Tenants on Ram Estate, Gorey, Co. Wexford in 1826

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Small Sources No. 6:  This is another list we found in the course of our family history research.    This list is from a single-sheet rental of part of the estate of Abel Ram Esq. in county Wexford for 1826.  It shows tenant’s names, location, acres held, and yearly rent.   You can see a full description of rental practices in our article on rentals here.
The holdings vary from 2 to 152 acres and rents vary from ~£2 to £200.  The properties are mainly in the Gorey area (Civil parishes of Liskinfere, Kilmacilloge, Kilcavan and Kilnahue) and one property is in Finglas, Dublin. The original is in the National Library of Ireland Ms.8238 (18).  It includes some interesting names including StEloy, Woodroffe and Oughton.   Information on landlord rental practices is provided in our article on Rentals.  At this time landlords effectively had absolute power over their tenants,  and most other local issues.  This landlord Abel Ram,  for instance, prevented the establishment of a Catholic church in Gorey until the early 184os.    Some information on gentry families may be found in our publication ‘Sources for Irish Family History‘  (see cover at left)  which is a guide to books, monographs and periodical papers on Irish families.
The names are listed as spelled, and with the abbreviations used, e.g. Reps. = Representatives;  Robt. = Robert  etc.   Ancestor Network will offer 1 free hour of research by a professional researcher to  conduct further research on these individuals or obtain copies. Click here and quote ‘Wexford SS6’ in the subject line.

Tenant                                   Property 
John Fidler                       –   Ballytegan
Reps. Humphrey Fidler                “
John Fidler Jun.                            “
Thomas Cook                                 “
Reps. John Cook                           “
Reps. Timothy Crane                   “
Matthew Oughton                        “
Robt. Wheatley                             “
Reps. Robt Hatton                       “
Mary Smith                                   “
Michael Duggan                           “
Benjamin Godkin                         “
Cornelius Conners                       “
Michael Coote                               “
Reps. A. Butler                 –  Churchtown
John Higginbotham       –   Coolanstud
Rev. Henry StEloy                      “
Reps. James Peppard     –  Clonattin
Lewis Miller Esq.                       “
John Bryan                                 “
William Cooke                           “
John Fiddler                              “
Thomas Fidler                           “
Dr. Hamilton                             “
Reps. A. Woodroofe                 “
Benjamin Goodkin                   “
Wm. Brownrigg Esq                 “
Moses Golan                              “
Henry Furney                            “
Peter Murphy                            “
John Redmond                         “
Thomas Dowse                          “
Richard Brownrigg     –      Moneynelane
Reps. John Darey (Davey?)   “
Reps D. Doran                          “
Widow H. Butler                      “
Wm. Mitchell    –                Moneycoss     (probably Moneycross)
Rev. H. St Eloy                          “
Nathaniel Whitmore                “
Reps. John Trotter       –    Finglas  (Dublin)
Extract from a rental of the Ram Estate in Wexford. Courtesy of NLI (Ms-823818)



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