The DNA Academy; Genetic Genealogy for Beginners & Intermediate

We have some good news for you. The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived! The DNA Academy managed by our partners at is now open for registration. Registration will be open for the Winter 2022 cohort for two weeks or until seats are full, so make sure to head over and claim your seat as soon as possible.


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We’ve already seen this course help hundreds of individuals and families in dozens of different ways. Some of the many applications of these methodologies include:

  • Identify biological relations
  • Determine genetic relationships
  • Verify or disprove traditional genealogical research
  • Fill in gaps in your family tree
  • Break down “brick walls”
  • Determine if someone with the same surname is related to you
  • Estimate your ethnic origins
  • Determine your maternal and paternal haplogroups

In this comprehensive genetic genealogy course you will learn multiple techniques for demystifying and organizing your research, introducing you to essential tools and tried-and-true methods, while giving you the key skills and confidence to identify biological relations and leap over brick walls.

The course is written sequentially, so that you begin with the basics of DNA and build to the application of complex research methodologies as you analyze your own DNA or the DNA of others.

This means that anyone from a novice to an expert can benefit from this course. It was written by professional DNA researchers that work on the toughest genetic brick walls every week.

See what some of our 2021 cohort of students had to say about it:

DNA Testimonials

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The course includes:

  • Over 1,400 hours spent writing course, researching and learning design
  • 29 learning modules
  • Over 100 lessons/chapters
  • Over 20 handouts/guides/worksheets
  • Over 20 skills practice applications
  • Up-to-date Content Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • Video Q&A with DNA Experts
  • DNA Course Certificate
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • And So Much More!

Finally, when you join the course, you are placed in a cohort of other learners, where you can learn together as you go along. You can pose questions to instructors, discuss lessons and applications with fellow learners, and more. The official start date for the Winter 2022 cohort is February 28th and we recommend following our suggested five week schedule to complete it.

Trace has DNA experts in-house and is one of the highest rated genealogy research firms in the industry. If you have any questions about the course message us at