Tenants of the Wynne estate in Sligo and Leitrim in 1798

Small Sources No. 75:  This is a list of 435 tenants of the Wynne estate in Sligo and Leitrim in 1798.   The original is among the Wynne Estate papers in the National Library of Ireland (reference NLI Ms. 3311). The family bought the estate, called Hazelwood, in 1722.  At the time of this record in 1798,  the proprietor was Owen Wynne V (1755-1841) who was a member of the British Parliament and an ‘improving landlord’ who invested time and resources in developing his estate,  and improving the farming practices of his tenants.  This was not usual for Irish landlords at the time.  Further information on the Wynne family is available here.

The estate papers detail the personal and business transactions of the Wynne family,  and among these are a series of rentals. Rentals are the records kept for management of  tenants and are variable in  content.  For further information on their format and family history value,  see our detailed blog “Rentals as a resource for Irish family history“.   This particular rental document is an ‘annual’  return defining the rent and arrears for the  period ending 29th Sept 1798.   The list is in a series of columns defining the  ‘denomination’ or property location;  the name of the tenant; and the arrears and rents due.   An extract from a rental  page  is  shown in Fig. 1.

The rental contains separate tenant lists for 4 parts of the Wynne estates.   These are:

County Sligo:   A single list of 336 tenants,  all of which have holdings on land in Sligo county owned by Owen Wynne.  These holdings are very predominantly in the Civil Parishes of Drumcliff,  Calry and St. Johns which are in the North of the county and together surround (and contain)  the town of Sligo.

County Leitrim:  A list of 99 tenants in Leitrim  under three headings, all of which are marked below as ‘(Co. Leitrim)’.  Note that the spelling of townlands in these holdings have not been compared with current spelling formats:

  • 57 tenants in Owen Wynn’s own estate in Leitrim. These are in the townlands of:  Balliglass, Barrack Park, Corglass, Cornagregarny, Dadreen,  Gortenare, Lurganboy, Lugnafaughry, Menafull, Milltown, Mountain Third, Sracreeghan and Twigspark
  • 17 tenants in lands of Owen Wynne ‘held under the See of Kilmore’ which is a Church of Ireland Diocese.  (See ‘Other notes’ below).  These holdings are in the townlands of:  Barrs, Cornea, Cooladonnell, Cartrongibbagh, Derrynehimerky, Drimnargid, Gortnacreeve, Gubnegeer, Kinkellon, Lattoon. Lissarush, Raheelan, Shasmore.
  • 26 tenants in lands of Owen Wynne ‘held under the See of Ardagh and Tuam’ which is a Church of Ireland Diocese. These are in the townlands of: Cloonlogher, Cloonclare, Cloonquin, Gortgarsons, Killinumery, Nure, Pollboy, Rossinver Tythes, Rossfriar, Shanvoss, Shabrick.
Fig. 1. Extract from the rental. Headings are: Denomination / tenants Name / Old Arrear / Half Yr. rental / Receipts thereon / Present arrear.

A few other points on the  list of tenants and properties:


  • The holdings are defined by townland,  or by street if the holding is in Sligo town.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, the properties are  in County Sligo.
  • Where streets are listed, these are in Sligo town.
  • As is usual in older rentals such as this one,  some of the townland names are spelled differently than the currently accepted form.  For the Sligo townlands (only)  the current form is listed in addition to the form used in the original.
  • If no current townland name (or variants of) could be found,  this is indicated as ‘(name or variants not found in townland lists)‘.  Examples include Cloonhibikin and Mymlagh.  These areas may be sub-townlands.  Large townlands, of which there are many in this area, would have informal sub-divisions for practical purposes.  These generally do not appear in formal lists.     If there are no notes after the townland name, the spelling used in the original is  the currently accepted form.


  • No first names are listed for some tenants,  particularly those in towns.  Rentals are made for the convenience of landlords and their agents.  If the tenant is well-known to the agent,  the name detail was not required.
  • SligoThe handwriting is difficult to interpret in many cases,  so this list is offered on a ‘best efforts’ basis.  The author (presumably an agent working for the estate) also uses an unconventional set of abbreviations for first names.  He uses Jn.  (presumably John) and Js. (presumably James) but also uses J. whose meaning is unclear.   Other name abbreviations used, and their probable meaning are:  Abm = Abraham;  Andw. = Andrew;  Arch. = Archibald;  Bw. = Bartholomew: Ch. = Charles;  Domk. = Dominic;  Geo. = George; Gilb. = Gilbert;  Hy. = Henry; Jer. = Jeremiah; Jos. = Joseph;  Laur. = Laurence; Matw. = Matthew;  Michl. or Ml. = Michael;  Rd. = Richard; Robt. = Robert; Rog. = Roger; Thos. = Thomas; Tim. or Timy. = Timothy; Wm. = William.  Although not a name, some are indicated as widows (sometimes Wid.)
  • It is noteworthy that the names are not fully representative of the local population. The most common names in the area of Sligo in which these holdings occur (the Barony of Calry) are: Feeney, Gillen, Gilmartin, Hart and Higgins.  This is based on Griffith Valuation records from the 1840s. All of these are more typically Catholic names,  whereas the tenant names in the rental rather reflect the non-Catholic population, which represented some 10% of the total. It may be that Wynne (as a politician) favoured non-Catholic tenants as they could (under certain conditions) vote, and were more likely to vote for him.
  • Further information on some of the families listed may be included in our publication ‘Sources for Irish Family History 2021‘.  This e-book is a listing or bibliography of 6,500 books, articles and some library sources on 2,500 Irish families. These sources have been collected from local history journals, genealogy magazines, library catalogues and published book lists.


Other notes.

Diocesan Properties:  The legal formalities regarding Wynne’s involvement in the Diocesan properties in Co. Leitrim is not clear.  It would appear that the Wynne estate acted as agent for the dioceses in respect of these properties.

Tenant consortia: A common practice of Irish tenants was to appoint a leader who would act as the nominal holder of a property.  The holding would in practice be divided into several independent farms run by each partner. These are indicated in the rental as ‘and co.’.   In some cases holdings are indicated as a plural of the name e.g.  ‘Fletchers’ etc.  This would suggest a tenancy involving several members of the same family.  In some cases there are only two parties:  e.g.  Burrows and Peacock;  Hennery and Scanlan.

Rectorial Tithes:  Note that the ‘holding ‘ of Warren and Shaw below is ‘Rectorial Tithes‘, and McSharry has the ‘Rossinver Tythes‘.   Tithes are a form of tax payable by all denominations for the upkeep of  the Church of Ireland.  While tithes were generally owned by clergy,   they could also be owned by lay-people.  In this case the Wynne estate is renting their tithes to these persons (so-called ‘tithe-farmers’) who would collect the tithes in anticipation of collecting more than they have paid.

Ancestor Network publish  authoritative research guides for both County Sligo and Leitrim.  You can see further details at:  ‘Tracing your Sligo Ancestors‘  (see above) and  ‘Tracing your Leitrim Ancestors‘ (also above).

Tenant Name /              /Townland or street (Specific location or modern townland spelling)

Abercromby, Js./         /Balliglass (Co. Leitrim)
Abercromby, Js./          /Lurganboy (Co. Leitrim)
Adams, Anth./          /Creggs
Alcock /                      /Quay Street
Alexander, Js. ?/          /Ballincar
Alexander, I./          /Back Lane
Allingham, Jn./          /Caldragh (probably Caltragh)
Allingham, Jn./          /Sracreeghan (Co. Leitrim)
Anderson, Js./          /John’s Lane
Anderson, Js./          /Tully
Anderson, Pat/          /Drum
Anderson, Rd./          /Tully
Anderson, Rt? /          /Carrowlust (Carrowlustia:  CP of Calry)
Anderson, Rt./          /Tully
Annesly, Revd. E?/          /Lungy (Area of Sligo town see here)
Annsby, Geo. & co./          /Mymlagh
Annsby?, Eu?/          /Maghery (probably Maghera: CP of Emlaghfad)/
Archbold, J./          /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Armstrong/          /Mymlagh  (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Armstrong & co./          /Formoyle
Armstrong & co./          /Lurganboy (Co. Leitrim)
Armstrong, Revd. T./          /Lungy (Area of Sligo town see here)
Armstrong, Geo./         /Ballytivinan(Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Armstrong, Geo./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Armstrong, Robt./         /Clooneen
Auly?, Nichs./         /Ballinagallagh (Ballynagalliagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Baker, Matw./         /Drumderry
Barber, John /         /Ballincar
Barber, Js./         /Behy
Barber, W. & co./         /Bunwally (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Barnard /         /Radcliff Street
Barret, W./         /Lungy (Area of Sligo town see here)
Blair, Geo./         /Ballincar
Blair, Js./         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Blaney & co./         /Cloonquin (Co. Leitrim)
Bofin, Pat/         /Cregg
Bolton, Abm./         /Ballytivinan(Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Bolton, Wm./         /Ballinode  (Bellanode;  CP of Calry)
Bolton, Wm./         /Ballytivinan(Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Bolton, Wm./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Boyd, John/         /Ballinorly (Bellanurly: CP of Calry)
Boyd, John/         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Bradley & co./         /Shanvoss (Co. Leitrim)
Brawn, Jos./         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Brenan, & co./         /Killinumery (Co. Leitrim)
Brideen & co./         /Barrs (Co. Leitrim)
Brown, Jas./         /Ballincar
Buckard, Ch./         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Bull? S./         /Banack (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Bultiel? S./         /Shannon
Bunton/         /High Street
Burke & co./         /Kingrelly (Kinnagrelly:  CP of Ballysadare)
Burrows & Peacock/         /High Street
Burrows, Fredk./         /Lungy (Area of Sligo town see here)
Burrows, Js. Etc?/         /Church Lane
Caldwell, Alex./         /Back Lane
Callaghan, Js./         /High Street
Campbell, A. & co./         /Cregg
Carey, John /         /Sracreeghan (Co. Leitrim)
Carn Cross Nesbit /         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Caulfield, John/         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Caulfield, W./         /Drum
Caulfield, W./         /Formoyle
Caulfield, Wm./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Cavenagh, Ch./         /Ballytivinan(Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Clancy, Js./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Clark, Thos./         /Formoyle
Clarke/         /Kinkellon (Co. Leitrim)
Clarke & Co/         /Gortenare (Co. Leitrim)
Clarke, W./         /Knocknegance (Knocknaganny: CP of St Johns)
Clarke, W./         /Tully
Clifford, Js./         /Behy
Coleman, Thos./         /Formoyle
Comber, Domk./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Connolly & co./         /Pollboy (Co. Leitrim)
Connor, Jer./         /Behy
Conolly, Th./         /Formoyle
Cooper, A./         /Tysan (Teesan: CP of Drumcliff)
Cooper, Rt. Hon. Jos./         /Quay Street
Corscadden, W./         /Balliglass (Co. Leitrim)
Cox & co./         /Raheelan (Co. Leitrim)
Crawly, Tim & Co./         /Creggs
Crooks/         /Holburne Street
Crooks, O./         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Crystal, Timy./         /Cregg
Cuffe & co./         /Kingrelly (Kinnagrelly:  CP of Ballysadare)
Cuffe, Mrs./         /Market, Street
Cullen & co./         /Cloonquin (Co. Leitrim)
Cullen, D./         /Cloonquin (Co. Leitrim)
Cullen, John/         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Cunningham, M/         /Rathbraghan
Cunningham, Robt./         /Drum
Davis/                    /Milltown (Co. Leitrim)
Davis, Geo./         /Lurganboy (Co. Leitrim)
Davis, Robt./         /Lurganboy (Co. Leitrim)
Davis, Rt?/         /Balliglass (Co. Leitrim)
Davis, Rt./         /Lurganboy (Co. Leitrim)
Debuts, Laur./         /Back Lane
Denly, Jos./         /Kilticoghill (CP of Calry)
Dennisons/         /Cornagregarny? (Co. Leitrim)
Dicke, Revd. A. /         /John’s Lane
Dodican, W./         /Kilbride
Dolan & co/         /Lissarush (Lisdarush?)
Duke, A. /     /Ballinalack  (Bellanalack: CP Kilturra)
Duke, Alex/         /Church Lane
Duke, Revd. A./         /High Street
Duncan ?/         /Sracreeghan (Co. Leitrim)
Eames 7 co./         /Pollboy (Co. Leitrim)
Edwards, John/         /Bridge Street
Egleston, Arch./         /Abbey Quarter (CP of St. Johns)
Ewing? S?/         /Lisnelurg (Lisnalurg: CP of Drumcliff)
Ferguson & Co./         /Gortenare (Co. Leitrim)
Flannelly, Thos./         /Ballytivinan(Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Fletcher & co./         /Menafull (Co. Leitrim)
Fletchers/         /Lugnafaughry (Co. Leitrim)
Flood, Pat/         /Lurganboy (Co. Leitrim)
Flynn & co./         /Pollboy (Co. Leitrim)
Frazier, John Junr./         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Frazier, John Senr./         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Frizzle, Robt./         /Clooneen
Frizzle, Robt./         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Galbraith, Widow/         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Gethin, Jn./         /Rathbraghan
Gethin, John/         /Ballinvoher
Gethin, John/         /Ballytivinan(Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Gibson, Wm./         /Back Lane
Gibson, Jn./         /Radcliff Street
Gibson, Jn./         /Rathbraghan
Gibson, Js./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Gibson, Rev. John/         /Church Lane
Gibson, W./         /Stephen Street
Gilgan & co./         /Drimnargid (Co. Leitrim)
Gilgan, Chas./         /Cregg
Gillman, C./         /Monanean
Gillmor, W./         /Gortenare (Co. Leitrim)
Gillmor, W./         /Nure (Co. Leitrim)
Gillmor, Wm./         /Ballinagallagh (Ballynagalliagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Gillmor, Wm./         /Ballinorly (Bellanurly: CP of Calry)
Gillmor, Wm. Junr./         /Ballinagallagh  (Ballynagalliagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Glancy & co./         /Gortnacreeve (Co. Leitrim)
Goff/                /Twigspark (Co. Leitrim)
Goldrick, Mich./         /Formoyle
Gore/                   /Forthill   (Part of Sligo town: see here)
Gowan, John/         /Lisnelurg (Lisnalurg: CP of Drumcliff)
Gowan, Rog./         /Barroe
Gowan, Wm/         /Barroe
Graham, Chs./         /Carrowlust (Carrowlustia:  CP of Calry)
Gray, John/         /Abbey Quarter (CP of St. Johns)
Gregg, Pat /         /Ballincar
Gregg, Pat & Co./         /Bunwally (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Gregg, J. & co./         /Bunwally (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Gregg, John /         /Ballincar
Gregg, W./         /Ballincar
Greggs & co./         /Monanean (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Grier, John/         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Griffith/         /Quay Street
Griffith, Hum./         /Ballytivinan(Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Griffith, Hy./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Hall, ?/                 /Cregg
Hall, J./         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Hall, R?/         /Stephen Street
Hall, Thos./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Halliday, Th./         /Stephen Street
Hampton, Alex./         /Ballinorly (Bellanurly: CP of Calry)
Hannigan, Bn. Etc/         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Hannigan, C./         /Ballytivinan(Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Hannigan, H../         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Hardy, Jos./         /Church Lane
Hart & co./         /Gortgarsons (Co. Leitrim)
Haw?, Bn./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Hawkiby ? & co/         /Monanean
Heacock, Matw./         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Healy, John/         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Henderson, John /         /Ballinagallagh (Ballynagalliagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Henderson, Roger /         /Ballincar
Henderson, Ed./         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Henderson, Ed./         /Lisnelurg (Lisnalurg: CP of Drumcliff)
Henderson, J. & Co/         /Rathbraghan
Henderson, John/         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Henderson, John/         /Barroe
Henderson, John/         /Clooneen
Henderson, Js & co./         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Henderson, Js./         /Tully
Henderson, Rog./         /Barroe
Henderson, Saml./         /Ballinagallagh (Ballynagalliagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Henderson, Wm./         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Henerey, Js./         /Cregg
Henery, /               /Drum
Henery, Th./         /Carrowlust (Carrowlustia:  CP of Calry)
Henery, Andw./         /Formoyle
Henery, Da?/         /Faughts
Henery, Geo./         /Faughts
Henery, Jn. /         /Carrowlust (Carrowlustia:  CP of Calry)
Henery, Jno./         /Carrowlust (Carrowlustia:  CP of Calry)
Henery, John/         /Faughts
Henery, Js./         /Faughts
Henery, Rt.?/         /Carrowlust (Carrowlustia:  CP of Calry)
Henery, S.?/         /Carrowlust (Carrowlustia:  CP of Calry)
Henery, Thos./         /Ballincar
Henery, War?/         /Formoyle
Henery, Widow/         /Faughts
Hennery & Scanlan/         /Clogher
Hennery, Saml. /         /Faughts
Hogg, John/            /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Hume, Andw./         /Knappaghbeg
Hunter & Lytle/         /Ballincar
Hunter, W. & co./         /Kilticooly (CP of Drumcliff)
Hunter, Wm./         /Ballinvoher
Hursts /               /Shasmore (Co. Leitrim)
Irwin, A./         /Barrack Park (Co. Leitrim)
Irwin, I./           /Balliglass (Co. Leitrim)
Irwin, John/         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Irwin, W./           /Twigspark (Co. Leitrim)
Jackson, John /         /Ballinagallagh (Ballynagalliagh: CP of Drumcliff)
James & co./         /Mountain third (Co. Leitrim)
James H..?/         /Lurganboy (Co. Leitrim)
James, John/         /Lurganboy (Co. Leitrim)
James, H?/         /Barrack Park (Co. Leitrim)
James, He?/         /Twigspark (Co. Leitrim)
Jameson/         /Lugnafaughry (Co. Leitrim)
Jameson, Bw./            /Tully
Jameson, John/         /Bridge Street, Robt./         /Ballincar
Jer…hily & co./         /Gortenare (Co. Leitrim)
Jilteston?, Jn./      /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP Drumcliff)
Johnston/         /Shasmore (Co. Leitrim)
Johnston & co./         /Killinumery (Co. Leitrim)
Johnston, John/         /Derrynehimerky (Co. Leitrim)
Kelly Hy./     /Ennismurray (Inishmurray: CP Ahamlish)
Kerr & Shaw/         /Cloonderrare  (possibly Cloonderry:  CP of Drumcliff)
Kerr, Geo./         /Rathbraghan
Kerr, Jas./           /Clooneen
Kerr, Js./            /Drum
Kerr, Robt./         /Tully
Kerr, Wm./         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Keveney, & co./         /Kingrelly (Kinnagrelly:  CP of Ballysadare)
Keveney, Pat/         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
King/               /Caldragh (probably Caltragh)
King, Charles/         /Abbey Quarter (CP of St. Johns)
King, Gilb./         /Gortnegrilly (Gortnagrelly: CP of Drumcliff)
Kivelaghan, Tim./         /Cregg
Knowles, J./            /Stephen Street
Knox, M./           /Radcliff Street
Knox, M./           /Rathedmond
Knox, M?/           /Holburne Street
Liberry?, Th./         /Balliglass (Co. Leitrim)
Lynch, Bn./         /Drumderry
Lynch, Bw./         /Tully
Lyndsay, And./         /Ballincar
Lyndsay, D./         /Tully
Lyndsay, Geo./         /Creggs
Lytle & co./         /Shanvoss (Co. Leitrim)
Lytle He..?/         /Lurganboy (Co. Leitrim)
Lytle, H?/         /Balliglass (Co. Leitrim)
Lytle, H?/         /Barrack Park (Co. Leitrim)
Lytle, Le?/         /Ballyweelin? (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Lytle, W./         /Formoyle
Lytle, Wm./         /Ballincar
Macken?, Andw./         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Macky, Ed./         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Maguire & co./         /Gubnegeer (Co. Leitrim)
Maiben, Rd? /         /Maghery (probably Maghera: CP of Emlaghfad)
Martin, John/         /Church Lane
Martin, John/         /Quay Street
Martin, J. /         /Shannon
Martin, Jn./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Martin, John/         /Bridge Street
Martin, John /         /Ballincar
Mason, J./         /Formoyle
Mathews/         /John’s Lane
Mathews, Ab./         /Knappagh
Mathews, Ab./         /Knappaghbeg
McBride, W./         /Ballincar
McCreery, Alex/         /Knappagh
McDonald, Jn./         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
McGauran & co./         /Rossfriar (Co. Leitrim)
McGaurans/         /Gortgarsons (Co. Leitrim)
McGowan & co./         /Barrs (Co. Leitrim)
McGowan, Thos./         /Cregg (Creggs on other page)
McGriskin & co./         /Cloonquin (Co. Leitrim)
McGurrin & co./         /Cornea (Co. Leitrim)
McKee, Js./         /Rathbraghan
McKeon & co./         /Mymlagh (name or variants not found in townland lists)
McKimm, Phil./         /Ballincar
McLoghlin & co./         /Shanvoss (Co. Leitrim)
McLoghlin, Jn?/         /Barrack Park (Co. Leitrim)
McLoghlin, John/         /Balliglass (Co. Leitrim)
McSharry/         /Rossinver Tythes (Co. Leitrim)
McTernan, C./         /Gortgarsons (Co. Leitrim)
Meeghan, D..?/         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Middleton/         /Sracreeghan (Co. Leitrim)
Middleton, Dd. & Walter/         /Ballinvoher
Middleton, John/         /Sracreeghan (Co. Leitrim)
Millikin & co./         /Killinumery (Co. Leitrim)
Missch,? Js./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Mooney, Bn./         /Cregg
Moore, John/         /Clooneen
Moore, Saml. /         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Morgan & co./         /Corglass (Co. Leitrim)
Morgan, Hy./         /Stephen Street
Morgan, Js./         /Cloonlogher (Co. Leitrim)
Morgan, Pat/         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Morgan, W./         /Cloonlogher (Co. Leitrim)
Motherwell, A./         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Motherwell, Ad./         /Lisnelurg (Lisnalurg: CP of Drumcliff)
Mulleeny & co./         /Killinumery (Co. Leitrim)
Mulleeny, Pr?/         /Killinumery (Co. Leitrim)
Mullen & co. /         /Mymlagh (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Mullen, J./             /Quay Street
Munns, Ed./            /Cregg
Munns, Ed./         /Holburne Street
Munns, Ed. Junr./         /Lisnelurg (Lisnalurg: CP of Drumcliff)
Munns, Ed. Senr./         /Lisnelurg (Lisnalurg: CP of Drumcliff)
Munns, Mary/            /Cregg
Munns, Wm./            /Cregg
Munns? Robt./         /Clooneen
Murray, Nich./         /Ballytivinan  (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Nelson, Mich./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Nesbitt, Wm./         /Drum
Nicholson, Wm/         /Creggs
Nixon, W./         /Formoyle
O‘Donnell, C./         /Cloonlogher (Co. Leitrim)
O’Beirne, Wm./         /High Street
O’Neil, H?/         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
O’Neil, H?/         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Oats, James /         /Barroe
Palmer, John/         /Ballinorly (Bellanurly: CP of Calry)
Palmer, John/         /Formoyle
Palmer, Thos./         /Cregg
Parke, Ed./         /Twigspark (Co. Leitrim)
Parke, K?/         /Kilticooly (CP of Drumcliff)
Parke, Rog./         /Dunally (Doonally: CPs of Drumcliff and Calry)
Parke, Th./         /Balliglass (Co. Leitrim)
Patterson, John/         /Ballincar
Patterson, John/         /Ballinvoher
Patterson, John/         /Cregg
Peacock,Wid./         /Drum
Phibbs, Geo./         /Balliglass (Co. Leitrim)
Phibbs, Geo./         /Lurganboy (Co. Leitrim)
Phibbs, J./           /Shannon
Phibbs, Matw./         /Stephen Street
Phibbs, W./         /Magheragillernew (Magheragillerneeve: CP of Drumcliff)
Phillips, Ch./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Phillips, Ch./         /Lurganboy (Co. Leitrim)
Pye, John/         /Ballinagallagh  (Ballynagalliagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Pye, Robt./         /Clooneen
Quigly, Jane/         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Rawley, H??/         /Balliglass (Co. Leitrim)
Read, Js./         /High Street
Read, Mary/         /Holburne Street
Regan, J/         /Monanean (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Reynolds, Chas./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Rogan & co./         /Cartrongibbagh (Co. Leitrim)
Roney/             /Sracreeghan (Co. Leitrim)
Roney, John/         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Roney, John/         /Lisnelurg (Lisnalurg: CP of Drumcliff)
Rowlet?, Matw./         /Behy
Rumian?, J./         /Lurganboy (Co. Leitrim)
Runc…?, Lau./         /Barrack Park (Co. Leitrim)
Rutherford, Js./         /Shabrick (Co. Leitrim)
Ryan, Wm./         /Behy
Seely, Henry/         /Ballincar
Shamion?, J./         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Shaw/             /Dadreen ?? (Co. Leitrim)
Shaw, Johnston/         /Kilticooly (CP of Drumcliff)
Shaw, Js & ? /         /Ballinorly (Bellanurly: CP of Calry)
Shaw, S./            /Carrowlust  (Carrowlustia:  CP of Calry)
Shaw, J./         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Shaw, John /       /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP  Drumcliff)
Shaw, Jos./         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)


Shaw, Robt./         /Ballinagallagh (Ballynagalliagh: CP of Drumcliff) & Cloonderrare (possibly Cloonderry: CP of Drumcliff)
Shaw, Robt./         /Kilsellogh (Kilsellagh: CP of Drumcliff)
Shaw, S?/             /Tully
Shaw, Saml./          /Drum
Sheridan, P.. & co./         /Formoyle
Sheridan, Thos. & co./         /Formoyle
Shoup ?? & Co./         /Gortenare (Co. Leitrim)
Simpson, Ed./         /Tully
Simpson, John/         /Tully
Simpson, Robt./         /Tully
Simpson, W. & co./         /Kilticooly (CP of Drumcliff)
Sleator, John…/         /Behy
Sleator, W./           /High Street
Sleator, Wm/           /Church Lane
Smith/            /John’s Lane
Smith, John/            /Holburne Street
Smith, Rd./            /Holburne Street
Smith, W./            /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Smith, W./           /Stephen Street
Stanley/           /Radcliff Street
Stewart/            /Carncash
Stewart & co./         /Monanean (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Stewart, Js./           /Knappaghbeg
Sullivan/         /Balliglass (Co. Leitrim)
Sweeny & co /         /Gubmanus (Co. Leitrim)
Taussch, ? Geo./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Taylor, Richd./         /Clooneen
Tayton, And./         /Maghery (probably Maghera: CP of Emlaghfad)
Ternon, John/         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Ternon, Mich./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Tucker, John/         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Tucker, John/         /Lisnelurg (Lisnalurg: CP of Drumcliff)
Tucker? Jn. W.?/         /Ballytivinan  (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Tuny, Mich./            /Cregg
Tynn?, Js./            /Behy
Vernon/            /High Street
Vernon, L./         /Knocknegance (Knocknaganny: CP of St Johns)
Walker, Thos./         /Ballincar
Walker, Revd, W./         /Balliglass (Co. Leitrim)
Wallace, W/         /Lurganboy (Co. Leitrim)
Ward, Bn./         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Warren & Shaw/         /Rectorial Tythes   (See Noted above)
Watson, Mar?/         /Drum
Weir/         /Twigspark (Co. Leitrim)
Weir, Js./         /Drum
West, Wm./         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
White, Jos./         /Ballytivinan (Ballytivnan; CP of Drumcliff)
Whittaker/         /Cloonclare (Co. Leitrim)
Whittaker/         /Lattoon (Co. Leitrim)
Whittaker /         /Drimnargid (Co. Leitrim)
Whittaker & co./         /Cooladonnel (Co. Leitrim)
Williamson, J./         /Holburne Street
Williamson, T./         /Cloonhibikin (name or variants not found in townland lists)
Wilson/           /Twigspark (Co. Leitrim)
Wilson, Js./           /High Street
Wilson, W./         /Lurganboy (Co. Leitrim)
Winterscale, John/         /John’s Lane
Wood/            /Bridge Street
Wood, Rd./           /Garyduff
Wright, Thos./          /John’s Lane
Wynn, J./           /Shannon
Wynne, Revd. Hy./         /Clooneen
Wynne, Revd. Rd./          /Shannon
Wynne, Robt./         /Balliglass

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