The Irish History Hub is a centre for visitors to Ireland to learn about Irish history, archaeology and genealogy in the convivial and entertaining traditional Irish pub setting.  It includes a specialist and well-stocked Irish history library with free internet access and classroom.  Genealogy advice hot desks with professional Irish genealogy support is a key part of the centre.

osheas-5-webAt the Irish History Hub, we offer day and evening talks on Medieval Dublin, Irish archaeology and genealogy.  We have genealogists on site to assist visitors in tracing their Irish and overseas ancestors and relatives.  You can book a genealogist in advance in addition to our genealogists being on site most days.  We provide genealogy research for visitors either before or after their visit to Ireland.   We also provide walking tours and have developed a free app ‘Ancestor Network’ which serves as a street guide with information on the locations of the key libraries, archives, museums and record offices in Dublin.  We also offer informative and practical genealogy and family history courses for visitors to Ireland.

osheas9The Irish History Hub is located in O’Shea’s Merchant, one of Dublin’s best known pubs for traditional Irish music and warm and friendly proprietor’s from the heart of County Kerry.  O’Shea’s Merchant is on the site of Viking Dublin and believe it or not, stands above the remains of a hull of a Viking longboat.  The pub is also strategically located close to Ireland’s leading tourism site, the Guinness Storehouse, and the historic Temple Bar area.