Tipperary and Waterford tenants on Woulfe Mansfield Estate 1783-1811

Small Sources 18: This list of 132 tenants is from the index to a rental of the Woulfe Mansfield estate in the period 1783–1811.  The original is in the National Library of Ireland, NLI Ms. 9632.  The Woulfe & Mansfield families had separate estates in Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary (Woulfe) and Rathgormuck, Co. Waterford (Mansfield).  This was because of a marriage in 1785 between Elizabeth Woulfe (whose portrait is above) and John Mansfield after which the two family’s estates were combined. Further information on the family estates is in the Landed Estates DatabaseRentals are the records of the landlord on tenants, their holdings,  and their payments.  Although these might appear to be purely business records,  many contain rich family information.  A full description of rental formats and practices,  and on the useful family information they can provide is in our blog Rentals as a resource for Irish family history.  This rental covers details of holdings, rents, payments etc in the two counties.  As  they were managed as one, the index includes tenants from both estates.

Fig 1. An extract from the ‘S’ index to the rental. It shows the tenant names and the page number of the detailed account for each tenant (see Fig 2).

The list below only includes names listed in the index. Names of further tenants can be found in the original rental records as the nominal tenants often act on behalf of groups in an area.  The names are listed as spelled,  and with the abbreviations used, e.g. Jno. = John, Wm. = William etc. Other useful information in the index (e.g. occupations, property names etc) is also included.  The index has been ‘updated’ in places to show that the property has passed to another tenant.  For example Joseph Coppinger now James Power shows that the property previously occupied by Joseph Coppinger is now occupied by James Power.

Many of the names are typical of the two counties:   Kennedy, Mara, Power, Lonergan,  while others are unusual such as Fling, Skelton, Coppinger and Tredenham.  Further information on any of these families may be found in our publication Sources for Irish Family History 2021.   It contains listings of articles, books and other published sources on over 2,500 Irish families.

Further information on Tipperary tenants is available in other blogs in this series including: Prittie Estate 1826Trant Estate Dovea 1837Barton Estate Fethard 1775; and Thurles tenants 1816.  The illustration above show a sample rental record.  Ancestor Network will offer 1 free hour of research by a professional researcher to conduct further research on these individuals or others in these estate papers. Click here and quote ‘TippSS18’ in the subject line.  Note also that Flyleaf Press, a part of Ancestor Network,  has published  ‘Guide to Tracing your Tipperary Ancestors‘  by local historian and genealogist Noreen Higgins-McHugh – see cover illustration above.  It is available here.

Tenants Names

Hanah Anderson

Walter Butler

Bessborough, Lord now Earl of Ormond

Jno. Briscoe

John Bryan

Edmund Bourk

William Bolan

Thomas Bryan

Thos Butler & partners for part of Gragavalla

John Bradshaw, Attorney

Michael Burke & ..?

Michael Burke

William Connor

Daniel Connory

Michael Cullinan

Col. Cane ..?

Carrickbeg tenants fol 76

Felix Cleary

Joseph Coppinger now James Power?

Michael, John and James Cusack, and Danl. Kiely

Thos. Cooney

Lord Clonmel

John Delahunt now Jams? Neel?

John Deehy   (see Fig 2)

Jas. Deehy  (see Fig 2)

Fig 2. Extract from the tenant account for ‘John Deehy, son to James Deehy’ showing the rent due (£1.14.1 and a halfpenny) per half year. This in the Debit side of the account. The Contra side (not shown here) will detail the payments made, some of which may be in goods or in labour.

Patk. & Darby Deady

Widow Shee

Lord Dunsany

Pat ? Downey, Butcher

John Fling

John Fleming now Michl. his son

James (Jerm?) Farrell

Danl Fling

Michl. Fleming

Tho. Fleming

Pierce Fleming

Danl. Fling

James Griffin

Patt Grace for R Kennedy holdings

Edmd. Hartely

Rev. Nichs. Herbert

Rich. Heelan for Rafter and Corbet’s part

Richd. Hylan& Jno Keily for Jno Brown’s part

Darby Hurly

John Hearn

Laur.ce Jephson & Hickey

John Kelly

Andw & John Kirwan for Pat Kirwan

Widow Jones

John Keily & Richard Hylan for part of Newtownlennan…

Kilnonerha tenants   88 & 89

Richd. Kennedy see J. O’Neills acct..

Pat Kirwan

Rev. Willm. Lonergan

Thoms Lonergan

James Lynch,  Chandler now Pat Downey

James Lynch for Sam Skelton

Philip Mortimer

Magrath, Mulloolly

Patk McNamara

John Magrath

Denis Magrath

James Magrath

Phil & Rd. Mara

Thos. Mandeville

John McCullagh

John Mansfield

Richd Mara

Philip Mara

Thomas Newcomen ..Lord Clonmel

Newtownlanan tenants 86 & 87

James Nowlan

Michael Nowlan for a passage to a dwelling now held from Jas. O’Donnell

irish-church-recordsCorn. O’Callaghan

Wm. Organ & Keily

Joseph O’Donnell

Maurice O’Donnell

James O’Neill, Grocer

Cath. Power

Richard Power now John

Thom. Power, cooper

Jno. Purcell,  Brewer now ?? O’Donnell

Wm Power Gow.

Owen Phelan

Laurce. Power

Edmd. Power of Gurteen

Wm Power of Ballyden

Patrick Power for the lodge

John Power Betty? Late Richd Power

Ellen Power for house

Robt Power, Tanner

Execs. of Saml. Pim, now Joshua Pim and John Davis

John Quonaham

Robt & Pat Quinlan

Patrick Quirk

Phineas Riall

Rent Role (sic) for Carrickbeg

John Ryan

Rent Role of my freehold under Lord Bessborough

Rent Role of leases from Thos Newcomen & Jno Briscoe Rathgormuck

James Ryley

Saml. Skelton now Jas(?) Lynch

John Slattery

James Sause

Ic (Isaac?) Skehan

Widow Shee and James Shee

Cath Skehan

Darby Sullovan

James Skehan

Paul Slattery,  Carrickbeg

Rich Sause

John Tredenham for Lower Derrygrath, Kilmoresha, Newtownlennan

Thoms. Tobin

Wm. Vass

Walter Whelan

Wm & J(?) Wall ?

Thoms. White ?

Michael Welsh

Ns Woulfe his heirs

Willm. Walsh

Thoms. Woods

Francis White

Thos Whelan & Thos Mullins

Isaac Withers

Charles William Wall

Michael Walsh reps for rent charge on Mardike in Brioghane

Thoms? White

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