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Residents of Tourin townland, Waterford in 1841.

By November 29, 2017 June 3rd, 2018 Genealogy Research, General Genealogy News

Small Sources 25: This list shows 26 residents of the townland of Tourin, (in the Civil parish of Lismore and Mocollop, Co. Waterford ) in 1841. The list is on a single loose page among papers of the Devonshire Estate, which are in the National Library of Ireland (Ms. 43,781/ 3).    The legend to the list states “The above-named persons live on the lands of Tourin. B Musgrave 1841 June 3rd”. The specific purpose of the list is not clear but the Musgrave family had a residence close by, and  were building a further family house and developing a large garden at this location at this time, so it may be related to this work. This new house still exists and is now open to visitors (see http://tourin.ie/about-tourin-house).

It is interesting to compare this list with the residents of the townland in 1848/9  listed in  Griffith’s valuation (see www.askaboutireland.ie/griffith-valuation). The intervening years included the devastating Great Famine (1845-47) which resulted in very extensive death and emigration. The 1841 list includes 17 different family names,  which suggests a similar number of households,  while the Griffith valuation lists only 10 households in Tourin townland and in the neighbouring townland of Tourin Demesne. Only three names, Walsh, Keily/Kiley, and Fives are common to both lists. In relation to name-variations, note that James Fives in 1841 has become James Fife in 1848. Although the same family names occur, it is not possible to determine relationships from these sources.

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Richard Walsh
Widow Walsh
Edmond Walsh
Michael Walsh
John O’Donnell
William Griffin
Timothy Griffin
John Griffin
Richard Ahearn
Edmond Sweeny
Pat Mullins
James Fives
James Kiley
John Murray
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
Patrick Brown
Patrick Bryan
John Bryan
Patrick Ryan
Michl. Hurly
Patrick Ronayne
Thos. Purcel
Michl. Quin
James Colbert
Edmond Colbert

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