Workmen and traders in Coolatin, Co. Wicklow, 1796–1805

Fig 1. Coolatin House, Co. Wicklow, now a golf club

Small Sources 35:  Below is a list of 114 workmen and traders serving the Fitzwilliam estate, Co. Wicklow in the period 1796 – 1805.  The original ledger, which is in the National Library of Ireland (Ref. NLI Ms. 4949)  records  payments to workmen on the Fitzwilliam Estate at Coolatin over the period 1796 to 1805.

The estate farm was located at Coolatin House (see illustration below) in the Civil Parish of Carnew.  It is one of a series of similar account books, as previous volumes are referred to in the text. Most of the persons listed have specific accounts detailing the work done and payments made to them (in the debit/contra format) over a period of years.  A typical example is above.   Some of those listed do not have a specific account, but are referred to in the accountsof others.  These are usually noted because the estate has reimbursed one of the workers for a payment made to others (see reference to William Morton in illustration above, for example). Note that there are many such persons listed and the accounts have not been exhaustively searched for such references. In some cases there is no indication as to the trade or work of the person listed in the account, in others it has been possible to guess the occupation from references in the text. The list includes 22 labourers; 18 Masons, 11 Carpenters and an assortment of other tradesmen and suppliers, including a chairmaker, draymen (i.e. a man with a horse and cart), plumbers and painters. The residence of a small number of the account holders is stated and this is indicated in brackets after the name. In a few cases (particularly if the name is common) a nickname or relationship is stated, e.g. ‘Red Larry’.

Fig 2. The ‘K’  index to accounts showing names and trades of workmen employed. The number at right is the page of their individual account (see Fig 3 for example)

A side note is that the 1798 Rebellion occurred during the period of these accounts and there was rebel activity in this area. A house being built on the estate was burnt down by the rebels and the resulting difficulties in calculating the value of the work done is noted in several accounts. Also related to the rebellion, Daniel Gavan, a carpenter listed below, is compensated for tools lost during the rebellion, and William Bedlow is compensated £12.6.6 for his ‘claim as a suffering Loyalist’ (i.e. a person who was loyal to the Crown).  The 1798 Claimants records show that a Richard Barker (presumably the person below)  claimed  for loss of a ‘House, Furniture, out-buildings, Horses and Cows’ during the rebellion; and Richard Stockdale (listed as Stogdale in the Claimants records) claimed £14.0.6 compensation for burning of his house and for loss of ‘Clothes and Tools’.

The list contains many names that are common in Wicklow (Byrne, Doyle, Kavanagh) but also some names that are unusual in Ireland, such as Bedlow, Golan,  Rickaby, Oats and Sotherson.  Further information on some of the families listed may be included in our publication ‘Sources for Irish Family History 2021‘ which lists books and articles on over 2,500 Irish families. This e-book is a listing or bibliography of 6,500 books, articles etc on 2,500 Irish families. These sources have been collected from local history journals, genealogy magazines, library catalogues and published book lists.

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The workmen and suppliers are listed below in alphabetical order, showing their trade or the activity for which they were paid.  Some notes are added in brackets where appropriate.

Richard Barker: Farmer.  (See note in introduction above).
Redmond Barrett: Supplier of oil, colours, pitch & from Dublin (see Peter Toole)
Elizabeth Bedlow: Mentioned in 2 accounts
William Bedlow: Blacksmith
John Bedlow: Shoe repair referred to in Thos Ireton a/c
William Bourke: Mason
Charles Breen: Drawing stones, turf etc
Patrick Breen:
William Breen:
Andrew Brenan: Labourer
Caleb Brooksbank: (in charge of) Labourer’s accounts
Ephraim Brown: Mason
James Brunty:
Ben Burland:  Reference  to ‘pay Ben Burland for Mr Leonard
Thomas Byrne: ‘for shearing sheep’
Martin Byrne Ref in Paul Keogh account to ‘paid Martin Byrne on your account
Michael Byrne (Cronelea): Mason and Stone cutter
Denis Byrne: Sawyer
Michael Byrne (Ballinulta): Mason: ‘cash on account of building Martin Byrne’s house’
Maurice Byrne: Labourer; mixing mortar, working in garden etc
James Byrne (Bullingate- now Ballingate): Mason
Matthew Byrne (Ballyellis): Mason
John Byrne: (Red Larry’s son)
Michael Byrne (Butcher – probably a nickname): Labourer
John Byrne: Mason
John Byrne (Old Jack): Labourer
Laurence Byrne (Red Larry):  Labourer
William Byrne (Ballykelly): Labourer

Fig 3. The Debtor page of Paul Keogh, carpenter, showing the payments he received. The Credit page (not shown) will detail the work done in return and his claims for payment.

Martin Carey: Mason
Richard Carr (Coolatin):  Drayman;  drawing turf, timber, bricks etc
Cain Carroll: Gardener
Jacob Cavanagh: Ref to ‘bill for measuring work’ see also Kavanagh
Thomas Cooke: Shoemaker (noted in Patrick Tyrell account)
John Courtney: Labourer
William Crowley: Mason
Hugh Cullen: Mason
Robert Cundell:  Labourer
Mary Currin: Servant Maid
Michael Davies: Garden labourer
George Dearnaly: Plumber
William Deegan: Ploughman and drayman (ref to drawing sand, stones)
Edward Deegan: Cooper
James Donaghue: Ploughman
Michael Donaghue: Supplier of hay (in Michael Quail Account)
Thomas Dooling (Clogrennan near Carlow): Sawyer.
James Dowdall: Whitesmith
Matthew Dowling: Stone Cutter
James Doyle: Ref to ‘Cash paid to James Doyle for assessment for Hairwood
Gregory Doyle: Ref to ‘paid John Kelly, Patrick Golan, & Gregory Doyle, Journeymen
John Dunn: Labourer
John Fagan: Stone Cutter
Isaac Foster: Labourer
James Foster: Smith ref to ‘paid James Foster, Smith for making pins for cars’
Robert Foster (Stoops): Drayman: Drawing timber etc :
James Fox: Carpenter
Patrick Fox & James Byrne: Quarrymen (Coolboy quarry)
Edward Fullam: Mason
Daniel Gavan: Carpenter (ref to ‘Towards loss of tools in rebellion £5.13.9′)
William Geehin: Mason
James Geoghegan: Mason
Richard Gilbert: Ref in Paul Keogh account
William Glynn: Labourer
Patrick Golan: Ref to ‘paid John Kelly, Patrick Golan, & Gregory Doyle, Journeymen’
John Graham: Carpenter;  ref in Paul Keogh account
William Hinch: Labourer
Thomas Hobson: Mason (From Yorkshire. Ref to expenses in journey to Ireland);

John Hughes: Ref in Paul Keogh account to ‘paid John Hughes.. in Dublin
Timothy Hughes: Carpenter
Thomas Ireton: Gamekeeper
Elizabeth Johnston: Ref to ‘paid Elizabeth wife of Thomas Johnston of Carnew
Thomas Johnston: see above
John Jones: Ref in Paul Keogh account to ‘cash allowed John Jones on your account’
Darby Kavanagh: Mason
Jacob Kavanagh: Ref to ‘bill for measuring work’: see also Cavanagh
James Kearney: Painter
Samuel Kearney: Painter and Plasterer
Andrew Kelly: ref in Thomas Stockdale account
Mr Kelly: ref in Robt Rickaby account to ‘Mr Kelly’s Kilns, Carlow
Daniel Kelly: Ref in Paul Keogh account to ‘paid Danl. Kenny the elder
John Kelly (Carlow): Ref in Paul Keogh account also ‘paid John Kelly, Patrick Golan, & Gregory Doyle, Journeymen, on your account
James Kennedy (Stoops): Labourer
Michael Kennedy: (Guy) Labourer
Hugh Kenny: Carpenter; Ref to ‘Paid Hugh Kenny on your account
John Kenny: Carpenter
Laurence Kenny: Sawyer
Widow Kenny: Ref in a/c of John Kenny; to ‘paid widow Kenny
Mr Paul Keogh: Carpenter
Thomas Kinshley: Brickmaker
Pierce Kinshley: Drawing stones
John Lawless: ref in Robt Rickaby account to ‘paid for sundry to John Lawless
Mr Lassells: Ref in Robt Rickaby’s account to ‘purchase of Mr Lassell’s effects
Mr Leonard (Carnew): ref to ‘tobacco had at Mr Leonard’s’
Mr Manning (Rathdrum)
Mr Murphy: Supplier of ‘Cooper’s board’ and ‘Carpenters tools’
John Murray (Dublin): Mason
William Morton: Noted in accounts as receiving money for ‘postage of letters
Edward Nowlan: Ref in Paul Keogh account to ‘Cash to pay Edward Nowlan
Andrew Nowlan: Plumber. Ref in Wim Rourke account to ‘Diet for Andrew Nowlan
Thomas Nowland: Glazier
William Nowland: Glazier
Richard Oats: Labourer
Thomas Oats: Ref in Richard Oats account to money paid to Thomas, and on March 20 1801 in Richard Oat’s account to ‘Cash paid for your father’s funeral
Laurence O’Brien: Carpenter
Mr Peter: Attorney. Ref in Paul Keogh account
John Quail: Labourer (Coppice keeper)
Thomas Quail: Labourer; ref in William Rourke account to ‘Diet for Thomas Quail’ :
William Quail: Labourer
Robert Rickaby: Steward
William Rourke: Mason
John Sotherson
Sgt. Staniland: Ref in Paul Keogh account to ‘Sgt. Staniland of Durham Fencibles ‘
Thomas Stockdale : Stone Cutter
John Strahan (Knockadoomcoyle): Chairmaker
Patrick Summers: Labourer
John Swain: Carpenter
Peter Toole: supplier of oil, colours, pitch & from Dublin (see Redmond Barrett)
Patrick Tyrrell: Mr Wainwright’s servant
William Walker: Mason working on Carnew castle
Widow Walker (Carnew): (Ref in James Geoghegan account ‘Cash to widow Walker’)
Ann Ward: ref to receipt of payment in Andrew Brenan a/c
Peter Welsh: Faggot-cutter ‘paid for ‘making 7650 faggots
Hugh and Edward Welsh:
Patrick Whelan: Labourer

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