Tenants of Trant Estate, Dovea, Co. Tipperary 1837

Small Sources 19:  This is a list of 91 tenants from the index to a rental of the Trant estate in Dovea, Co. Tipperary (Civil Parish of Inch)  in 1837.  The original is in National Library of Ireland Ms. 1757.  Information on the Trant family and their estates  is in the Landed Estates Database.  The Trant family were originally from  Co. Kerry but moved in the early 1800s to this estate in Dovea, Co. Tipperary. They continued to own land in Kerry until the 1820s and a separate blog lists some of their Kerry tenants in 1791.   The rental contains details of rents charged, payments made and (usually) the location of the holding.

The illustration above shows an extract from the index to the rental listing the tenants’ names and a page number.   Each of the indicated pages contain information on the rents paid and the ways in which payment was made.  For instance, many tenants paid their rent in the form of labour on the estates of the landlord. The illustration below shows the debit page from the account of tenant William Egan Smith.   A full account of rental practices in Irish estates is in our article on Rentals.

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John Bourk
Willm. Bill
Tim Delaney
Willm. Bill
John Coghlan
Denis (?) Carrol ?
Mr Burnet
Tobias Butler
Widow Brian
Patrick Brian and son
James Barry
Robin Culla
Martin Cody
Thomas Cormack
Edmond Cleary
Widow Corrogan    (usually spelled Corrigan)
Widow Carew
Cornelius Cleary
John Cormack
Michl. Cleary
William Carr
Denis Carrol ?
David Cu…       (Currigan?)
John Doyle
Philip Darmody
Michl. Darmody
John Doyle
Laurence Corrigan ?
Widow Carey

Michl. C…y
Joseph Godfrey
John Haden?
Thos. Hines ?
Patk.? Hines
Manus? Flin
Denis Fogarty
Patk. Hines
Laurence Gleeson
James and Wm. Gleeson
Michael Egan
Wm Smith Egan
William Egan
John Egan
Philip Egan, N White
Thomas Egan
Michael Egan
William Fogarty
Daniel Fogarty
John Fogarty junior
Martin Fogarty
John & William Fogarty
Michael Fogarty
Philip Fogarty
Mr Philip Fogarty
Michael Farrell
Patrick Fogarty And…
Patt Fogarty Gate
Thomas Flin
Laurence Gleeson
Widow Harrington
William Hall, Taylor
Laurence Hines
Thomas Healy
John Maher Buchr     (Butcher?)
Willm. La…?
Michl. Lour?
Patrick Lowery
Michl. Meara
William Maher
Widow Maher, of James
Andrew and Philip Maher
Patrick Meagher
Patt Magrath
Laurence Meagher
Michl. K..?
James Maher
Larence (sic) Purcill       (usually spelled Purcell)
Patrick Purcill
Michael Peters
Edmd. Purcill
John Pulmer (?)
Peter Trotter
Robt. Shiels ?
James Ryan
Martin Ryan
William Ryan
Thomas Ryan
Michael Toohey
Thomas Tracey
John Robson
Wm.? Whelan
White,  Representif of Egan

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