain rich family information.  A full description of rental formats and practices,  and on the useful family information they can provide is in our blog Rentals as a resource for Irish family history.  This Trant list is valuable as there few other sources for this region at this time. The earliest Catholic records in the area are in Kilmalkedar (Ballyferriter) in 1807, while Dingle records do not start until 1825.

Information on the Trant family and their estates is in the Landed Estates Database,  and also in another of our blogs on the Tipperary properties of the family. The tenant names listed below are extracted from several loose-page rentals relating to the Trant Kerry holdings in 1791/92: the NLI references to these items are Ms 31,561 Items 15 and Ms 31,561 Item 16. The Trant family also had holdings in several other counties at this time. The Kerry properties are indicated as then being the property of John Trant, a minor.

Most of the locations mentioned are townlands in civil parishes on the western end of the Dingle Peninsula, i.e. Kilmalkedar, Garfinny, Dingle and Ventry (all in the Barony of Corkaguiny). Others could not be identified with any certainty. The holding sizes are very varied, with rents varying from 10 shillings to 60 pounds.  The names are almost all those associated with Kerry: (Mc) Carthy, Sheehy, Moriarty, Sullivan, Houlihan, Fitzgerald etc.).  They include Sears (also Sayers) which is found only on this peninsula.  It is interesting that several tenants have names that are usually associated with Tipperary (e.g. Gleeson, Fogarty, Dwyer, Slattery).  As the Trant family also had estates in Tipperary,  could there have been some movement of tenants between the two estates of the family?

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The tenants  are listed within the townland in which their holding was located.  Further information on the location of each townland can be obtained at  (but only by using the currently accepted spelling of the townland name as shown below).

Rental to 1 May 1791 – Ms. 31,561 (15)

Ballycunneen      (Now Ballycanneen; Civil Parish of Dingle)
Thos. Rice Esq.

Glynns            (probably Glin North and Glin South;  Civil Parish of Dingle) 
Thos. Rice Esq.
James Moran
Dens. Carthy      (i.e. Denis)
Danl. Carthy      (i.e. Daniel)
Patt Long
Owen Sheehy
Mr M Moriarty

Ballyristeen    (now Ballyrishteen;  Civil parish of Dingle)
Reps. Ms. T Barry

Ballybowler (Civil parish of Garfinny)
Michl. Fienughty    (Usually spelt Fenaghty and anglicised as ‘Fenton’ which is common in Kerry)
Andrew Fienughty
Jno. Moriarty          (i.e. John)
Michl. Moriarty
Owen Moriarty
Danl. Cahill
Widow Sullivan
Simon Huolihan
Patt Sullivan
Cornelius Kenedy

Ballyeightra (Civil parish of Dingle)
Jno. Huolihan          (usually spelt Houlihan)
Willm. Huolihan
Jno. Lacey
Jno. Brian                (spelled Bryan on one list)
Widow Huolihan
Jno. Collins
Darby Slattery           (spelled Derby on one list)
Cornelius Leehy
Jno. Landers

Ballynana (Civil parish of Kilmalkedar)
Robert Sears
Reprs. N. Fitzgerald
John Lovat
Roger Kenedy
Denis Connell

Coumgah (Now Coumgagh; Civil parish of Kilmalkedar)
John Duvane               (usually spelt Devane)
Edmund Lynch

Cahil Connor
Cleary Cormick
Anthony Gleson
Anthony Fogarty
Connor Dwyer

Ullaha (Now Ullagha; Civil parish of Kilmalkedar)
Ignatius Moriarty

Fig 1. Extract from the rental showing tenants of the townlands of Ullaha, Ballybeg etc.


Ballybeg (There are two possible Ballybegs; one in Civil parish of Ventry, and one in Dingle )
Reprs. R Fitzgerald

Rahinane (Now Rahinnane; Civil parish of Ventry)
Ellin Fitzgerald
Daniel Hannifen              (usually spelled Hanafin)
Andrew Huolihan
Darby Scanlon
John Lovat
Andrew Sears
John Hannifen

West Rahinane (Now West Rahinnane; Civil parish of Ventry)
Tim Moriarty

Ballymacdoyle (Civil parish of Dingle)
Mr Forhan
John Sheehy
Tim Dovane

Balleightra (Civil parish of Dingle)
Michael Dovane

Cahirtrant (Now Caheratrant; Civil parish of Ventry)
Thomas Moriarty

Cahirtrant Ballybeg
Michael Scanlon

Rental to 1 May 1972 – Ms. 31,561 (16) 

Farencantillan (Now Farrancantillon; Civil parish of Dingle)
Mary Finn
Darby Cavanah             (usually spelt Kavanagh)
T. Moriarty
Constantine Moriarty
Thomas Greay
Patt Trant
John Keran
Matt Moriarty

Fig 2. Some tenants of Farrancantillon on the Trant estate.


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